draggiesketch.jpg - Fantasy art? Neh. I just have to learn to draw dragons cause they're Luukey's symbol, and this one happens to be his pet. >=D Kawaii. (the writing you probably can't read says "Memphis", cause that's it's name, doi.) o_o HA not too bad for my first ever try at a draggie. . . but then, there's a reason I drew it from the back view. . -_-;

phoencia.jpg - In drama we each have a character that we have to act every once and a while, I ended up making mine a goth-seeming (not for the sake of being gothy, just because she hates color and people) anti-social girl, and somewhat like an evil me. o_O Uh, yeah, her name is Phoencia but everyone calls her Raven, or Rav. That is, anyone that doesn't just call her the freaky chick. =P Hahah, today in class I got to spaz as her, about how the world needs to stop tolerating stupidity. They made fun of me for it at lunch. ^^;

eekvampire.jpg - Just to show ANYBODY would be a little shocked to find a vampire in their bedroom trying to get a look at their grandmother's moon pendant. o_o; Rav normally doesn't show shock or fear in any form. Eheh, but when you meet a guy with no reflection and fangs. . . ((he's not really that short either)) Wheee. ^_^ New storyline. Fun.

coat-girl.jpg - The other character for the story that I have so far. She was in my nightmare too, but she had Vash's coat (from Trigun), so I had to make her one of her own. =P The story has been dubbed, "Black Plaid".

pageofcharacters.jpg - Whoo! I got to spend three art classes drawing this. ^_^; I'm so proud of it. There's a set of characters for all three of my main stories, and each generation in the Arian saga except the one that I've designed none of the characters for. Heh, I started with the main "crew" (Luukey, Arilla, Astal, Ranieh) and just kept adding on. I think that there's pictures of them all up at least one other time in the galleries here, except that cheetah girl in the top right, who I made up on the spot just cause I didn't remember what the other cat-girl charas looked like.

bravelilluukey.jpg - Hesso CYUUUTE! =3! *pats young luukey* That's his pet panther Shenta on the left, and Felice's Miss Kitty on the right.

stillthesexiest.jpg - . . . phase I tell you, just a phase.

chibikyo!.jpg - Ohhahaha. . . funn. Even though there's only one person who actually gets this. ^_^;; *pats the chibi* Still, s'cute. . . (That's her pet birdie in Ceri's pocket)

kyocarryceri.jpg - o_O He looks like he cares. . . that was unintentional. And she looks so small! but he is really tall and she's kinda short. . . Uh, I like this picture though. ^_^;;

teenisharvedui.jpg - Yay! Good picture!. . . I have to get him more fans. . ¬_¬ cause he's supposed to be immensely popular! oO; Like an Arian celebrity.

walnut.jpg - BAHAHA!! This was the only really good tropicali character design I came up with. . . XD; Big chief Walnut. o_O Or maybe just JungleWarrior Walnut.

beachparty.jpg - A rare moment of family happiness. ^__^ Luukey and Felice with their kids (and Kes' babysitting charge, ChibiLuukey) at the beach. oO *RotfL* Luukey looks too built ¬_¬ ah well. Par is so geeky. ^__^ *grin* *heart* ((This is one of my patented under-5-square-inches pictures o_O))

ranipencil.jpg - Veddy BIG. ^^; It's Ranieh (who I hadn't drawn in forever. . !) with all kinds of weird random cool things added to his outfit. o_o He is totally awsome. Squee.

atra.jpg - Did I forget to put this one up?? *confused* Well, it's with the character descriptions also. Atra, Astal & Ranieh's father. **first of many pictures which seem to have nearly got forgotten completely**

batmorphgirl.jpg - Baaats. I loove fruit bats and flying foxes. They're fuzzy and have wings and are cool.

crazyoldcoots.jpg - More Atra, this time with TD too . . and some others. ^_^ The two of them could go on yelling at each other forever. 'Tra hates snakes, because TD loves them. o_o

espefelice&umbyluukey.jpg - A sketch which I photocopied and then ruined with marker but liked the sketch of! ^-^; For Flame. o_o I remind you all that Felice is really HER character, not mine.

humanbraze.jpg - o_- I was doodling, and it just turned into Braze. Preettyy braaid. . . (She is © Flame)

kyarisketchy.jpg - Kyari the teenage slowpoke morph. ^_^;

fallenangelluukey.jpg - Uh, yeah. I had an uninspired idea and couldn't think of what would be better to draw.

curiousaii.jpg - Head. . ! Tilt. . !

luukeywindowseat.jpg - The best thing I've drawn in a long, long time. Notice the focus of detail is NOT on the character for once (it seems I like to skip drawing a face when I draw a background), but it's all so very Luukeyish. . . mmm. And I finally sorta drew his pet snakiee.

randomastal&ranieh.jpg - The two mage-swordsmen brothers team up to fight evil! In the form of something unknown. But whatever it is, it seems to have gotten the better of Rani and trapped him in a magic flamey bubble. . thing. o_- Now it is most obvious who is the elder brother!

lovebite.jpg - 'RillaMew! over-cuteness. o-o; I likee Mew! ^_^ She's purple.

cezte3.jpg - Following the design process, a series of three pictures of Cezte. ^_^; She's tawwy's mom, and I drew her once before, but have since fixed the design.

tremaine.jpg - New name, new button theme for his clothing. (Formerly known as Trevor) He does still wear the rubber boots though. ^_^

'billy'.jpg - Uh. Meet Billy. He's new. o_o; Those flowers are his ears.

kerwinhooded.jpg - Kerwiee. . With hood up. Small and messy.

kerwinchains.jpg - Well this wasn't exactly worth the time it took. 9_9; But whatever. His hair looks good. Nyammy. And no, there's not really any intended symbolism, just 3AM randomness.

shirtlesstre.jpg - Tremaine agaain~ Face/head looks AWFUL, but I tried to remember his bandana this time (on arm, see?) and drew full body. Wellingtons y00!

cliche.jpg - uuughhh, hideous story ideas. I was getting frustrated with my unoriginallity and wondered what it would be like to just go with the flow. . . Came up with this bit of stupidity. I do, for some reason, like the villian's secondary outfit and eye sketch, but other than that. . .

bluepenluukeys.jpg - Luukey, always fun to draw. o_o He is cute! *brainwashes all to agree*

araikanna.jpg - Arianna and Raikari. . I think I finally like Arianna's design. Except for the clothing.

TDfluffhead.jpg - Fluffy thing with scissors is so cute! =9 Snip snip, and byebye goes TD's hair! ^_^ Flame © herself, of course.

kyarismile.jpg - Aww. Sweet lil happy Ky. o_o; No wonder I have such a hard time playing her.

thetimemage.jpg - This is actually an earlier picture of Arianna that I changed to her new design when I'd done it. Drawn for the flowy breezy effect.

deliafidget.jpg - Trying to draw in a sliiiightly different, just a little more realistic, style. TRYING, you know.

gypsybard.jpg - I actually rather like this. o_o! She came out of my head in english class. I want her SLEEVES.

bluegoatee.jpg - Goatee of EVIL! XD but his is BLUE, so it's swell. Unlike TD's. Growed-up (and otherwise) Taurean © Flame. Squashed (and otherwise) hat also Flame's.

PLpictures.jpg - More urges to draw PL. o_o And fishnet is getting WAY outta hand with it's popularity. . . so I made his shirt into LACE. Same effect, but with more prettiness.

ranismile.jpg - Lil Rani pic with ballpointpen. o o

raniback.jpg - His back, to show his hair. . .

prittyrani.jpg - Focus on his eyes, and on making him look gorgeous as he is. =3

rani&raikari.jpg - Been wanting to draw the two of them for a long time (Ice+Fire=opposites=romatic! @@; shh) . . . Don't like this enough to not have to redo it, but Rani looks good at least.

he'scrazy.jpg - PL. . I likeim. But he's crazy. o O And PIL, as I've said before, is very much moreso. (And surely we see the irony in the statement above, because in a way they are embracing and back to back at the same time.) I spent most of the school day on this, you best respect it. ._.;

trainerTD.jpg - *LoL* o_o; Yes. TD. As a Pokemon trainer. Snigger at will! I'm also to rename him just for this. . and related applications of such. >:) Same old TD though.

blobluukey.jpg - Tiny cute odd-looking Luukey XD;

romanceyish.jpg - Hrmmm. Luukey an Feliceness. .

cireln.jpg - Kinda junky picture of a character who's not too important to anything. She's just in mah bedtime thought-stories. o_- They're odd.

TDevilhoodie.jpg - Evol lookin TD and TD in his hoodie. @_@ Feel the ego.

TDcushioncouch.jpg - And poor Malith has to listen to him all day. . . what a lousy job.

cruelmistress.jpg - Love him because he's beautiful~

TD'spet.jpg - TD has a snake. x_x TD like snakes. Snakes like TD. Is creepy. And I really need to draw someone else besides the father and son evil duo, don't I?. . . O_o;; Eh. Don't kill me without a warning. Only one person has had the nerve to complain so far. ;p And that was before TD phase.

rocketkieva.jpg - Pokemon version of Kieva! Yeah, she may be a crappy trainer, but she ken kick your butt anyway. >=b

poorumby.jpg - Morphie Luukey. Is so cute. ;_;!

charasketches.jpg - Just bunches of characters, some looking better than others. o_O All the main folks! Mostly. All mine. Except YoungFelice. (Flame's. Touche pas!)

arillameep.jpg - Well it's sooorta a finished pic, but it was SUPPOSED to be only a warmup with the pen. Silly me.

ourboys.jpg - I do like this one. ^__^ Specially Arvedui's eeeyes. o_o Taur seys he shouldn't be smiling though cause he never smiles. Silly fluffy goatee-ed Taur! (© Flame, he is. As is she herself as seen in the mini cameo above him)

luukeyupset.jpg - Ahhhh, Luukey pictures. I can't help but love the Luukey pictures.

greenpen2.jpg - Mismatched set of eyes,then added head and. .weird. Dunno what's with drawing this guy. (greenpen1 was even uglier though. 6_6)

callingtome.jpg - I heard the wind and I couldn't help but listen. (uh, or else that math class REALLY drove me to insanity)

eye2.jpg - Eyeballs!

jabbity.jpg - Muahah. TD, he's always asking for it. And it wouldn't have hurt so much if he hadn't been asking for it from a certain someone else the day before.

lightdoodles.jpg - Doodles which were drawn very un-darkly, thus light. If you're wondering about the "String?!" it's in reference to our current art class project (which I got fed up with and left to draw this). . . drawing string. ooh, the exciting world of still life.

paixdoodles.jpg - The adorable antics of my new sheep-mon character! o-o . . I realized, looking at part of it, that it's name, "Mareep", can be "Mary" if you take the p off. ^_^ Mary had a little lamb! *ahem* I enjoy the ones of her eating grass, and tipping over. ("My sheep have a problem. They tip over.")

kerwinserious.jpg - Just doodlinngg. . I really like his cloak. And him. But have trouble drawing really good pictures of him. I want fanart! . . . ah, nobody cares. ;b

kyarisigh.jpg - I screwed up on the anatomy, but I really like the background and her face. @oo@ This is the kind of picture I wish I could do more often.

sercardtrick.jpg - Serias is nice, but can be set off into little complete insanity bursts via the same way that knocked him off into it. . rejection by people! Oh, and in the slightly creepy/odd picture, he's supposed to have that right eye closed (it just is left white instead of filled to trip ya out or somming) and the other open. And yes, I was already made aware that he looks like Willy Wonka in the first one. That was unintentional. o_O

kyaricostumes.jpg - Kyari again. ^_^ I've been actually pupetteering her lately, so there you go. This was done when I was trying to figure out what she'd wear to a costume party. o_O Not that she actually went to a costume party.

umbyprofile.jpg - Loverly umby-Luukey. I do suck at furry art though. It's too human.

sadlilpar.jpg - Par! Angry, then cuute. Poor thing. (and then random Astal and Arilla (supposedly) doodles there at the top of the first one)

kesdespondant.jpg - She doesn't seem to happy either. . . Depressing kids. On the other hand, rather this than her usual.

euroselfportrait.jpg - Weeee. Done on the plane home from my trip this March break, tis a parting picture which I gave to a friend I made along the way (there were four different groups travelling together, theirs was from Nova Scotia). I miss everything about the trip, but alas, at least the fun was had. (note this was taken with digital camera, while on an airplane. Blurried badly, but it's kind of interesting how my glasses, eraser, and shadow (with hair) can be seen as part of the picture)

lookinevil.jpg - While trying to convince someone that TD looks nearly as evil as he is. Xb They say my evil characters don't seem evil. Heh heh. Ohh, but that's how they trick you!

partinkedtawwy.jpg - @_@ never-finished ink picture. I got to disliking it mid-way, and had run out of energy anyhow.

iedwyn.jpg - Heheheh. Strange story behind this, but uh, it's InverseLuukey, turned to his own person, who is no longer a Luukey. He's an evil doctor! and regular Luukey's older brother, sort of. o_O Ugh, head looks dumb and squished in the larger image. (smaller one is kind of cute overall)

slowpokes.jpg - Kyari and her dad (when he was younger)! Poor him. Raz0r-leafed! and mocked, meanwhile.

kerwinback.jpg - More Kerwin. Happyhappy! He's doin the magic thing. Or something. Grr at the stance. . I can't get posture right.

chrisbetter.jpg - *Lol* Thanks to Flame, I'm trying to make up a play based loosely on the WWII time period, in Germany. o_o Here we have my attempt at the character who I suppose will be the main one, Christoph. Name courtesy of Flame, too. Oogly sketches though. bah.

luukeyfamilyportrait.jpg - These. . . I am proud of. o_o Worked veryvery hard on the first one, and intend to finish it off for art class. The second is much smaller (in on-paper size) and more of a doodle, but I did work to tidy it, which is something I'm doing much less lately. Laazy. Meah. . Luukey and Felice look bad, I say. And Tawwy is too happy/hyper, but ooohh welll.

LFchat.gif - Single frame (my favorite one, probably) from an animation I attempted. ^_^ It's not too bad, actually, but that doesn't mean I'ma put it up. =b

zshastay6.jpg - Pirate captain! o_o With rat tail. Wheeee fun new obsession of mine.

smallIL.jpg - Tiny, junky, sort of old doodle.

idedoodles.jpg - Iedwyn and really weird lookin TD. Pool is fun, and so are goatees.

townsillhouette.jpg - Doodled on bus in France on Europe trip. Yesh.

scribblepage.jpg - I couldn't concentrate during my work-time spare at school, so I just doodled randomly. Weird fluffy things and other weird stuff.

vale3.jpg - First one, on the right, I really really like. ^_^ Cute. Flower-eared. . thing. Yay.

umbypiccies.jpg - Just because he's pretty. =3 Well, also because I wanted to dress him up. Mmm, lace gloves and silky rose-pattern top and stripey pants over black umby fur.

linedpaperdoodles.jpg - Doodling again. . I love kiddy-looking Astal, he's just SO cute! ^_^ but the rest is just junky Slayers characters. (well, there's like, zombie-arilla too. or something. I don't know m'self.)

lotsamesketches.jpg - Variations on Arilla and real Arilla and mixes and stylistic changes. . o_O weird stuff. (Yes, they ARE all wearing purple turtlenecks Xb)

TDrefdoodles.jpg - Doodles to show the designs of these two. TD's turned out pretty neat-looking with the sort of layout I accidentally got going. But Luukey's so cute! . . and actually, they both, along with every other character of mine, need a costume design makeover. o_o;

skinnyvision.jpg - It's William again, but way skinnier-looking than he should be, thanks to my art style. 9_9 I like the shoes. n_n

slowpokebros.jpg - Suffering from utter lack of character designing skills. o_o Sure, these are designs, but they're supposed to be BOTH BOYS, and the one on the right the /masculine/ boy, did it happen? No. Bah!

pokepeople.jpg - I couldn't sleep, walked all the way across town in pouring rain, had a rather more adventurous time than I would have liked, then had a chance to sit down and ended up drawing this on the single sheet of paper I'd taken along, folded in my pocket. XD; Jigglypuff-head and Mew-Arilla morph were suggestions of my friend.

zshastaynewhair.jpg - Trying a different hairstyle on hiim. I think I like the ponytail better, but there's just something nice about having hair that shows from the front. I guess we'll say that if he cut it, this is what it'd be like.

brokecharles.jpg - Who broke him? Where did the missing head go? Why did Luukey even name a teddy bear Charles? How does that bowtie stay on without a head and intact neck? . . We may never know. Well, you mayn't. I will, as long as I make up the answers. (I already know the first one, and it's mighty easy to guess)

ideface.gif - *_* I think I like what I've done here. Many thanks to InverseLuukey's fangirl for leading me to create Iedwyn.

mewsketches.jpg - Letting out my warm, squishy, sweet and adorable urges on paper. ^-^ Mew.

pirateluukey.jpg - I was bugging Flame to give me ideas of what do draw, and as drawing Luukey comes most easily to me, that was my only one. . She suggested the pirate hat part. I made it too small. *Sob*

idecrouched.jpg - Watch out, or the midgety-armed Rockets will get you. 6_6; Eh. I just wanted to draw something with a background, so here's Ide, apparently at the hospital where he works. . but I don't know why he's hiding behind a cot, in some supply-room.

umbyphil.jpg - Funky Umby. . not very in character, but I like the sketch. The hands, pose, plushi tail, all that. Look, it's Kyari's bag! Only, not really, cause I need to do a less trendy design.

lousyphildoodle.jpg - Tried again on Phiil. Now he looks so cute, but it's still not right.

phil.jpg - There, finally. I love this sketch, too! It looks detailed. (Phil is not based on my own ideas, though, so don't get that idea =b But still, no stealing his design.)

will&ide.jpg - A badly-drawn scene from RP, wherein the doctor-guy puts a bandage on William to keep that large piece of glass from moving around and slicing his arm open more. o_o

hyperpurpledoodles.jpg - Arm-waving 'Rilla, and headshots of Flame and Tawwy (who randomly has glasses)! On purple paper, with pen. I kinda like it, as far as doodlings go. =b

willkyhuman.jpg - Whoops! William and Kyari got turned into humans. And they're out of proportion with each other. I think I drew this because people were watching. . and I didn't want to have to explain Pokemorphs.

luukeyglum.gif - . . . Wow, that's not much of a picture.

luukeygettingmad.jpg - Ah that's right, I was doodling a page of him. Now he's angry. (maybe because his hip is broken?)

ideprofile.jpg - Then the Luukey-ness is interruped by the Luukey-clone, Iedwyn. (such a pretty face!)

breakingthelink.jpg - And finally, Luukey gets upset enough to do something crazy! See, when he takes away that pendant, he can take all his magic-powarz with it, and that hurts him, alot. So he's in pain right there. But the pendant also connects him with his dad, and he hates that.

dyansmile.jpg - Goodness me, it's a new character! Cowgirl, Dyan. Dee-ann, not "Diane". She lacks personality development, right now.

luukeyoutfit.jpg - OOoooOoOoOoo. New costume for Lukar. Amaziing! . . Too bad I'll never be able to do proper detailing on that belt-thing.

luukey&lieaf.jpg - And a kissy picture. O_o Not very good, though. They don't line up.

largeeyes.jpg - Arilla eyes! Tooo biiig. . . I drew this during my time out of town at my grandparents' house.

sheriffrilla.jpg - And this was from my time at grandparents', too. I watched waaaay too many westerns. n_n It was great.

ceri&aio.jpg - These two sure need some better pictures. So I tried, but it's just their head and shoulders. Ceri's cute at least.

perci&val.jpg - I was trying to draw while standing up, while waiting for my flu shot (which I never got anyway), so this is kinda bad. But I love weirdo floating Valerian. Bwaha.

dyanrevolver.jpg - Yay, foreshortening AND a gun. Not my strong points. Dyan is cool, though.

sleepingmitzy.jpg - And realism! Wow. =B See, this is my friend (referred to elsewhere on this site as Kitty or Feilan)'s dog, who is a crazy white german shepard. I don't really like dogs, but I'm getting used to her.

malith&luukeychibi.jpg - So cute! Kitty was drawing chibis, so I had to join in. The Luukey looks a bit off, though. And is less finished.

brothersgrim.jpg - Scribbly sketch of brothers Lukar and Malith. I like Luukey's eyes.

happyyekuul.jpg - Oh how Luukey hates his opposite-twin! I think Yekuul must be the evil twin though (because Luukey is secretly a good guy). . . and that scares me.

seaviewyouths.jpg - Go go Pokemorph NPCs! I even named them. They're neat.

seehat.jpg - I like hats. And Arilla looks much better-drawn on this picture than Flame, which is sad.

uncharacteristic.gif - Well Felice is really cute. The rest. . just weird.

pirategoagain.gif - PirateLuukey! A bit better than last time, but it's still in pen, so the mistakes don't get fixed.

will&rowan.jpg - William seems to think there's something suspicious about that doggy-boy. Meanwhile, Rowan is drawn looking too old for his age.

kyarigofish.jpg - This one took me sooo long to do, for some reason. o_o; The pose was tricky, I guess. Look, she's got a cute baby Pichu sleeping on her head! Aww. ^_^

shinyPL.jpg - Looking for an excuse to use my silver marker. His hair is supposed to be white, but we won't get picky. Eeyy, and that's not a hat, that's the string of his pendant. (which is enlarged in the background/frame, just for layout purposes u_u)

idedisguised.jpg - Har har. Silly Team Rocket doctor, he's pretending to be a 'morph to keep his cover while he works on patients inside the secret underground TR base.

eyebrow.jpg - I got tired of waiting for the player of ZeroCool (the Porygon-morph at PMM, named after the one from the movie, but not the same) to design the character. . so I just worked from his text description, and came up with this. =b The hair is wrong, and he's too skinny, but it works well enough for now.

shovel.jpg - Meet Spotty. He has another proper name, but I can't remember it right offhand. . anyway, I designed him (though he already existed in non-visual form. .) in order to prove that zombies can be cool-looking too, just like vampires and other undead creatures! :D

thisismalith.jpg - I finally figured out how Malith came into existance! So I was inspired to draw him. Thus, he is standing in a funny pose, casting some type of magic thing, which is what he does, being a super-powerful robot-zombie-slave-mage-guy and all.

grossedout.jpg - Here's a cheap old never-posted picture. My reaction to "Fear Factor" was that I would never voluntarily choose to watch it. Maybe I'd sit through it again if someone paid me. 9_9 Ha.

nyxsfatherdesign.jpg - Also never-posted, here's some character design sketching. It's uncompleted and not that great, but I thought I may as well link to it before I forgot about its existence again.

animalsdoodle.gif - Keeping my hands occupied while I was busy listening to people talking resulted in a notepage full of swirly squares. And random animals.

condaydreams.jpg - Muaha. I never intended to display this drawing publicly, but after two years it is now going up so that those who were shown it can have the chance to see it again. Ah, I probably never will have my Link costume~ But it's enough for me that I actually have been able to attend Anime North several times!

cutecouples.jpg - Likewise unreleased for several years, here's this! The base sketch and full version of the valentine's day picture colored in my gift-pictures gallery. (Wait, I might've actually promised not to display this one. . Aww well, I'll just take it down again if the other characters' owner would like me to)

snakelady.gif - As in, a human-snake mix. That kind of snake lady. Look, she has no bellybutton! Of course not, snakes hatch from eggs. =B

PMMgirls.jpg - Ah, here's a good one! Well, I was proud of it. It started with Kitty/Feilan's PokemorphMUSH character Briar (on the left; she was a new character at the time). In the middle is my Kyari, and on the right is J-me's Ichi. They're morphs of Lickitung, Slowpoke, and Rattata respectively. Annd, while this might look like it was drawn in pencil, it's actually blue ballpoint pen that's been rendered into grayscale in Photoshop.

williamangst.jpg - Poor Pika having a hard day. He broke his alarm clock, so maybe his next day will be better. ;b Note again, he's not my character. (although I did put him in this little scene)

oipirate.jpg - Lined-paper sketch because my brain was stuck on pirates instead of French class work :D I tried to draw his sword, but I wasn't really content with how it came out.

stabbitypirates.jpg - And again, rat-pirate Thaimus! That-there lady captain he's fighting with is named Sora, and she is another of J-me's characters.This was born out of an RP scene and refined over the course of a whole night of more RP. Drawing it was a lengthy and difficult effort (putting two characters together--and interacting--in one image generally is), but I was quite satisfied with the result this time.

chibibri.jpg - More of the PMM crew! It all started when I was drawing at Kitty's house again, and demonstrating what Kyari's hair looked like. Then I added a face to it, and a mini body. Soon all the other characters were put to the same treatment~ First two are of my characters, second two are William's, next two are J-me's, and the last one is Kitty's.

randompeople.jpg - I was trying to practice different head-turn angles, and then ended up adding bodies. Thus: really random designs! . . Looks like Mew leaked over from the previous set of drawings. I really want a head-eaten-by-cat hat.

cashew.jpg - Here I made a somewhat less-than-satisfactory go at designing another one of our little tribal guys, Cashew (in opposition to the Fruitali--named after different varities of fruits--there were the Tropicali--named after different varities of nuts--and the mushroom people, of which Shrullet there was one). Uh, and the fish off to the side has to do with when I was trying to name a pirate ship. Ignore him. =b

manly.gif - Thaim's manly arms. X) Reoccuring theme/running gag. I never did quite figure out why it made me laugh so much.

gimmemydubloons.jpg - Another along the same lines XD . . .he's not really like this. At all. I dunno about Sora. ;D *ducks to avoid injury*

itsmum.jpg - And one more character from the pirate story, this is Mum! The rat-pirate's doctor. He gets the nickname for being an overlynice kindly old figure, who, as the term goes, 'mothers' everybody on the ship.

welcometothebar.jpg - Aah, I think this'll be the first of the Bar Ilsemar stuff. Bar Ilsemar being another MU place, where I brought Lukar into play again. One of the first things to happen to him was that Ilsemar (the very same as in the name, of course) offered him a position as a bartender--well, it was a little after the occasion where she was the one asking him not to lose his liquor on her carpeting. Thus the caption. n_-

grownupluukey.jpg - Here's from the time at the Bar when Lukar used his magic to change his appearance for a short time (so he would look 20-something instead of 15. Actually he's around 200 years old), because he felt he wasn't being seen/treated as an adult. Or, in other words: he was trying to draw some romantic attention his way. Immature after all! Tsk tsk. Anyway, I sketched it out so I'd have some idea of a new outfit in mind.

thanksnibbles.jpg - There on the right, one of the cutest & best pictures I ever managed to do of Nibbles, William's Porygon accomplice. :D Kyari's thanking the lil Pokemon for a time when it helped out the Pika-morph.

muffin.jpg - Doctor Iedwyn (recovering lost blood after being targeted by a vampiric Pokemorph) must not make such a bad patient: the hospital staff is willing to share precious baked goods with him.

rhymelukarmeet3.jpg - Rather than play out a scene of my Bar Ilsemar characters' first meeting, I drew a comic of it! The new girl is Rhyme, intergalactic "bounty hunter". With metallic-shine purple hair. (Could that be why Lukar gives her funny looks here?? Actually, it was because her face seemed familiar to him despite that they had really never met before)

rhymelukarfancy.jpg - Having her a bit more dressed up and a little calmer might better bring out her resemblance to someone else--but it'd also help if style weren't so sci-fi. (It's okay with me though! I kind of like the dress design I sketched)

rattail.jpg - ShirtlessThaimus! Screwed up quality-wise, but of course the amusement is seeing his tail coming out his tailbone. And his younger-days hairstyle.

lukarexpressions.jpg - AngstLuukey! With TD thrown in to balence things a bit.

upsetolderluukey.jpg - I think I like everything except the nose in the version on the right.

lukarmoments.jpg - Yes, there's more. These are taken from Bar-RP again~ Sort-of. I have trouble drawing things the way I've imagined them (who doesn't?), especially when I start drawing from a view that would actually be covered up by the other character present. (In the one on the left he's supposed to be holding someone's hand in both of his there)

tryingagain.gif - Anyway, at that time there was also the problem that I was thoroughly unable to draw that particular someone. (On the first try I was using a movie poster photo for reference--I think it just messed me up more!)

familycardgame.jpg - Some of my family, actually, at my grandparents' house. Card games are often involved at these gatherings. Hm, now is it just me or do some of the angles and the scale seem a bit wonky? 6_6 I was actually sitting in the chair at the end of the table. I didn't draw myself there because: a.) I couldn't see myself. b.) I would have blocked a bunch of the picture.

chibithaim.jpg - Soooo cuuute. *snerk!* He makes the best chibi. (and this picture is alot Jamie's fault, because he did the original ThaimChibi with the little button nose and hands-in-pockets)

tirediam.jpg - Oh yes, and these were drawn while I was visiting J-me's home! This particular doodle set is self-explanatory, I should think. ;)

puddlefrog.jpg - We did noot get enough sleep during that visit. It resulted in what we termed "puddling". And it was an accident that this looked like a frog.

pirateskissy.jpg - Heh heh. Someone hanging incriminating posters of the pirate captains? Only that never happened! (So /that's/ why Sora's actually annoyed! *gets run down by a myserious loose barrel* ow) Thaim's still my creation and Sora's still J-me's, and taunting them's still fun.

williamoiy.jpg - I have no idea how old this is or why I drew it (I found it when I was cleaning my computer desk one day), but it's William! . . . although, actually, it's not very William-like. Except in that he has messy hair, and he looks vagely like he might be anxious about something. (Same old story, William is William's player's)

slowpokecharm.jpg - Kyari got a new necklace--a silver Slowpoke pendant--as a gift from William. I did this lil design, and decided that I would steal it from her if only I could. n_- Slowpokes can be SO cute, you better believe it.

rillaky.jpg - Ah yes, I must be oogling here necklace here, biding my time until I can sneak away with it myself. =b Actually, I don't know what's with this picture. It's very tiny, though, I can tell you that much.

nutshellnote.jpg - Scrap doodle from Anime North (2005, I think). I put it on my hat because I was curious as to whether any fellow attendees (besides those I already knew) would recognize the URL. X3 No one approached me about it, so.

fingerinkPL.jpg - This is what happened when my pen broke during a boring french class session. Fingerpainting with ink~

needyoulikeapunchinthearm.jpg - Whoa, looking a bit crazy with the poses and expressions here. Probably drawn too quickly. Oh well, the important thing is that I'm taller than Lukar! Even when my feet are somehow invisible.

semiselfportraitsagain.jpg - Loosely me-based designs to try to figure out how Rhyme should look. She was supposed to be my staff alt, so I wanted her to be a character who I wouldn't feel uncomfortable about people mixing up my own identity with (on MUs it seems peole get referred to by their main character's name most of the time, for one thing). Ahh, the one with the leprechaun hat is creepy, but I still kind of like it.

hermesrhyme.jpg - Trying to draw someone else's character again: the rayfish Hermes! Where he's nibbling on Rhyme's hair the scale between them is way off; he should be much bigger. As wide as a tall person is high, I think. (6 foot or so?)

littletotheleft.jpg - That glint of silver just off to the right of his head is a pearl-handled throwing knife, you see. Of course she missed on purpose-! . . . well, probably. ;)

TDnewcostume.jpg - It's still not my forte, costume designing. That fringe at the bottom will certainly not be staying next time I try. The top portion of the outfit is enough to my liking, though. Oh, and he's never actually played the piano, but since he has a penchant for picking up new skills I figured it's something he mightn't be too unlikely to do.

*tawwystaff.jpg - Here she goes-! First scans of 2005. (Yeeah I'm only LITTLE behind the times.) I did this drawing of Astal in a boring res meeting, I think it was around the beginning of my first year of university (and yes, it took about 4 months before I got around to scanning). Isn't it special! . . not in content, not really. oh well.

*lukarpenscraps.jpg - Also not wondrously remarkable content here, I drew Lukar while waiting for a bus.

*tinylukarcostumes.jpg - Again was at a sort of meeting or something, I drew this very tiny between the columns on some scrap paper/pamphlet I had at the time (that explains the size and lack of clarity). I do somewhat like how the outfit on the left turned out.

*idlepageoflukar.jpg - I'm usually very bad at multitasking on other things during RPing! The effect is demonstrated here by the aimlessness and general low quality of these Luukey sketches which I did between my turns.

*pinkhat.jpg - ReallyreallyREALLY looking forward to my temporary return home at Christmas my first year of university. I bought the pink hat while at school and had to take it home by carrying & wearing it on the plane, and I was so excited to be going home that all I could do was remark on it in my drawing. Being at home right now, comfortable and free to do whatever I please, I do not envy my traveling, school-stressed self (as depicted here).

*pageofmentir.jpg - Ah, some good stuffs finally! :b . . . This is a new character I semi-randomly developed after initial leading from my friend J-me who was toying with a comic idea starring some characters modeled after FF online world races. I love the pretty elves, and somehow the crack combined with the thief/rogue? character class to make this guy. I named him "Mentir", which apparently means something to do with "lies" or "liar".

*anteater.jpg - . . . One of those "I don't know what to draw! Somebody tell me" moments. First I took the anteater request to a cuteness conclusion, then somehow. . William got mixed up with one. u_U Don't ask me; I'm not the mad scientist here.

*shaggyhairrilla.jpg - Looking a bit distant here. . might've been feeling that way too, I suspect. But I like the fluffyness, whatever the case.

*petpantheretc.jpg - Neat! I never draw Shenta (Lukar's pet panther) enough. Probably because I'm not very good at drawing animals, though.

*fedora.jpg - Yet again, giving it a shot at drawing one of the characters of Bar Ilsemar who isn't my own; this time it's supposed to be Ilsemar herself! (property of her player)

*lukaroverchristmas.jpg - How much Lukar did I draw this year? Well, a lot. That's not really new at all though, is it! Here at least /he's/ trying some new things to celebrate Christmas at the Bar: there's his holiday attire and, below that, the drafts I did for his costumes for the play he was in! As Prince Luke he got the outfit on the far left, as well as the dressy white suit for the scene at the ball. (Where who should he meet but a fair maiden, who departed suddenly and left behind only a single glass shoe. .)

*incostume.jpg - Taking liberties again trying to depict characters who aren't of my design, but these are supposed to be cast members of the play all dressed up for the stage. Far left is the half-elf bard, Syrian (as Dandini), courtesy of J-me; the middle is of course the previously introduced Prince Luke; far right is Fab/Fabiola (as Ella), who's by the same player as Ilsemar.

*differences.jpg - Can YOU tell what difference I was trying to show here? Looking back on it now (some 2 years later) I hardly can see it, but I know nonetheless that I wanted it to be three different age levels shown by the face shapes and such. It goes youngest to oldest left to right.

*TDpenscraps.jpg - Boredom with impatience breeds cheap and tiny pictures such as this. Probably done in class or something!

*TDscribblepencil.jpg - Better; it seems to come really close to looking how I want him to (when he's young, at least), especially the nose. I did this as the start of a short-lived resolution to draw at least one picture per day. I wanted to force myself to stay in practice, but I've never been good at keeping up routines like that. (Plus I was really busy--extra really busy--and I've always been lazy.)

*excellent.jpg - At the news that one of my courses had more tests and less assignments. That's what I like! . . isn't it ridiculous that I chose an art program, eh? But art assignments are a faar, far step above trying to do math, lab reports, or hugenormous essay papers.

*willstretch.jpg - Just some random William-acting-cuteness. I had fun trying to draw this pose that popped into mind for him. (he is belonging to his player as usual, of course!)

*kyhuh.jpg - Aand where there's a William, there's a Kyari? Also a random drawing--I have no idea what she's doing, I just doodled it up as I felt like doing.

*roundeyes.jpg - These people came out of drawing in class on one of the rare days when it snowed in Victoria, BC. The guy's hair sure is weird! But his roundish, real-ish eyes are kinda neat.

*luukeyhat.jpg - From an RP scene at the Bar again; I had to draw it 'cause of course I was really curious how the hat might suit him! Not bad? Except this picture has many flaws (especially in the part I cropped off). But then, he didn't end up stewarding that fedora very long at all anyway.

*randomyounggirl.jpg - Just as the title suggests. XD . . I had some proportion issues caused by starting with her eyes and then drawing everything around them too small.

*faircriticism.jpg - I found the insults lobbed at him from another character (who would be his future father-in-law) to be quite humorous! So I drew what Luukey's reaction might likely be like and copied the quote out above him there.

*pitylukar.jpg - Cause he got stuck as the whine-whine-angst kid. Well, many bad things /were/ happening around him.

*pageoflargeeyes.jpg - Haha, for some reason my style was stuck in extra-large-eyes mode whilst I drew this page? Almost everyone's seem disproportionate even for typical anime. Characters sure are fun to draw though. . more than this other random pen-playing stuff

*miserablelukar3.jpg - A little 'silent comic' (sort of) series--probably makes more sense to me than to those who don't know the story, but nevertheless, it's supposed to show bucketloads of emotion! Did it work? The characters are Lukar (mine) and Ilsemar (her player's), and the 'story' is a bit of a progression really from him being VERY upset, to him barely letting her advice sink in (due to his resistance to content of it), to making an effort, in the end, to mask his turmoil for the sake of coping & for the sake of others involved. I think I added one more image to properly 'finish' it later, but I don't recall if I ever re-scanned it or not.

*kieva&littlelukar.jpg - Tiny Luukey with his mom, aw! Kieva may be super-mopey here, but usually she rocks and I really never have had the chance to play her enough, so I decided to at least draw her some more. I think the small text is basically her apologizing to her son for leaving, and saying aloud how she can only hope, maybe, that he can forgive her someday.

*littlelukarfamily.jpg - And eeeEeEEeee, there he's a REALLY little baby! And an adorable toddler! Luuukkeeeeey fwufflebunnyhead-! . . Right, maybe that's not a normal reaction to this drawing. But anyway, I think it came out REALLY cute, and TD and Kieva can be oh-so-very amusing together when they're both just being themselves. (Plus I think TD looks good in this one. . ) One of his favorite pastimes is being frustrating, and some of hers are being grouchy, scolding people, and resorting to namecalling. Haha.

*grownlukarattempt.jpg - I was going for Lukar at (apparent) age 19, not quite sure if this cut it. And. . the reasonableness of his looking tall bugged me. I guess some people just look tall when they aren't, but still, he was only supposed to be 5'6"-5'7"ish at this point (up from 5'4"ish). . Anyway, it was odd getting a new mental concept of him when his attitude hadn't changed and his looks were only supposed to be about 4 years different (15 to 19). That's why I did this picture, to try to work it out in my head. It seemed to turn out to be quite the popular image though, also, so I enjoyed that. :3 I. . like it when people compliment his looks, haha! (And I suppose I could put this in my CG section, but right now I'm feeling lazy about updating that portion of my gallery as well as this one, so this will do at least for now)

*hesabitshy.jpg - Then this one came afterward as a response to said compliments. X3

*lamelittleoutfit.jpg - Botched attempt at an outfit design!

*attemptingtocompare.jpg - Height difference accidentally exaggerated, but here we have both ages of Bar Lukar, the 'after' and the 'before'.

*lukargetsdressedup.jpg - Here he's dressed up and ready for a very big event indeed. . and sharing one of those fun moments he got to have with his kitty. <3

*pjselfportrait.jpg - Er. . It's me! :D; I had the lounge room in res all to myself in the middle of the night, so I was looking at my reflection in the sliding glass doors in order to draw this.

*punkfab.jpg - A new style for the actress pictured earlier as Ella, here's my take on Fab in her punk attire. (again, this character is not my own) I think the hair may have ended up being the neatest/best part of this drawing, other than that I see problems with it. She IS supposed to look slightly pregnant, though, that's not just a proportion error on my part.

*workpage1.jpg - Ah. . ha. . Many designs do not always lead to success! Apparently I did this late at night, maybe it was a bit TOO late. Well, it was fun trying some things. The mother had curly hair, the father. . hmmmwell, just see if you recognize the hand-me-down 'dress' oh him in the top left.

*workpage2.jpg - More on the same theme, I guess I was really channelling too much of Par (bottom left) in this design. Ya, the rest of Lukar's side of the family was there to try to give me ideas, though. I like them all~! But blondie himself turned out looking best on this page, in my opinion. ....Though, mind you, that Weee-asel has some charm as well, does he not? u_U

*bitoffTD&kieva.jpg - Trying to get a better one of them done after the one on the previous page, but this one didn't satisfy me either.

*caughtTD.jpg - Tried one more time to get TD right, but he turned out looking younger than intended--even younger than average--so I gave him a new shirt, and put him in chains. Yes. ...Hey, it almost makes sense; see, at one point he wasn't yet skilled enough to avoid the rule of law.

*surprisedscribblelukar.gif - "Buh? What's going on? Why am I in a maroon shirt??!" No idea, dear Lukar, no idea.

*hellorufus.jpg - The circumstances of the birth, rather worrying at best-! But here (and in detail) is Bar Lukar experiencing the first moments of fatherhood.

*cardgamescribbles.jpg - Hahahahawhat-the-crack? Yes, no, actually I know what this is, it's just that I expect it not to make a lot of sense to an outsider's perspective. Although mostly it's PMM characters, and if you've been with our site attentively you probably know that those are half-Pokemon half-human peoples. Kyari, and ZeroCool (the one who evidently sees gnomes everywhere) and William (neither of the latter two are my characters). I was playing with my new pen, I guess, while everyone else in my family was in the midst of a somewhat lengthy card game. My favorite part is the bottom right, where Will is drawn Pokemon anime style and Kyari is just looking kinda cute and weird (at the same time).

*cardgamescribbles2.jpg - MORE crazyrandom drawing during cardgaming. There's a crack-y Espeon inthe bottom right, and Lukar in the middle. . he's suffering a friend-induced hangover there at the table with his journal and two glasses of water.

*mrelfman.jpg - Kind of a fancy and gifty drawing for the sketches section-! But maybe I'll move it when I'm less lazy. Anyway! This guy is J-me's half-elf named Syrian. I drew him after J-me and I were able to be at the Anime North convention together. :D (I had him leave a reference drawing in my sketchbook which, along with another reference picture, I worked from to make this one)

*tableexplode.jpg - Whooops, frustrated Lukar takes it out in a burst of Fire and Violence! It would appear that this time he's only hurting inanimate objects, though.

*varietyofsheep.jpg - Design-plotting; some of them turned out really neat.

*seppozard.jpg - Oh golly, miss molly. . This image was one of the most fun things to come out of my pencil in YEARS. A mid-summer bit of inspiration centering around PMM characters, including my somewhat-NPC creation Seppo (the Charmander/Charizard). There's also William and Ichi who are other's creations. :3 But oh, how I love them all. And this imagined/future-potential interaction I get great amusement out of.

*stuffallover.jpg - Here's. . rather random assorted things. Bunny. Scruffy mouse. I found out I couldn't draw Spike from Cowboy Bebop without reference (so I drew a guy with a weird headset instead). Likewise with not being able to make Homestar Runner look like himself.

*elfandblacksmith.jpg - While my brother was playing World of Warcraft I decided his human warrior character was cool enough to doodle a picture of. He had a cool name too, but it's quite beyond me how my brother thought of it (maybe the auto name generator). "Barix", was it? Eh. Also there's an elf! Not a WoW elf though. Those have super-creepy glowing eyes.

*cloudhead&chocobos.jpg - Then when he was doing racing at the Gold Saucer, I did Chocobo doodles! The numbers are because this stamper scrap paper.

*pageofcloud.jpg - Aand then /this/ all got going while he was fighting in the Gold Saucer battle arena. XD Oiyvey. . Well, the coloring was when I was at Kitty's house with my markers along. I got an urge to play with them. My favorites are the one where he's wearing green, and the one where he's all happy-skippy (and um, carrying the nail bat. Actual weapon in the game which my brother was stuck with for a while). ..and the Homestar Runner & vegetable Cloud crossover gag at center still cracks me up to this day.

*vincento.jpg - He's so cool. So cool that I refer to him with a nickname. (Yes, this was a summer of much FF7)

*cidistherenow.jpg - . . and more FF7. I also like Cid. So I sketched in one of his equip-menu portrait, alongside the 'Cloud falling through clouds' and Sephiroth in boss-mode.

*magiclukar.jpg - Yay! I'm kinda big on dressing Luukey up. But this time it really had a reason~ Because he put on a magic show with Earth-style stage magic and everything. However, in the background I seem to have spelt "magician" in French instead of English (so it should have been "le magicien" or "the magician"), and the cloud swirling around him did not come out as well as could be. And various other flaws. Hm. At the bottom are my notes toward his performance preparation, which I've purposely blurred!

*trigunpeople.jpg - Doodles while rewatching episodes of Trigun! The three characters at top are from the show. At the bottom of the page, some examples for my friend about how I go about starting on heads and poses. XD; Method 1: Doodle a circle, then use that to place the chin and place the eyes. Method 2&3: Draw the eyes and use those to place the outline of the face. On the sideways head you can see also the way I usually draw a skull-line circle (regardless of the hair) after I draw the front of the face.

*K&Lback.jpg - I had never really drawn Kieva and Lukar from the back on purpose just for the purpose of drawing what their backs might look like! Here they are, facing away. Their heads are mostly just fluff. o_o

*chibicompare.jpg - Got doodling Astal, then Arilla then Atra, and their respective chibi-type portraits. Atra is in lack of beard, poor guy.

*lukargreenstreak.jpg - Attempting to portray my mental image of a particular ailment afflicting Luukey. I had many cool ideas regarding this mysterious snake-shape, but I kinda botched the execution so I never really got to use any of them satisfactorily.

*sleepingonthefloor.jpg - He wasn't the only one feeling under the weather at the Bar, either; here he sleeps next to a bed to somewhat watch over the occupant/keep them company.

*lukarknifey.jpg - Another idea that didn't really go to much of an end, but I suspect I might pick this one up again later. I wanted a kind of signature weapon for him, and knowing it would have to be a blade of some sort my design here ended up somewhere between a sword and a spear/pole-arm type cutter.

*juicelabelluukey.jpg - On the back of a juice label with a sharpie marker. o_O It was just fun to make marks with, really--glossy surface and slick ink. By the time I finished Lukar, though, I was incredibly out-of-patience so the rest looks even worse.

*highliterpichu.jpg - Playing with highlighters in class results in this? Evidently.

*batchofoddclassdoodles.jpg - "Whuuurt?" Yes, quite a bit of that. Some of it is cute and/or neat though! Astal at the bottom is especially so.

*lukeplushie.jpg - Eeh =b Couldn't get the scale right, and it's scribbly anyway but oh well. That's Luukey with his plush self. . sort of. It's actually a plush version of Prince Luke from the play he performed in while he was still young-looking. So, uh, anyway-! Wheee cute Luukey-doll! I wan one.

*firstdecemberdoodles.jpg - Aaack. Yet again I resolved to do a little bit of drawing each day, yet again I fell short of doing so. This was my first assigned "drawing day" in December holidays. At least I got this much.

*somethinglikethat.jpg - And I don't even remember what I did on the second day, but here (sadly) is the result of the third!

*crayontablecloth.jpg - Took this home from the restaurant after drawing on the table before our meal. XD It's fun that they let you do that.

*randomgreymarker.jpg - Had paper, a marker, and was sitting around for a while? Well anyway, just your usual Astal, Arilla and Lukar, 'cept it's Bar Lukar and he just got a wristwatch. And at the top, Tigie! The tiger. My favorite plushie.

*luukeyanddrapery.jpg - One of the first pictures of the new year. . . 2006! XD; Yes, just getting to last year now. Well anyway, it's Lukar AGAIN :D looking as if he's posing for a photo portrait. . dunno why he would do, though, when he had that thing with his face at the time. And he certainly wouldn't wear such an awful shirt as I scribbled up here. BG is kinda lame too. Xb

*somemalithdoodles.jpg - I had a request for Malith-! So I tried to follow through (much belatedly), but it didn't come out that cool. Kinda cute, but I should be able to get better ones of him than this.

*uptosomething.jpg - Innocent looks are in fact highly suspicious to the finely tuned trouble-sense of Lukar?? Fab again is a character belonging to her player, not me. I drew this while eextreeeeemely sick and bedridden! Needed something to do when I could barely move and was tired of sleeping, so I had quite a bit of time to work at 'perfecting' it. Meanwhile some parts might still have come out wonky and I figure I can claim the raging, brain-swelling fever as an excuse.

*parandbrazepage.jpg - Another one I was so proud of! Not only are there so many drawings on this page (and I love the characters who belong to me and Flame), but it is humorous to me and adorable at the top and action-dramatic in the middle. Spiffty Keen! Uh :D the two crusty old geezers mouthing off at one another in the 'treetop' are the fathers of the two sweet lovebirds adjacent. Pretty easy to guess whose is whose, I'd wager.

*faceandpendant.jpg - I was feeling bad for him, so he was kind of his own and my emotional outlet in this drawing.

*crookedsmile.jpg - And here I dunno! Just trying to see how dork-cute he might be capable of being?

*separatethem.jpg - Something else I kind of impressed myself by doing! But spent waaaay a lot of time to get it to this point. A random not-actual-RP-based scene of what Kyari and William might go through if they ever were to get too much attention from the wrong people. The uh, most fun part, as strange as it may sound, was imagining and working to visualize strong emotions through their expressions. :o The body language has some to do with it, too, but I'd say a surprisingly lot of information fits in just Kyari's one eye, for example.

*topofapage.jpg - Aand the randomness at the top of the same page. :b

*sharpiepage.jpg - Neat! A snow day at my school gave me the opportunity to spend time just hanging out with my roommates and drawing randomfun stuff in black marker. It started with the girl with shiny hair, then I tried to draw a hot guy for one of my roommates present (perhaps mediocre success; bottom left). Then some face that I had to cover with a heavy shadow to make it look at-all-almost normal.

*sharpiepage2.jpg - Then a little later I ended up with all this stuff, including a depiction of the snowman (with antlers) that we made in the yard, and a couple attempts at recapturing my ability to draw the pi-rat captain. Thaaim! <3 He's so cool.

*puppetselfportrait.jpg - Holdover from first year again-! It probably should earn a place better than amongst sketches, cause it DID take me an awfully long time, but it's still pencil and the quality is bad. It's actually rather large, which is why it got digitized by camera rather than by scanner.

*aahsosappy.jpg - Playing with my pen and. . I have missed these characters so. :b Rather than go with my first impulse to make this appear to be Luukey's surprise idea for a dance, I made it even MORE sappy by having Felice all smiley as well.

**raikarifightsketch.jpg - Extra-unfinished Raikari with her rapier and some other ACTION POSE! thumbnail sketches. woo~! Timeframe is summer of 2007 here.

**somemorphideas.jpg - Messy Pokemorphs drawn without Pokemon reference. A not-very-successful attempt to conjure new character ideas. There's a Hitmonlee, extra-scribbly Ivysaur, and Jiggypuff.

**grouchyraichulady.jpg - An' a Raichu. o o The head ended up too small, plus she's missing her hat because I decided on the uniform as an afterthought.

**araimorph.jpg - My favorite 'morph drawing-wise. Freakishly skinny waist there-! especially for a Raichu (cute rolly-poly critters). . but the style of it somehow came out neat.

**avulmorph.jpg - Still on 'morphs! This Vulpix was from a separate drawing session, over at Kitty's house. :3 o_o As you can see, it's an example of yet another bad outcome of spontaneous-development fashion design by me. XD; Poor thing.

**quicksketchide.jpg - Iedwyn of PMM; just as the title says. I drew his face, then added his arms/torso and I should have probably left it there, or at least cropped it to there, because I got really lazy with finishing it off.

**smilingheads.jpg - Drawing in Tim Hortons with some university friends. That's one on the left. ^_^ (The Japanese kanji writing was by another.)

**reactionaryexpressions.jpg - Listening to fellow students try to demonstrate to teacher how smrt they were was not not my idea of how lecture time should be spent. During one particularly awful "discussion" session I felt I would have exploded (see 1st image, top left) if I had no outlet, so I got to pacify myself with drawing 'rilla and TD facial expressions.

**TDgonnahavetachokea-.jpg - More outlet drawing! TD serves to channel one of my spikes of intense dissatisfaction and rage. I go to him for this kind of thing--and that is what he's responding to in the top image, ahah. (thatmakesmesoundcrazy, doesnnit?) The actual wordscribble is "GoingtoSTABmesomebody!!" rather than choke, but mmyes. Whatever. :D . . My time at school was occasionally quite difficult for me.

**pendoublevision.jpg - WeEee~ Cloned drawing! Was bored in class again, obviously. (Surely you've done this: hold two pens instead of one to make a double line.)

**tired&peeved.jpg - "Holy moley, I'm tired. And perhaps peeved." and:

**rillafrustrated.jpg - Even more school-related brooding/unhappy times.

**myfriendluukey.jpg - :D . . dur hur. This is one page of a multi-page thing I did and already put up on DeviantArt. Anyway, kinda speaks for itself. His feet just may be the best part.

**luukey&flowyhairpen.jpg - Playing with pen, I dunno. That's Luukey's black aura of. . um. . . annoyance! Angst? Annoying/ness/? You be the judge. Also, a head with some hair.

**samebrush.jpg - I like this one; it's kindof meaningful by accident. I had nothing particular in mind when I started drawing, but out came two boys (one has German shepherd dog ears. . I really don't know why. They just seemed to fit) and some words that were going through my head regarding an unrelated thing. All together it worked.

**lousypageofkyari.jpg - Obviously: a page full of random, really lousy doodles I did of Kyari. This must be the sort of thing that happens when I'm on an art block.

**bountyhunterconcept.jpg - Jumped back in time to summer of 2006 here, I think? This was my sketchy concept of a character related to my other character's backstory. She's a somewhat famous intergalactic bounty hunter, idolized by junior bounty hunter Rhyme.

**sillyhatthaim.jpg - Oh Thaim, poor pirate. I gave him a sombrero. I do not know why. (/haiku)

**sillyboozinthaim.jpg - The moonshine-lookin' jugs up on the wall in the restaurant helped inspire this drawing on the table-covering paper (they provide the crayons for this). It's fun to eat out there with Kitty & co.

**lastcranberrymuffin.jpg - Ide is awesome to taunt. Hospital-Chansey knows it!

**walkkyariwalk.jpg - Another Kyari-drawing of poor quality. On small paper too, just like Ide&Chansey.

**pikapokeparcelpopopen.jpg - This was in a parcel I sent to William's player. n_n The off-screen voice to the left is meant to be that of the Pika-morph. For some reason I don't think he trusts me! ;D

**pageofmysteries.jpg - I have no explanation for the juxtaposition here. Some guys on an ice cliff (why?), some quotes from the book I and was skimming (one of many lying around) when we stayed at a rented cottage in June [2006] (at least that gives me the time period for this one), aand Kenshin. I. . well, Kenshin's cool!

**inuyashaetcnote.jpg - This one all came from spending time with my little brother: watching Inu-Yasha was one of our main activities of the entire summer last year. The "angry RAM" was his computer RAM of his computer, and the "Majesty Imp" was based on his WoW warlock's pet imp. . plus Trogdor (by Strongbad) "majesty" aura.

**treelineoutline.jpg - Another example of how I suck. This was based on the view from my drawing table last year. . . I sat down at that desk about /twice/ the entire summer, which would be two times more than I did the next year. (Not that I didn't draw, just that I failed at using my awesome drafting table.)

**inarticulate.jpg - This 'rilla/self-portrait came out of my pen one piece at a time, I don't remember why. It wasn't a good drawing or talking day, that's all I know.

**snowboardcloud.jpg - Woot!! FF7, Golden Saucer, Cloud on a snowboard. One of the OTHER major pastimes of me and my brother was me watching him playing through that game while occasionally doodling.

**wreck.jpg - Back into the school year. Doodled on the pages I kept at the back of each of my binders, most probably.

**faintsadhead.jpg - Likewise.

**wonkyvinnyzukoborder.jpg - Haay hang on; these must have happened before school. This was from when I first started watching Avatar. . and. . . either around the FF7 time (there's Vincent with "The Claw!" at the top) or else I was recalling the FF7 obsession from the previous time we went to that same chinese food restaurant (when I likewise drew him on the edge of the placemat).

**azukopage.jpg - Either way, here's a better Zuko batch from soon afterward. Once I got to the second season I had to draw him even moooar!

**musicianpeoplesketches.jpg - Stalkerrr, I'm like a creepy stalk-er drawing strangers! But hey, there's a depiction of my little brother I keep talking about: near the center, playing the mouthpiece of an otherwise invisible trumpet.

**untitled69.jpg - I. . . just left the title that the scanner gave to this one. ANYWAY. It's TD! :D; Done at AnimeNorth '06 near the end of storytime with my friends. As I began to realize I'm not very good /at all/ at storytelling ( ;_; ), I switched from talking to drawing. . to demonstrate that Luukey's dad is actually kinda hot for a geezer. uahaha. >_> I fought with impatience-induced artist block to produce this--and won! I think I did OK, anyway.

**shekinahsaskriverdoodle.jpg - [Summer of '07 again!] Drawing of a painting of a view of the scenery of a place in Saskatchewan! . . :D *ahem* It was along a junction between a major(?) river and another that connected. Both had really deeep river valleys, with these amazing green hills on either side. I bet it was the most beautiful place in the province. (It certainly was the nicest that I saw, and we did drive for several hours.) We walked on the nifty-o trail which passed by this exact, excellent view. (much more impressive in RL than in this scribbly drawing, naturally.)

**kittentaming.jpg - Kittehh! An illustration based on a true story (which I was writing about in this letter).

**rillacutepoints.jpg - Arilla appears in another letter.

**ilikesnails.jpg - Along with some snails. I like snails!

**gert&herb.jpg - And some houseplants holding "hands".

**itstheeyes.jpg - A plot point that I FINALLY got worked out to my satisfaction: Astal treats Kerwin so harshly because (in addition to being an overprotective dad) he thinks the youngster is connected to someone else. If this were in color you could see that Kerwin's colors are actually quite similar to TD's (I did not plan it that way but it works out awesome).

**randomheadwithhair.jpg - Couldn't figure out WHY I felt like I'd drawn a guy like this before. Maybe because I have--or /maybe/--as I realized shortly after: I think he has the right attitude and a very similar hair-look to Tristan the android of Saturnalia. See it?

**letsbelesbians.jpg - Long ago I promised penance for scarring boys with drawings of boy-on-boy. Here is that, finally finished! FakeMew-Morph'Rilla on Kyari ackshun! ho ha ha! . . she'sso squeeshy 'nd pink. <3 ^_^

**averagegirldoesnotapprove.jpg - Me! Captured EXACTLY AND REALISTICALLY on paper for once. >b . . . nah. this is really how I feel sometimes though. [And it was before I lost my hair, too. .]

**reallyrandomscrap.jpg - You can tell I was with Kitty when I drew this: flightless birds and catgirls are notoriously her calling cards. Plus weird duck-rabbit hybrids with wings? I don't even remember the story behind that, but I think it's pretty safe to say I can pin it on her too. XD

**piratepeh.jpg - Made for inks; never did get that far-! (had no references on hand, I think?) But Thaim and Sora are still cool.

**will&churework.jpg - I redrew his body so many times--and again and again. And still there's issues. 6_6; Oh well. This was the companion pic, which I also had deformation troubles with.

**charalineup.jpg - Fun! I wanted to actually do this in more detail on a big piece of paper, but then I decided it'd be too un-dynamic to waste my big paper (and my time) on. :( Anyhow, the characters L-to-R are: Raikari, Arianna, Arilla's "brother" who needs a redesign, Cezte, Atra, Ranieh, Astal, Arilla, Lukar, Malith, TD, Kieva, Tana, "Derrick"?, I-forget-name-thing, Cireln. . and moving to the lower row: Kai-Ra, Kyari(ish), 'RillaMew, Par and Keslo.

**coolranisketch.jpg - Ranieh is so awesome, you can just see it coming off of him in waves. I'm telling you. [Finally, drawings from 2008!]

**lilfelicelukarawkward.jpg - What are they doing?? who knows. They're also out of proportion (he's not that tall next to /anyone/ *lol*), but darned if they aren't cute!

**tdkdistance.jpg - There's some text with this, off to the side: "If this is love.. why do you keep distance between us?" "I could ask you the same thing." TD and Kieva have a rather hot and cold romance. I think I have a fixed-up version I still need to scan too. :|Heights are probably still off though--I don't think she's that short (even though he's reasonably tall).

**tch.jpg - Is the next generation worse? Lololl.. Or maybe Lukar and Felice are better off overall. They've been acclimatized to misery throughout their lives. 9_9

**winterwoodspen.jpg - From December. I was staring out the gigantic windows at the end of the hall, longing for the freedom to leave the place I was. So I used what I had (ballpoint pen and paper) to draw the trees at least.

**brushpencharas.jpg - Some characters and a self-portraitish portrayl (bottom left) in brush pen. Most of my hair got tangled up and had to be cut off--only those two front braids were left long.

**wezbobbleheads.jpg - Many of the same characters. As bubbleheads. o-o!

**wezchibis.jpg - Nostalgia piece! 'RillaMew and Flame, adorable BFF.

**twoastals.jpg - Junkything, using two different kinds of pen to draw two pictures of Astal.

**thebadguys.jpg - Oldthing, but fun. Kerwin is the MOST reluctant "bad guy", but TD is the only one who really accepts his role! Again, heights are messed up. Malith almost looks to be standing on a box. He actually manages to be slightly shorter than Lukar, you know.

**stareup.jpg - Random character girl. I kinda like it.

**grownupkes.jpg - BUNNY. oh yeah and Keslo, looking older than usual. She's also looking a little sly. Hmm!

**computerlab.jpg - From September '07 at school. This was a drawing I put on my art "studio" desk when I was spending some time in the computer lab down the hall.

**probablythinkimcrazy.jpg - Um. Ya. Joke's on me--I been crazy all along!

**everythingwrongcloseup.jpg - Dumb gigantic pictures being impossible to get good digital photos of. Anyway, this is Lukar to TD with the speech bubble: "It's you, you're EVERYTHING that's wrong with my life." He's probably right. Well, that and my wonky drawing of him! That could be a problem for someone who exists only in fiction.

**lukarcut.jpg - His old outfit design for some reason. Also featuring a slightly weird style in general, and some strangely sticky/stringy blood.

**EFpesterlukar.jpg - The weird style was a phase. At least she (EvilFelice) looks cute. This is based on the one and only conversation she had alone with regular Lukar.

**rossiudoodle.jpg - Fav Gurren Lagann character.

**aiogetshisscar.jpg - REALLY quite old drawing of Aio that I still like a lot, and which I could never figure out how to draw the legs on. Another try is here. Man, these days I forget all about his scar! It's pretty significant too. Shame on me.

**upsidownmalith.jpg - Malith is strung-up upsidedown for somewhat helping Felice. 'Tis another old drawing; TD even moreso than Malith who was finished much later.

**brothersinatree.jpg - The tree ended up the best part. Wish I could redraw the characters, but that's pen for you! Again it was all I had at the time.

**poemcoversketch.jpg - You have no idea how hard it was to draw Arilla sitting on that wall. Then I went and messed up with Ranieh (he is waaay too small). but thaat's okay. I'd like to fix/finish it nicely--but I wonder if I will.

**chibijeeves.jpg - Jeeves the adorable penguin butler who me and Kitty invented together!

**imleaving.jpg - HALT! Woman in a towel alert. It's Kieva (slightly pregnant with Malith) as she might have been when she made her break from TD. I like all the emotion coming across with her, and the contrast of TD's very stoic reaction.

**sittingonthecurb.jpg - Iedwyn. Rather old drawing. There was a lot more to this image, but I never got around to finishing it and lost track of it too. Drawing on the computer is tedious!

**lukmaldigitalsketch.gif - . . Very tedious! And messy.

**gratuitousmush.jpg - When it was drawn it was to make me feel better. Didn't exactly work--I started feeling bad about my art block instead.

**LTDsameage.jpg - Trying to slightly young-ify TD further (I may've failed--he should probably look more different) just to mess with Lukar. It really doesn't suit him, eh? That must be why he's never tried to make it happen.

**happyoldman.jpg - Atra bein' all cute smiles and thoughtful words.

**kesparportraits.jpg - Demanding more screen time, this is all I give them. Poor kids.

**raniehblock.jpg - I tried to be cool with action pose and perspective. . had to crop the legs out because they were so not right.

**crayonflames.jpg - No burning wax products, but rather two doodles of Flame. in orange crayon.

**PLclaimsnottocare.jpg - He lies. As if he could stop be susceptible to any manipulation through his feelings regarding his wife (they aren't divorced..?) or his father, even after what they went and did.

**randolphmum.jpg - New character developments for the pirate story. :D On the top we have Randolph Zshastay, evil brother to Thaimus. (I had the timely and awesome help of J-me to work out his design.) Below him is a newer picture of ship's doctor "Mum", now properly named Rupert Bellemere.

**drideandwill.jpg - A spontaneous doodle of Dr. Iedwyn dressed up as Dr. Horrible. Also there's a picture of William, who was the first thing I meant to spontaneously draw.

**izbunnyboy.jpg - PET HIM. He'z a bunny boy! *^-^* so cute. (I've thought I'll name him "Ress" after the cut-off word beside him. :b)

**pendresses.jpg - I had a sudden and insistent urge to try to design a pretty gown. Tried twice, neither is really what I wanted, but both have some of my favorite elements of dress design. The one thing I'm least satisfied with is the neckline. I mean, normally I'm in love with turtlenecks, but that doesn't seem quite right for a dress. Although my mom's wedding dress did have a lace turtleneck, actually. Hmeh! *shrug*

**notepaperdrawings.jpg - As you can see I made use of a handout from the real estate sector. Clockwise from top left, we have: 1. a self portrait. uh-huh. 2. matching haircuts, inspired by Flame claiming her hair had grown out to look like Luukey's. *rofl* (I get a strong sense of deja vu from the way I've drawn both him and 'Rilla, as if I've used those same expressions on them more than once before) 3. growed-up Par! supposedly. I guess he looks good, but a little too generic. well he's holding his eyepatch/monocle instead of wearing it. (and his hair is wrong somehoww?!) 4. Rly rly scrawl doodled Kyari and William. :D hur hur. She wuvs him! Meanwhile, he seems to be attempting to decide what to eat for lunch. Lawl. Naw, he's just shy.

**olderparsmirk.jpg - Better, a bit. Still trying to do a cool one of his messed-up eyes (that was what the last doodle was supposed to be too). The right (his left) eye is "blank". Or looks inverted?

**darkcakeconundrum.jpg - May not even make sense to others, nor amuse them as it does me. Of course there is a story behind it--for example, the donkey's name is Mr. Rhino, which made a lot more sense prior to the depicted portion of the scene. . But no matter. Cake. >D muaha. "DarkLukar" (aka. Flame with Luukey-style hair in black instead of blond) attempts to tempt me with it! Apparently only villains are allowed chocolate. Naturally TD is right there with her.

**idemeri.jpg - I have been a huge fan of bunnies all my life. Ever since I first saw Buneary (and partially due to seeing its evolved form, Lopunny, which is prettymuch the most creepily perved-on Pokemon)--despite my strong bias /against/ any new Pokemon--I just knew the bitter and sour-hearted (but skirt-chasing. .) Iedwyn HAD to get stuck with one. Her name is Meringue! *^_^*

**ohTD.jpg - Notepad fanservice. XD . . . uh. It may be that Flame is his only fan besides me. But she started the fan club--I didn't do it! Oh boy. I just love how I can mock his centuries-old age with Yoda at the same time as I draw him sexy-shirtless.

**TD+Roxy.jpg - Now possibly mocking teh Flame for being attracted to men of power and evilness, ignoring the factor of age. XD haha but I quote: "what is awesome is that I WOULD TOTALLY SAY THAT". Meanwhile, turns out I still totally SUCK at drawing old people.

**rowankyaritinykingdom.jpg - A quickly-done thing for a Will-Ky RP scene that took place. XD Rowan (the arcanine-morph sitting on the left) and Kyari (sittin' on the right) were made King and Queen of the castle by Seppo (bottom right charmander-morph goofball), who's trying his darnedest to get them together despite the fact that William (pikachu-morph bottom left) already has a thing going with the girl. Jealousies abound! also, CUTE LIL SLOWPOKE.

**agedluukey.jpg - Lukar as he might look at the wizard equivalent of human 40-something (which I had stated was about 1020 years old for him o_o though that may be excessive). I was so proud of/pleased with this one~! Clearly I also dig me my good-lookin' old men, though not necessarily evil old men like sooomeone. *rotfl* Anywayyy. Common consensus and I decided we love his dragon-wing mantle. If it makes him look a bit like Captain Harlock that's surprisingly intentional.

**luktrysscribbly.jpg - Rough of a nice reunion scene. Luukey's still a bit of a short old man, though I gave him some extra height.

**shoddypenrandolph.jpg - I hates pens. But this was done without reference, too, and for all that I guess it's ok. I portrayed him as actually mussed up to make it less obvious that I wasn't sure what I was doing. Plus I just love seeing this kind of baddie beat up and still smug about it.

**agedlukpendoodle.jpg - Likewise with a pen. On this one I actually had to do Photoshop facial reconstructive surgery. Still not such a great image either.

**ideanddragwillatbar.jpg - "...very classy choice of gown, though. It suits a redhead." Iedwyn being TERRIBLE to William. But really it's me being terrible, isn't it? <3 I just had to try him in a long dress for some reason (I forget).

**lfollowyou.jpg - Well, what a thing to follow that with. Suuper-sad melancholy misery. It's BarLukar with lyrics of the well-known Death Cab song which nearly match his attitude regarding the death (suicide) of a loved one. The story goes that he stopped just short for reasons not fully clear.

**morphmerindraft.jpg - Merin(gue) in the future, potentially.

**zshastaybrothersbadblood.jpg - Old-ish pic of Randolph and Thaim that I was planning to fix up but finally decided to give up on instead. I'm sure I'll do other pics on this theme that are more interesting/dynamic--this one's just flat and laame. :|

**randoms&scarfmerin.jpg - Two random people (the one on the right looks like she could pass for a grown-up human Meiko though. .) and 'wintertime' Lop-morph Merin. Tube top and a scarf o_o Clearly not sensible! She cares not.

**moremerindesign.jpg - Here's Merin again sort of; I was trying to picture more of a "cuter" shape for her. . and there's an idea of what her feet might look like (Kitty asked about it).

**fabgears.jpg - Felt like trying a picture of Fab in her future form (not that you could really tell she's any different when she's not colored in all silver), but this drawing was the size of my confidence for the venture. Teeeeny tiny.

**kyariphonescribbly.jpg - William has just told her how he would very much like to see her just then. And that yes meeting up in town sounds like a capital idea. Something like that. Oh Kyari--such a /girl/.

**babyuknoitoxic.jpg - Was browsing the D/P Pokemon list again and came to realize just how creepy-looking of a poison type Toxicroak actually is. creeeeepy. And yet. . I wanted to try drawing a 'morph of it, because the markings looked interesting. Naturally I had to combine this creepiness with that of poison-obsessed TD. The result is worse than anticipated! Largely due to using pen and being unable to re-draw the freaky smirkgrin. Oh well, it actually. . . doesn't look so much like TD. . but I. . kinda like it this way. >:} [This is a 2009 pic! We're movin' forward!]

**hastyshirtlessrowan.jpg - Rowan! of seaviewyouths.jpg, a few years more advanced (he was 13 or 14 then, now he's 16 in-character. This could be whenever). He is lanky and tall because he evolved at a young age. I've always thought he was cute and been wanting to draw some more good pictures of him.

**idelabgear.jpg - Ide and his bunny cheer-girl! (Buneary have natural pom poms on their head, you know) The one of Ide on the left is wonked (the eyes mostly), but I really like the one of him in the middle. I bet that's his expression when he sees he's messed something up in his experiment. Or he's looking at some morph's idea of lunch? >D "Eugh, what is That." [Ed. Oh yeah! and this was my 1000th item uploaded into my 'images' directory. o_o Whee?]

**pikapokepage.jpg - Drawn while waiting in a hotel lobby at Wondercon! o o Hence the "brr" sidenote. Anyway: by shared decision/decree, William and Kyari's first kiss was on a New Year at midnight. The year was probably '03. It's cute! And there's some attempt at drawing them actually doing mushystuff too. (Don't get zap'd by the electric cheeks, Kyari! Heeehee.)

**connotedoodles1.jpg - At other various times during the con/trip I was doodling on another notepad from more realtors' advertising campaigns. XD . . This set of pictures were done when I was having trouble drawing/focusing I guess. (oh, but apparently I know all the 'chu evolutions without reference.)

**connotedoodles2.jpg - My more favorite set. :D 'Rilla/Tawwy/Luukey are always fun (Astal's left hand is supposed to be semi on Lukar's left shoulder), and there's Phil! and possibly Kyari-of-the-Future (her bangs have grown a bit, that's really all I did there 6_6 . . XD also, I'm laughing as I only notice now that her and Astal have almost matching poses/expressions). Plus adorable Pokemons. I loove the Slowpoke. <3

**connotedoodles3.jpg - Dr. Horrible and another Pichu. :3 The girl ahead of us in line was watching the episodes of the former on her portable thing (iPod I think it was) and she let me glance over for reference.

**nogoodbrushpenide.jpg - Booo I sucked here. I tried playing with his hair parting-style for fun and it came out poorly. Oh well, I was just warming up a bit.

**shygirliewill.jpg - Jam receives a kiss on the cheek. :D . . accidentally gay'd up by the artist. I'm sorry!

**floonlovejam.jpg - . . . XD Pokemorphs on PMM are capable of returning as a ghost-type morph if they die. I determined Kyari would be most suited to be an adorable Drifloon (you'll notice she retains the shadow of her Slowpoke ears). Unfortunately her relationship with William would most likely hit a snag: he's TERRIFIED of ghosts. ^__^

**williamkyariwacky.jpg - Then--aren't they lucky--there were more "what ifs". First, two Kyaris. Then on the public OOC chat of PMM there was a fun notion regarding the swapping of everyone's gender, as well as "everyone become the species of the person below you on the list". Thus Kyari as a male Smeargle being wooed by William.

**zerocoolfamilyunit.jpg - Then teh gay gets even better. It all started with me wanting to see a baby Pory install file (Pory egg), which was ZC's player's idea of where new Porys might come from. ZeroCool's mutual "no" answer then inspired the "together!" thought. And thus them as a 50's style TV hubby and waifu. 8D I love it. Especially the apron which they are equally entitled to?! (Please note that ZeroCool is a 6' tall robot soldier of WAR. >D Sort of.)

**allgettingalong.jpg - Oh, these three. What would I do without them. TD is intentionally drawn to look like he hasn't shaved (prison, man, it'll do that to you), Lukar is unintentionally looking like he hasn't slept in days (but it might be fitting), Felice is. . probably man-hating, as per her frequent custom. >D (ie. ready to kill them both) Around those two, who can blame her?

**drysarcastickiller.jpg - I am way too happy with this extremely generic and incomplete example of a typical drawing by me. The nose came out perfect! Man alive, do I ever love PL. Not /just/ because I think he's hot regardless of (or because of?) his silly hair either.

**dinnermeetingwindow.jpg - More-or-less the view I had from where I was sitting at a work meeting (ignoring that there was another table with people between me and this window). Such a nice place! That's a lake out the window, and lazy sunset clouds.

**randomheadgearpeople.jpg - This was from the last night of AnimeNorth '09 (the hotel had purple pens :D), the results of idle doodling while with friends~!

**PMMminicon.jpg - And since I obviously didn't know quite what to draw (see brain-wandering previous image), it was requested that I do a sketch with an avatar/character of everyone present. :B Technically the title is not a misnomer, since all of us HAVE had PMM characters but, in-factually, that Mudkip chara is just my abuse of a non-PMM human (witch?), Julie. Her actual Pokemorph fell out of use long ago, but everybody else was a Pokemorph in the pic so obviously I couldn't leave one out of that. |D

**aioparcatfish.jpg - I. . first I was just drawing circles, then I ended up making those freaky EYES, then I gave them kitty ears & such. . and my dad asked "What's that, a drowning cat?" So. In addition to going "noo~ :(" I decided to make it a mercat, just to be on the safe side. Catfish. >D a CRAZY one. Aand then there's a jumpity stickman. . and Aio!!!! who I haven't drawn in about a million years (did I even get him right? I do not know! Looks reasonably himself) and also grown-up Par. 8D

**gentlemanpar.jpg - First in a "Steampunk" conversion set! Older Par's a natural match for the genre with his creepy science vibe.

**socalledgentlemanTD.jpg - TD's goatee helps him pull it off, but I'm still not sure I'm content with that or other aspects of this design.

**subduedladyeva.jpg - Here's Kieva's proper Victorian "my husband has emptied me of my soul" expression--or a skillful mask of such.

**parsonluukey.jpg - Why this outfit for his steampunk version. . ? If you ask me, I don't really know! Maybe I'd been reading too much Trigun (Wolfwood loove). Anyway, he must be in disguise--he'd be ex-aristo, not currently showing himself as a member of that class. The priestly costume would not suit him though. XD probably.

**steammechrhyme.jpg - Also don't know what that contraption is supposed to be. XD Just a contraption. (actually. . it resembles the log-chopper that Belle's father invents in Disney's Beauty and the Beast!) On her left wrist that's a bracer with a big 'ol watch attached to it.

**impatientdoodles&arianne.jpg - Moving on. . ! Uh? :D Random facepeople! Crazy Eyebrows 'Rilla! (Tawwy is disturbed) Wolfwood w/ out reference-! ha. He was looking unimpressed, so I added goofy unreferenced Vash. (Those two are hilarious and /freakin' awesome/ and I love them to no end.) And Arianne! n_n

**threebrothersscribble.jpg - Because I don't think I'd ever drawn them all on one page before! . . but it's not very good due to using pen. Also, Iedwyn should actually be about 6 inches taller than Lukar (Malith is probably the correct height relative to Lukar, haw haw).

**seriouslythree.jpg - Top of the same half-sheet (lazy pencil for this portion). In-faaactually, I think Iedwyn's paternity is still up for debate in MUSH-verse (blue hair? seriously? Where'd he ever get that from) and his /mother/ may change if he ends up in storyverse. Meanwhile, I enjoy how Lukar's attitude shows so clearly he is the most like his mommy.

**zentattempt.jpg - I've been carrying drawings around improperly, that's why there's folds and crinkles and scrap paper and things. Anyway! It's a human PMM character who is not mine but I think is cool. The button on his jacket says F.O.N. for Friends Of Nature. :D They want Pokemorphs (unnatural species) to die out. But Zent here is a not such a bad guy, really! Gyahaha.

**tinyunfinishedhope.jpg - And this. . I started a picture of Hope the Abra-morph but it only got this faaar. sniff. So sad. One day maybe I'll get back to it. I feel like I'm one of the few artists on the MUSH who hasn't made a picture-offering to this character. GIFTS TO THE SHRINE OF HOPE.

**zentidesilly.jpg - Ide actually does appreciate the company, seriously; he just has trouble showing affection. hahaha. Scene is not from actual RP, but anyway. :D yay PMM humans!!! I think they are liable to become as unbalanced as everyone else on Pokemorph Island as they suffer isolation + occasional persecution. FUN.

**pehface.jpg - Chopped-hair me being still something of a bitter little button. Most likely I drew the Arilla and then reacted to not liking the picture much.

**notepaperidemerin1.jpg - Ide more expressive than he probably would be. Eyes too big? Looks almost as if it could harken back to InverseLukar, his design-source chara (who I haven't drawn in yeeears).

**notepaperidemerin2.jpg - Here I messed up his eyes again in a different way, although a bit of editing fixed the closed one somewhat. Bunnymorph Merin looks SO adorable though!

**luukeyfelicevee.jpg - More adorableness! Fluffster Luukey and his Pokemon, including when she was an Eevee and matched his hair better (he has had a history of Eevee association and it wasn't even my idea. I would've probably given him a Charmander or something, especially before Umby/Espy came out). Aand a random big-eyed frog off to the side there.

**A&Alovebirds.jpg - Romantic cuteness of Astal & Arilla. And yes, they do look like the shape of a heart symbol! I do not believe this was intended at the time, but I saw it too. :D

**beholdthemightyseppo.jpg - The conquering Seppomander! . . I have made him a proper character on PMM as of February '09. |D

**notepaperseaship.jpg - Boat!

**notepaperPMMcast.jpg - Considering this was drawn without eraser AND without reference, it turned out ok! . . . I picture it all to the tune of "Let's Go Fly A Kite" or sommat. That would be an activity they would be appropriately reacting to, I think. XD L-R: Iedwyn, Felice on Lukar, background Mila, foreground Merinbunny, William dragged by Kyari, hover-Nibbles, very-foreground sweatdropping Rowan ("hurray."), background ZeroCool, marching Seppo, and finally an Abra named Spark in the bottom right. ^_^

**cirTDdoodlestuff.jpg - Now I have drawn Cireln more than once. If I can start to remember (consistently) how to spell her name, I'll have made real progress!

**assortmentwithcuteness.jpg - Astal in his half-"Storme" state looks pretty awesome, if furrytastic. :b (I like 'em anime.) teehee kinda like a catboy. But one with nailclaws! and pointy tailbits. and batwings. Meanwhile, I can't draw Espeons properly and the scale is all off on the Pokemons, but Lukar and Ide's heads talking at each other about the 'mons are fun.

**idemilafoldover.jpg - It's like a bookmark! Made because I had scrap paper in this ratio and my tiny-tipped pen on-hand. Duplicated to show rightside up views, but it actually folds over so that they each are on one side.

**crossdressed.jpg - If I am silly (which I am), am amused by/enjoy crossdressing (yes), and like to make mockery of my characters (I do!), why did I never draw this before? Who knows! It is /rather/ silly though. (and oh man, I think my take on Felice gets increasingly more and more bitter/mean-to-Lukar. accurate? :D;; maybe.) Poor Kieva, I am the meanest to her. And how is it that TD--WITH the goatee--manages to make the least spectacle of himself? Well, by not being bothered, of course!

**genderswapped.jpg - Taken to the next level, oh dear! I shudder at TD. Buuut actually this FemTD did get drawn already, yeaars ago. I forgot her outfit is supposed to be a shiny miniskirt instead of pants. Anyway. ha ha ManFelice would be more manly than Lukar, and FemLukar would be more womanly than Felice. The question I asked myself as I drew it was whether Felice and Lukar got their personalities mixed-up a bit as well as their gender, though. (hey, maybe the right--or wrong--hormones would do that to them.)

More to come!

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