Arilla's Art

Please take note that everything within these pages is strictly © Arilla, or "the real person who is Arilla but cannot be named" rather. ^^; Er, well, I just ask that you respect my hard work and ask first if you want to borrow pictures. '-'; Character designs, names, and gift pictures on display are non-negotiably to remain right here as the property of me, the chracter's owner, or the one whom I've given the gift to. Though I have absolutely no problem with you drawing my characters, that is, if you don't claim them as your own, and are sure to let me see the picture. (I like seeing how other people draw my characters. ^^ ) @_@ Even though I'm sure no one wants to take my pictures etc. anyway, I just wanted to make sure everyone understands that this stuff is mine. Kay then.

Since I don't really like thumbnails and have no good way of making any, I just link to all the pictures in this gallery. The lists are in order of date added, and mostly alphabetically if more than one picture was added on a certain day. Sections with new pictures and recent pictures within the sections are marked with a star - *

pictures I haven't colored or shaded really well--there's lots to see here. -_-;

Computer Colored
colored on my computer mostly with Adobe Photoshop (6.0)

Colored/Finished by Hand
colored in another medium like pencil crayons, paint, ect. or finished black and white pictures.

these were done on the computer, more info inside.

Special Pictures
images I've made for people, or that I've done to celebrate holidays and special occasions etc.

pictures people have made just for mee! And maybe a few pictures of mine people have colored for me. (gifts to both Flame and I will probably go in the guest artists' gallery)

fanart from real anime series/games/movies/books etc. Don't expect loads of quality stuff, but I didn't want to bury it under the rest of my junk.

Rubbish Bin
old stuff that people may still want to see for reasons of reference (not that I get lots of people giving me fanart), or just here because someone said I shouldn't delete it all. HOWEVER, this section is unstable, anything in it can be expected to go POOF into nowhere on a whim of mine.

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