The Guest Art Gallery

This section contains art submitted to us by others. We love to see other people's art and give them a chance to share it. Or maybe if someone would like to draw fanart of our characters (as seen in our galleries) we could put it up here. (hint hint!) ^_^ All pictures are © the artist and you CAN NOT take them. If you want to borrow an image for something and the artist's email isn't listed here, email me or flame and we'll see what we can do about contacting them. Now then, piiictures.

Leek - By Leek (email:
Comments: "This be a piccy ov Leek, a cute, blue and adorible creature that likes to be hugged and stuff"
Bass - (same artist)
Arilla: Our friend Leek/Bass. ^^ (character is from mega man o_o)

Chibi Lukar - By Lupith (email:
Comments: Arilla: ^_^ This was a quick request picture that Lupith did for me, Luukey's never looked so cute!! :)

Jolteon-girl - By Karrie (email:
Comments: A Jolteon morph

Chibi Wizard Trio Disco! - by Heather
Arilla: A special gift to us ^^ (sorry for making it look chunky when I shrunk it @-@;;) gyahahaha, >: ) its chibi wizard dance fever! grooovyyy. *rotflrotfl*

My Angel - by Kikana
Chibi Kat - (same artist)
(pose borrowed from Flame with her permission ^^)
Elf - (same artist)

Taio and Talian - by Gojolta (email:

Shiz/Christin - By Shiz (email:
Comments: "DIS BE MEE!! oo; i luv dat shirt XD XD uhh...da lyrics are from pure rave....yush yush.."
ITS A DITZ - (same artist)
Comments: "Kinda ugliee --; done in markers XD XD"
Arilla: *dun think it's ugly* OO *pointpoint*

Bi-Daw Woo (Sketch) - By Terry Miller (email:
Comments: "The characters name is Bi-Daw Woo. He's 6'2", 175. I just started drawing anime about a week ago and I just wanted to see what other anime artists thought about my work."

Crying - By Michelle
Flame: A picture by my friend, Michelle ^^ Sorry for the shoddy scanning job! You can tell by the badness of scan-quality that I did it o.- So, again, sorry!

Sadie - By Kelsey
Comments: My character named Sadie.

Momo Iro - By Rochelle (email:
Comments: "This is Momo Iro (pink or peach in Japanese) I drew and colored her thru paint shop pro 5.1."

Digi Charat Fan Art - (same artist)
Comments: "This is a character from an anime called "Digi Charat". I drew it on my own no tracing or anything and colored it in PSP5.1"

Mage - By karl (email:
Comments: "a fan art from the online game "RAGNAROK©®" colored in Photoshop 6.0"

We accept only art that is free of nudity, graphic violence, racism, drug use, profanities ect. I'm sure you know the stuff we're talking about. Basically good clean pictures that were made with a bit of effort. No junk please, that's just a waste of space, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that is not your completely original work (no edited images either, you have to have drawn it yourself). If the image is too big, we might ask you to resize it, so try to keep em reasonably small. To submit something, email it as a .jpg or .gif attachment file to: Don't forget to include the name you want it listed under (your name or nickname), a title for it, and whether or not you want your email posted with it. You may also include a small caption/description. If it meets the specifications we'll put it up asap. ^^ kay.

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