*waves* ^_^ Hi! This is the Thanks page, where we send thanks to those who made the page possible, and where Arilla and myself demand your respect! Bow!

Alright, that second part was a lie. Anyways, since I have absolutely no idea what I'm saying, I'll just say some thanks.

The first thanks that we have to give is to Arilla's mom! She's made it possible for this website to exist because...well, she registered it since I'm not Canadian and Arilla isn't old enough. Thanks, Arilla's mom!

It's a good thing I'm the one writing for this page since the second thanks has to go out to Arilla! She's taken it on her own to build mostly everything you see on this webpage. Let's give her a round of applause! *hands Arilla the WebMistress award of the year*

The last thanks (for now) goes to the audience! Yay! If it weren't for you, Arilla and I would be sitting on our laurels staring at a page we don't even need. :D Thanks for taking the time to look around. Don't be discouraged for the lack of content, we're really trying to fix this place up!

Eeeee!! I feel special! and touched! and all the synonyms for those words :)

^__^ *ahem* I'm here to add to the list, thanks to our host www.doteasy.com (even they they tick me off sometimes, they're still better than nothing), to my parents again, o_o; for funding, *giggles*, to my older brother, for teaching me about uh, website stuff, to you who's reading this and to everybody I know for putting up with evil lil me, and especially to flame ^ ^ no fwame, no website, and a much less happy me! *huggles* aaand lets see, I'm probably forgetting some people, but if I remember I'll add em in. Yesh then. . .

Go look around the site some more! This page is practically useless! o o;

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