karigato.jpg - Lookieee, a Hikari/Gatomon morphiee @_@ It's not a very original concept, but cute. ^^ oo hehe, this pic an the next kinda came about from a lil conversation I had.

tkpata.jpg - TK as paataamonn. . . Too coote. *huggles* ^^ And he wears a bucket hat! . . bucket hat!

draco!.jpg - Not too bad a pic. ^_^ Dun quiiite look like my vision of Draco, but the attitude is there. (Draco Malfoy of the Harry Potter books © J.K. Rowling)

linkcopy.jpg - oO mostly copied picture from the front of my brother's Zelda 64 player's guide. I changed around the hands. ^_^ Link is one of my favorite video game characters ever!

link&sheik.jpg - This one is "orignal fanart" =p Link gets ready to shoot something that apparently just hurt his buddy Sheik. ^_~; It's kinda bad, but you'll have to forgive me, this is only my second picture trying to emulate the style. oO the first being the copied one.

chibixel&filia.jpg - You lucky dogs, you get to see an ultra-rare occurance of me drawing fanart from an actual anime series. -_o; Ah, Flame liked Xelloss so much it influenced me to sketch him. And I'm a fan of Xel+Filia as you may notice. . (Xelloss and Filia are © whoever owns Slayers)

linkdoodles.jpg - Trying at Link again~ I like the one on the right better. o_o He's cute!

chibiadultlink.jpg - And more of the cute. Finally getting the eyes right, at least. o_O Buahaha, LEOTARD. @_@;

LOTRpenscribbles.jpg - Drawn while watching the movie for the fourth time. . ! 6_6 There's Pippin (SCARF), Boromir blocking the gates in Moria, and Gandalf, just before he fall down. o_o I want Gandalf sleeves! With thumbholes! . . . Um, yay for ugly drawingses!

kirby&jigglypuff.jpg - Utterly random pen doodles of Kirby & Jigglypuff and Kirbypuff/Jigglby/puffy-lovechild from Super Smash Brothers. . . o__o When Kirby steals jigglypowers!

hobbittrail.jpg - More Lord of the Rings. . Hobbit goes down trail. o_o See him walk? Yeah.

lovahdraco.jpg - Draco Malfoy, that sexy little ferret of Harry Potter series fame. >XD And a certain fangirl who totally asked for it. Muaha.

faramirsktch.jpg - Yet more LotR! The great and beautiful Faramir!! Who. . wasn't completely in-character in the movie, I think. T_T Read the books!! DO IT FOR FARAMIR! Do it for me! o_o; (ignore the bad handposing in this picture for me, also)

pageofxelloss.jpg - Look at me, I misspelled Xelloss. :D :D *MORON* No, seriously, that ruins the whole sales potential of this picture. ;_; I wanted to make money on it, even though it's just pencil and pencil crayon. I figured someone at the con (goin to AN again next year!!) might pick it up, but what fan would dare own a piece which SPELLS THE CHARACTER'S NAME WRONG?! And I am sad, because I also started this page as homage to Xel because I think he's so cool. Rilla screwed up bad, kids.

xellossextra.jpg - Oh, but there's some that I doodled when I didn't have the page with me. o-O

jackgrin.jpg - I have LONG been a fan of the sexy pirate captain character. Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack Sparrow just makes it all that much BETTER. =D That's why I couldn't help doodling him, from memory, after viewing the movie for a third time (just because I had to take two different groups of people to it, after seeing it myself). Also Flame's fangirlishness inspires me.

*canandwill.jpg - Agito. From Guyver. Yes, it's an absolutely horrible and horribly violent anime, but this guy is great. He has purple hair for one thing, and for another he really is a "can-do" person. X) When I design the t-shirt featuring him, then maybe it'll make more sense. Credit goes to my friend Kitty as the source for the catchphrase.

*guyver1.jpg - Guuuyvaaa'h~ o/' (This kind of stuff is HARD to draw)

*guyverfoot.jpg - And Kitty's favorite, the cute lil Guyver feet. Bet they could snap your spine between those toes! (it would be completely in line with the rest of the series)

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