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The Nutshell
The Nutshell The Nutshell
(these next two were put together by our friend Calix. Thanks! ^^)
The Nutshell The Nutshell
The Nutshell The Nutshell
The Nutshell The Nutshell

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Art Sites

- great Pokemon site! even if you don't like the cute lil creatures, the art is worth a look. It's actually a Japanese page, click here for the original site.

The Art Corner
- A site where they offer free art critiques to help you improve, and also contains a large (anime especially) artist community.

Monthly Anime Gaijin
- This website is all about an anime contest held each month, in which artists draw the original characters of the winner.
Friends' Sites

The Foxfire~Vulpix Network
- Our good friend Vul's site. She's got art, funny stuff, and more. Really nifty! ^^ (temporarily lacking content since evil envy.nu shut down oo)

The Coloring Book
- Hikari/Shiz's art site, The Coloring Book. ^_^ she's a good artist, awwwsoome stuff! (now at www.narf-art.net XP hehe.)

Lupith's Fanart
- Just like the title. ^^ Lupith's art is absolutely super adorable, she draws fanart of Pokemon, Digimon, CC Sakura, Harry Potter and other stuff. (Sadly it's gone down. . . again. @_@; We can only hope she gets another soon)
Non-Art Related

FireFlash's Page
- 'Tis our friend FireFlash's personal page. ^_^

- Calix's sitee. Journal and ramblings! =P

Rink Works
- Humorous and highly entertaining site. ^_^ Great for whenever you get bored. Flame and I recommend trying out the "dialectizer". *grins*

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