Welcome to the Colored section. :3 This is where I keep pictures that were colored by me with any medium I could lay my hands on. Yaay.

I haven't touched this page in ages, so only the updated pictures are really worth looking at. c_c I am ashamed of the rest, but I'll leave them up because I'm too lazy to take them down.

All images contained within this page are copyright to me, so don't take them without permission. Permission can be obtained by emailing me or leaving a note in the guestbook.


Little Fire Jewel ~ So adorable and little! Probably up to no good too.

Galaxy Kitty ~ I don't know where the idea for this came from, but I do enjoy the final product.

Twin Trouble ~ Wherever they go, trouble just seems to follow. Coincidence? Uh probably not. o-o

Innocent May ~ Of course, sometimes they look adorable and innocent too.

Kyari ~ I have no idea what she's holding. A hat, maybe? Cloth? For what purpose, I have no idea.

Siyaa's Smirk ~ She always has a smile on her face.

Chemistry Girl ~ A graphic I made for some project or other. I'm guessing for chemistry.

Master Thief ~ Ain't nothin' to it.

Sorrow ~ I was trying for sad in this picture, but it just didn’t seem to happen

Flying Kick ~ This was the first picture I colored in Photoshop ^^

Cat Girl ~ No, it’s not like Catwoman o_o This is my anthropomorphic cat who hasn’t a name.

Braze and MeikoPikoSan ~ Awww ^_^ This is Braze FireWind, Flame’s daughter and MeikoPikoSan, Arilla’s deranged Pikachu o_o

Burnt ~ ^__^; Bwahaha, Kaeya lit poor Aio on fire. Aio is copyrighted to Arilla.

Blue Moods ~ This is Felice Sorra, feeling all sad ;_; I was havin fun with PSD

Solana the Sprite ~ This is a lil sprite character I created on Alleria ^^

Arilla and Flame ~ ^__^! This is Arilla as her kawaii Mew form, and me as my Brazeon form o_o Brazeon looks a lot different since this picture

Taurean in the Park ~ Aww ^^ It’s little Taurean, Flame’s son, standing about in the park, and telling Mr. Wuzzy Cuddleton (his teddy) that he’s bored o_o Warning: Large file

FireFlash ~ This is my friend FireFlash, a Flareon, furry style ^_^

Taji ~ Whee! This is a pretty nicely colored picture, I think o_o It’s Taji, the PokeMorphed Ninetales ^_^;

Vul's Parti! ~ Wahaha~! ^___^ This I drew as a birthday present for mah dear friend, Vuw! The whole jam thing is an inside joke o_o *coughcough*

Kaeya Vandaga ~ AAA! My past haunts me O_O; This is such an old and ugly picture >_o; Colored pencils were my enemy back then...the ankle...the ankle! *twitch* @_@

Goddess of Order ~ This is my goddess person o_o; Actually, this was a weird sketch with my tablet that resembled her so I said it’s her ^^;

Pigglety Wigglety ~ ^__^ This is my funky lil pig cartoon I drew while I was bored

Siyaa ~ This is Siyaa, one of my Umbreon-morphs. O_o Don’t be fooled by her calm looking demeanor oo; Siyaa is as evil as they come.

Sadira ~ This is Sadira when she’s mortal. She died, and became a Misdreavus, but while she’s alive, she’s an Umbreon Morph AND Siyaa’s malevolent older sister o_o;

Winged Evee ~ This was a picture drawn for my friend, Winged Evee. Don’t you love the lil amber droplet on her forehead?! ^_^

Flashy ~ Another remake. This one is remade from flashysm.jpg. I see a definite improvement. ^___^ Anyways, this is for FireFlash.

Innocent. Honest. ~ This is Amy, the lovable blonde Pichu twin on the PokeMorph MUSH. ^_^ She's evil, but cute! And only ten years old, so it was different drawing someone without all the curves. o_o Looks sorta strange that way.

Older Amy ~ A picture of--you guessed it!--Amy! This is what she would look like at 16 years old. ^_^ Ahh, the curves are back. That's better.

Sautee ~ Not Amy, but Sautee, the Gyarados 'Morph from PokeMorph.com. ^_^ Sautee is © to his player, and Pokemon are © to (insert company names here).

Dancing on the Beach ~ AAA! I'm so proud of myself ^_^ *sniff* My latest attempt at a background, and I actually succeeded somewhat! oO it's a miracle..a bloody miracle. The file is a bit large, but it's worth seeing ^_^ Espeon Felice dancing around on the beach in a bikini o_o Yep yep, and not just any bikini, MY bikini. x_o Yes, I own a two-piece like that, but it's red, and prettier. Anyways, off topic. Enjoy the picture and bask in my reflected glory! (kiddin)

Arilla ~ Wahaha, fanart! ^_^ I drew Arilla, much more to her human form though. Craptacular color job, but oh wells o_o It was rushed, and my tablet is gay.

Impressionism ~ I need to get my hands on some oils! This was made in Art Dabbler, nifty lil prog ^_^ Anyway, five minutes impressionist sunset.

Natural Selection ~ Title page in my science notes for Natural Selection. o_O School makes us draw waaaaay too much. No problem, right? WRONG! x_x I'm all drawed out.

Happy Holidays ~ Felice stands in the snow, with her little Santa hat and her little hand-muff thing ^__^ Ish so purtyful, I'm so proud! *sobs with joy*

Amy the Raichu ~ Whoo, I love this one! ^_^ Took me two hours to color (my tablet hath broken ;_; Anyone want to donate a hundred dollars for a new one?), but it was worth the time, I think. Anyways, Amy as she would be as a Raichu ^_^ Can you imagine how scary an older, more intelligent Amy would be? o_o;;

Flying Sunday ~ Lookie there, the day I put up the sketch of Sunday, I go an color her picture! ^_^ This isn't as nice as some of my other colorings, cuz I didn't ink it first, but oh wells o_o I tried cel coloring. I'm obviously not as good as Arilla though. x_x

Sparkie ~ Amy's idol Raichu! Sparkie is an awesome 'chu, so say nice things about her picture, or I'll hunt you down with a nuclear missle >_o Okay I stop. And I finished colorpenciling! Evil scanner ate the colors, but oh well.

Pikachu ~ Your run of the mill Pikachu! Or is it? o_O Anyway, I drew this for Stellar's birthday, and she loved it! ^_^; I like it too.

Westward ~ A movie poster for Westward the Women. It was extra credit and was more effort than it was worth! e.e Five bloody points.

Cherries ~ Much fun with Photoshop after a stressful day. o_o Something calming about cherries, methinks.

Spider ~ Inspired by events in my living room. O_o A black spider on a white candlestick is eerily beautiful. The candle wasn't lit though, I doubt spiders are that stupid. ^^

Tripping ~ Hah. o__o I half-colored a picture of Battie's Trip, and then fiddled with the filter effects in Photoshop. Very wondrous program, that. ^_^

Flower Faerie ~ *snerks* Mother's Day present that was very underappreciated, just because I didn't finish in time >_> Excuse me for not being perfect.

Freakshow ~ Harm, being very gothicly evil in her own way. Note that I'm not a goth and can't really judge what one is o_o; It's just a character, leave me be!

Harmony ~ And Harmony again, colored and being coy, cuz she's gonna rip your heart out. o_o

Kaeya Sleeps ~ *siiigh~* I wish I had this bed, or slept this easy. x_x Lucky Kaeya! I noticed I haven't drawn her as much as I should. o_O She IS my second made character, after Flame and her many forms. (speaking of which, Kaeya is loosely related to Flame, but it's complicated) This is the same picture, though without the green screen. I loved the vivid colors, so I saved it. o_o

Flame ~ After much contemplation, I decided to totally revamp Flame. There are a few pictures on this site with her, and I never drew her because her design wasn't interesting, nor did I have a story for her. All of these have been created, so now I actually feel like drawing my signature character. ^_^

Hunter Flame ~ Just a sketch I did of what Flame's Serali hunterish outfit might look like. o.o Since this, I added pants. Yay for non-skimpy clothing 9_9

Neopet Eyrie ~ Bwahaha, I gave in and drew a Neopet, I'M SORRY!

Boogie Woogie Wu ~ Drawn and colored to the theme of "Boogie Woogie Wu" by ICP. o_o Not too many people are fond of them, but I'm scary enough to like their music. Whatever, here's Harmony with an axe, because chopping people up is fun.

Braxton ~ Sneasel! Gotta love them :D I especially love Braxton n.-

Cerise ~ Uh, I made an Allerian character o_O But it was short-lived. I got bored within the first two posts ^^; Still, here's my elfish girl in a sort of Disneyesque style.

First Felice ~ AHAHA! OLD! O_o The FIRST picture EVER of Felice ^__^; All colored. Hah, uh she IS a witch. And that's Miss Kitty on her shoulder!

Fire Faerie ~ More old crap! The Uber Fire Faerie from Neopets o.- More Neopets! Again! I'M SORRY!

Dance With Me ~ >D I LOVE this picture *morbidly scary* Uh, yeah, well I found an awesome song called "Cheek to Cheek" by Ella Fitzgerald. It's circa the 40s I gather, and it ROCKS. And so I got to figuring, and I decided it would be the perfect song to murder someone by. Imagine it! The song playing on the record player, and the camera zooms in on the gold plated machine as the shadows on the wall dance, and then a shower of blood assaults it as the innocent girl is stabbed to pieces. o.- I shouldn't be allowed to think.

OD ~ Trippy physh, half colored. ^_^; Sorry, Battie!

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