I decided that I needed to get rid of most of my old crap, since it's just cluttering up the page, but rather than junk it, I just put it in here. Most of this is stuff that's pre 2002-2003 I think? I don't know.

All images contained within this page are copyright to me, so back the $(*^# off! ^o^

Shaded Head ~ This is a shaded head o_o; Obviously.

French City ~ This isnít an actual city ^_^; I was attempting to draw buildings at the teachings of my step-father. I did okay o_o Heís much better than me though

Two PokeMorphs ~ Whee! ^_^ This is Taji and Sorairo looking all happy.

Dehtejh ~ Bwahaha! Tejh is the HellGod of Destruction in a story I'm thinking up. o_o Heís so funny! But in this picture he looks girly @@

Sailor Moon ~ I copied this off the Sailor Moon S movie, I think it is o_o; Old old picture...

Left Handed ~ ^_^; I drew this with my left hand, since my friend Leek asked me to do it

Felice ~ Hereís Feliceís new design I drew on a whim o_o Her glasses went away...

Sadira the Ghost ~ Here she is as a Misdreavus ^_^; Yep, Sadira died o_o; Her mortal picture is in the Colored Gallery.

Wedding Gown ~ This was my design for Feliceís wedding gown. O-o; Itís SUPPOSED to be her, but it doesnít really look like her.

West ~ West, my sharpshooting cowgirl ^_^; More evil old picture come back to haunt me o_oThe hat...THE HAT! @_@!! *runs*

Aidan ~ Aidan in human form, old picture before he got his lynxish form. Anyway, he's Flame's husband. :3

Seductive Kaeya ~ Um, Kaeya, looking all seductive and stuff. o_o; Much better than the earlier Kaeya.jpg, right?

Kaeya's Floating Head ~ *snickers* It isn't as weird as the name suggests. It's just Kaeya, remade, looking happy, but her head is floating around in nowhere. ^_^

Ryotsu ~ Ryotsu, the really super cool Farfetch'd 'Morph! ^_^ © to Ryotsu, obviously.

Harry Potter ~ Harry Potter! Need I say more? © J.K. Rowling

Revenge ~ Waaah! It's Lukey, and he's looking all evil and stuff! The words say "Someday...I'll have my revenge." Because he's always trying to get revenge on me and Arilla. o_o Bwahaha, but we're omnipotent! ^_^; Anyways, he looks Disneyish if you ask me. © Arilla

Amy ~ Amy. ^_^ This time she's upside down. Very strange to look at.

Taikalice - Order ~ Fun! This doesn't look as anime as it should, and the pose is so funny I still laugh. o_O Yesh, Flame needs sedatives. Anyways, this is Taikalice, the High Priestess of the Realm, and the Supreme Goddess of Order. Same one as in the Colored section. And yesh, her name is Taikalice, not Mitra like the mitra.jpg filename on the other suggests ^^;

HTML Buddies ~ Whee! ^_^ Drawn in honor of one of my bestest buds, Calix. Yep, dat's him on the far left. He's the one that makes all them fanciful webdesigns and makes us banners. ^^ I really didn't wanna put this up until t'was all inked and colored and purty, but I haven't the time at the moment, and I figure it's too kawaii to leave out. ^_^; Right to Left: Calix, Flame, Arilla (duh, they're labeled x X).

Amy and May ~ Amy and May watching butterflies with utter blonde attitude. o_o Math doodle, ignore the words.

Hannibal ~ No I'm not insane enough to try to draw the actual Hannibal Lecter. oo; This is Battie's 'morphed Hannibal, who is, of course, coined from the other Hannibal. o_o "I'm naming all the stars...but I've named them all the same name and there's terrible confusion."

Sitting on Shoulders ~ Hehe, Amy and May, you decide who's on who's shoulders. ^_^ Ain't twins grand?

Summer St. Catherine ~ Summer St. Catherine! She's the coolest vampire ever o_o Yesh, a vampire. I made her to resemble Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because he's cool, so how else to make a cool character? ^__^ Plus she's supposed to be his daughter in that twisted world of mine. Her name is a twisted joke of mine too o_o Summer, since she would burst into flames in sunlight, and St. Catherine, because anything religious makes her burn ^__^ Funness. Oh, btw, everyone calls her Cat, since I bestowed an evil sunny name on her. oo;

Lux ~ Lux (pronounced LUKES, as she is apt to remind us) is an OOC character on the PokeMorph MU*. ^_^ She's really nice, and her character is fun. It makes angel food with a big broadsword.

Notra ~ Notra, the cool Furret-Morph who draws really good! ^_^ Just a small sketch of her head, nothing fancy, but it's still really cuuuute!

Raichu Amy ~ Amy, again draw as a Raichu (because she's so cool that way!) and looking entirely brassed off ^_^

Genesis ~ The first PokeMorph to come to existence! (In the PMMUSH world anyway.) She's a Rattata-Morph, adorned with scars (because Fault loves scars, and he made her up oO) and she's all cute and stuff!

Uh... ~ Why I drew this, I haven't a clue. o_o It's Raichu Amy! Beating up on Blaze, who obviously did something to piss her off. She's winning! Whoo! Death to cheap psychics! *gets pummeled by the psychics*..ow..

Broken ~ Complete turnaround from the Sunday everyone knows and loves! o_o Sunday as a Dragonair. She was locked up and tortured in the dark cells of Team Rocket, and gave into the pain. She later became a member and when she finally got her freedom to move about Prism Island, she found that her baby daughter Peach was still alive ^_^ So now she's happy and bouncy again. This one also shows a glimpse of how scarred up Sunday's back really is. They're the only ones that stayed.

Fault Femme ~ Fault as you've never seen him before >D As a GIRL!

Theta-01 ~ "I am number one. So what's that zero all about?" Because really, what IS that zero all about? ^_^ Recognize this? Yup, Laura makes a purty button!

Good Cheer ~ Made for Edward, who I thought really deserved this :) Thanks for being such a great friend! And, um, ignore my pitiful attempts at poetry!

Conscience ~ Flame got bored one day and drew her conscience. Notice how the bad little voice in her head is much larger and assertive than that teeny tiny good voice. >D

Mirror ~ Summer the vampire looks into a mirror and doesn't see her vampiric reflection, but rather a reflection of her inner self, that scared little human who only wanted a family. Well, she got one, but not in the non-bloodsucking way she would have preferred. I hate the quality of this, but I like the idea, so it's staying up here.

St. Catherine ~ Summer in her more pious and less fangy days. ^_^; She's around 16 in this picture and a pampered adoptee who is ready to make her debut into society.

Harmony ~ Something you don't see everyday! A Vileplume-Morph! ^__^ Harmony is horribly evol, gothic, and all around cool. o_o; Made for the PMMUSH.

Anastasia ~ Quickie sketch in history class. ^_^ Ana the evol Sneasel! >D

Tachikawa ~ Niiine! Tachikawa the Ninetales on PMM! ^_^

Spork ~ Sporkypoo! >D

Milo ~ Milo! The Umbreon-esque Espeon! (c) Battiechu!

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