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Welcome to the Nutshell~! Happy house and funny farm - for we are nuts. And we don't need to make any sense. Which we don't. Or do we? Uh. . . don't ask me, I just draw pictures.

What's New? (Updates) (Archive)

Jan 24, 12 - Nearing our birthday again, and we have a new web host! Doteasy has been a good home for over 10 years, but now with AN Hosting come more features and, quite importantly, enough bandwidth that we shouldn't go down at the end of each month (like last year). Everything has been re-uploaded from backup files, but if anything is still broken or missing it's probably due to the move. Cheers to the new year!

Jan 31, 10 - Oh goodness I updated. Not just empty promises, a real update! (as in days of yore!) If you thought I had too many links in my sketches gallery before. . . Mua ha ha. [I'm going to regret putting up this update without doing a proper editing job, aren't I? Maybe I'll get to it when I retroactively insert my previous update (those marked with one * instead of two like **)] HAPPY 9th YEAR OF NUTSHELL EVERYBODY! And thank you so much, again, to the person who actually sent me an email after that update last year! That was amazing. Finally: if it's a Flame-art fix you're craving (aren't we all), I'm going to drop a link here for you.

Feb 14, 09 - Well! It is unlike me to be seasonal. . . or to update. But here we are, aren't we. *cough* Okay, I'm not really updating. I'm just putting adorable kid-version Kieva and TD in the sidebar. Oh! And I could mention that I'll be at Wondercon in San Francisco at the end of this month. Probably at the "Yugioh the Abridged Series" booth helping Kroze hawk t-shirts or something. Random as that may be. (Ah, ALSO: my nutshell email is full-up, so I haven't been recieving mail for the past. . few years. Er. I'm working to fix that, I swear. In the meantime, I have a hotmail backup which is "Arilla4" at, y'know, hotmail.com. Feel free. I check it. . sometimes!)

May 23, 08 - Almost two years on the dot without an update? It doesn't feel like it's been that long. Regardless, here I am with a mainly superficial one: there is now (as you've undoubtedly seen) a splash page to the site.

May 26, 06 - Another long Arilla-pictures dry spell is broken at last. Er, there now are links to everything I uploaded in 2004! I plan to continue later with those from the skipped-update year (there certainly were some, even though they didn't show up here). For now, I've got a convention to attend! Anime North, 2006!!

Feb. 12, 06 - Actually updated this a few days ago, but Braxton's story is now in the character description section! Everyone can go look and read. c_C It's a lot longer than the rest cuz...well, I actually put effort into it. Maybe I'll go rewrite the rest (even if I only do it for me anyway).