Jungle Tribes

Welcome to the Jungle Tribes! ^_^ What do you mean you donít get it? o_o; Oh..itís not that obvious ^^; Well, one day, I was bored, and decided to draw a new character. Her name was Lime. I couldnít figure out what her color scheme should be, so I made her represent the lime fruit. Her clothing was also quite peculiar, so that gave me the idea that she should be an Amazon! This lead to the idea of creating an entire race, the Frutali, who were Amazon females, and lived in the jungle, and were trained warriors, and had strange clothing o_o;

All images contained within this page are copyright to me. So no touchies o_o

Lime ~ Lime is the first Frutali to spring to life. She is quiet, studious, and usually has her nose buried in some book. This particular Amazon is quite different from the rest of her tribe since she prefers learning and practicing medicine rather than killing anything that comes within a two feet radius of her. She is the wife of Lemon, the tribeís cheftain and only male.

Grape ~ Grape is the tallest Frutali, and also the strongest, aside from Coconut. She is an excellent markswoman with her bow and arrows, and is always shooting something or other with them. She is best friends with Mango, and theyíre always doing something together. Grape probably wouldnít be called the brightest Frutali, but with her around, youíll never meet a jar you canít open for the rest of your life.

Coconut ~ Coconut isnít technically a Frutali. She comes from the tribe of the Tropicalis (whoíre based off of nuts o_o). During the constant wars between the Frutali and the Tropicalis, the Tropicalis began to lose miserably. To bring peace between the tribes, they offered Coconut to Lemon as a wife, against poor Coconutís will. Coconut, as a young adolescent, had been in love with another, and then suddenly ripped from her home, family, and life in the blink of an eye, and all because of a war. Grudgingly, Coconut bore Lemon a small son, Almond, and then decided she was finished with the Frutali. Coconut is now a rogue fighter, ally to neither the Frutali nor the Tropicalis, or any of the other tribes of the Jungle. She is, however, the strongest warrior of the whole land, and is seen as a sort of symbol for hatred and for strength.

Lemon ~ Phew, it's been a while since I updated this one, but that's cuz I was debating putting a half-finished picture up. Anyway, this would be Lemon, the leader and only male of the Fruitali tribe. Don't be fooled, just because a man is the leader. The tribe is still matriarchal. Moving along then, Lemon is a strong fighter and a diplomat, in love with Lime. However, he sometimes wonders about Coconut, who he did care for in spite of everything, though she never loved him back. Overall he's a good guy, though he does have a tendency to be rude and forceful if he wants to be. One would think that living in a tribe of women, he would be a bit of a pansy, but the only result is that he's more graceful and catlike than other males, and less burly and gorilla-like than the patriarchal Tropicalis (pronounced Trop-uh-cahl-eez because it was looking confusing to me. o_o)

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