Welcome to the black and white section. Here's where I keep pictures that are sketches, pencil finished, or have been inked without coloring. In short, pretty much everything I do. :3 To view all my old stuff, go here.

I really haven't touched this website in a year, so a lot of this is old (I mean, obviously not the updated stuff) and in no chronological order anymore and I'm sure I'm not proud of most of it either. Enjoy at your leisure, or don't, it's all the same to me. o_o;

All images contained within this page are copyright to me, so please don't take them or I'll be sad. I mean, you can always email me for permission, but otherwise, don't?


Gangster's Wife ~ Not entirely a glamorous life they lead, waiting for their husband's to kill people or be killed themselves.

Ace of Spades ~ I do not know why I drew this. o_o I was watching that mini-series Human Trafficking, and then this guy popped up on my sketch page. Oh well, another of them unexplainable things.

Forbidden Touch ~ This has nothing to do with miscegenation or racism. It's more like when you really want to be with someone, but you just aren't allowed. c_c Always a problem.

Cafe Emo ~ Technically I never finished this picture, but I'll leave it up to you guys to figure out where I missed. Anyway, just your typical indie kid smoking a cigarette and drinking espresso.

This is the Way We Love ~ I titled it that because a. a song kept repeating those lyrics on the radio and b. it really is quite true 'round these parts.

Revamping Flame (again) ~ Normally I wouldn't put up something so awfully unfinished, but I wanted everyone to see I actually did improve her design! And I still muck about with it even after overhauling my style to all things that it used to not be. c_c;

Self-Portrait ~ I pout a lot. This almost looks like me 'cept for the nose, but no one is perfect.

Elevated Sprites ~ A very random and directionless picture that I just doodled out in math class.

Devil's Ear ~ "It was your words that made me lend the devil my ear." I don't know why I scribbled that at the bottom of the page but I suppose it was profound to me at the time.

California Here We Come ~ Listening to the Decemberists yielded this. Sometimes you wanna jump in a car and just drive to where life will be completely new...

Naeko ~ With a gun, no less. Experimentation of styles is always fun. Drawing guns is not.

Disgruntled ~ Such a great word. Perfectly describes the emotion.

Different Faces ~ We all play parts to preserve our sanity sometimes. Sometimes it gets hard to remember when you're wearing a mask and when you're showing your face.

Hey there ~ Next to this picture says "It's nice to know I can count on you when I need to." I'm betting I was being sarcastic.

Attempted Realism ~ This was my first attempt at a portrait. It did not look like the girl, but at least it looks sort of real anyway.

Amy's Bulbs ~ Amy and May always have some sort of lightbulb around. Just in case something needs to blow up. :3 More style experimentation.

Draco's Head ~ Cuz I was bored and reading too much Harry Potter fanfiction.

Taji ~ She got a revamp too, because she's one of my oldest characters and she is the only one who isn't obsessed with money/power/intelligence. Everyone needs someone who will be nice regardless of the consequences.

Tavern Wench Laura ~ I finally went back and finished inking it up, like I promised I would. :3 See! Sometimes I actually do things (yeah so what if it took me two years...)

Sally Shay ~ I can't believe I never put this up. I made this in 2003, it's my little fanart for Nightmare Before Christmas. Shay as Sally! Cuz they both are in love with people who don't notice.

Silly Kids ~ For your information, that person with black hair is a GIRL. Gosh, people are so obsessed with manlove...

Don't Ever Leave ~ Sometimes there are things that come around that you know you should hold on to forever. If I find a hot blonde boy with shaggy hair, I will heed my own advice. X3

Shay's Love ~ Regardless of how many times Syn hurts her, Shay always puts her back together when she breaks.

Insomnia ~ Couldn't sleep one night and spent the whole time listening to APC'S Lullaby and doodling this.

Aidan's Pants ~ Ah the apple of my fictional eye. What an adorable little kitten.

Me? ~ Mango, another Fruitali. She's very stupid, almost as much as Taji. I'm not sure why all my redheads are absolutely mental, but they are.

Jane ~ From Daria. It's fun to make stylized characters conform to your own style. :3

Sunday ~ If she were a Dragonite in this picture, it'd be the most accurate depiction of her I have.

Harmony ~ This will probably always be my favorite picture of her.

Play With Me ~ Pikachu!Amy wants to play with her new toys. Don't you? ^o^

le sigh~ ~ Sometimes things are just...sigh.

"Dear Diary..." ~ How angsty. Felice is pro at that. :D

Wingses ~ Drawn on the bus when some kid said I couldn't draw. c_C Then you just gotta prove 'em wrong.

Colorblind ~ A self-portrait of sorts, albeit not a very good one. I love the concept though; a friend of mine told me he was colorblind, but could see color if he looked hard enough, and I thought it would be cool if you could select the colors that you saw.

Volcano ~ Mmm, work in progress. I really like this picture, and I hope I don't cop out on it. One of the few pictures to have a background, and to feature Des, who has gotten another makeover because I like doing that. I never realized I didn't have her new character design on here. Sidenote: I like her tattoos. :D

Traitor ~ After all, best friends know how to hurt you the worst. :P The random pin stuck into Syn's chest was an afterthought in this picture, that's why it looks so out of place.

Sleep All Day ~ I like sleeping on this guy. ^_^ Very belated Valentine's day picture.

Get Over It ~ Usually when I'm feeling self-pitying, I just tell my self to shut up.

Striped Corset ~ This picture spawned from a joke about not what I would be wearing to winter formal, but what I would be wearing UNDER what I was wearing to winter formal. 9_9 If that made any sense whatsoever. Anyway, I love this picture.

What He Said Was... ~ I dunno, I missed drawing my little silly godboys, so I drew them again, and for some reason my style changed madly. I think it's cute though.

Modeling ~ Tejh just looks like he's a male model or something. But his design = much better now, don't you think?

Delia in the City ~ Okay, since I have no idea where my picture of Tache went, here's a picture of Delia. As far as people go this picture looks like crap, but I like how she has some semblance of a background. Good times. And I hadn't drawn Delia in a while, so there ya go.

Don't Tell Me ~ I inadvertantly heard a lot of things I really didn't want to hear at the time, and I was really annoyed and upset by it, therefore, this picture.

What Day Is It? ~ Suffering from a broken collarbone (seesee? Flame's is all messed up cuz that's how mine was), I was under the influence of many codeine pills for a long time, and kept thinking it was Christmas when it wasn't. Uh, yeah. Those of you who say codeine isn't that strong, I'll just point out I never take even Advil for headaches or anything, therefore I have next to no immunity to painkillers. x X

Something Better ~ I can't for the life of me remember what prompted this picture. I do remember it depressed me a lot to draw it though, which is weird cuz she's smiling. But that's me, I guess. c_C

AaaAaaaAaAa! ~ Sometimes you just needs ta yell. But it's 4am and you can't wake the parentals. So you yell on paper.

Bad Habit ~ Direi's being has a strange part to it, which was supposed to be his gift. Sometimes he is completely and utterly healthy, and immune to any disease. Of course, this made his other self feel very omnipotent, so he's a complete ass, and has plenty of bad habits. Like doing drugs, for one. Don't be like Ierid, kiddies. :3

Sling-ed ~ I got a nice little shoulder immobilizing sling when I broke my collarbone. I hated that thing. But yeah, I don't really look this cool, but I was bored and messing around with style.

mflgh... ~ A far more accurate representation of myself when I was broken. XP I was a mess.

Felice ~ The fact that I never uploaded this shocks and appalls me.

Floaty ~ This picture I have mixed feelings about. I don't know who the girl is so I call her Floaty. She has cool shoes.

Sit, Flame ~ Hehe, Flame sits, sit Flame gogogo. I dunno? I drew her sitting down and then copped out and drew her tail instead of her legs. Yes I cheat, go away. :P

Ravar ~ I didn't put this up here?? Maybe I did? Someone tell me? Uh, I like her pants.

Ja ~ Flame in German attire saying it's good. What else is there to do in history class, come on now.

Lakar ~ Lakar (c) his player, anyway, this is a crazy Nine on the PMMUSH and I drew him but apparently I got his hair wrong but people will just have to suck it up cuz it ain't changing!

Frenchified Kal ~ Kalina in French dress leaning on a cafe table, how dull.

Naeko ~ Naeko, I think she's introduced somewheres around here, anyway, she has a gun, and I was utterly pissed off when drawing this, so yes, she generally is pissed off too.

Peh ~ Flame just says, "peh" cuz sometimes things are just dumb like that.

OD ~ Trip (aptly named) overdoses on E pills, and drifts between a state of reality and a dream world. She's lying on the floor in reality, but floating in her dream. ^_-

Stitch ~ Stitch, the evol Sneasel and that walking SI! O_o (c) Battiechu once again!

Beach ~ Ohh something I'm PROUD of! It started out as a drawing of Flame, but I decided I wanted something more human. o_o Yes, they're more my thing than furries I s'pose. x_x; Anyway! Look, enjoy.

Hamtaro ~ In manga-esque form! ^__^ Done for my awesome brother, Camron, cuz he luvs the little fuzzball.

Kaeya Sketches ~ A page o' Kaeya sketchies done over a period of two days. o_o You can see where I had a mood swing going from good to bad towards the bottom. See? Art DOES show emotion! *bumbumbum*

Knifey ~ *adores the filename* >D Fear Harmony and her blood.

Misadventures ~ *LMAO* The Star Wars fandom LIVES! XD Note: Star Wars + Pokemon = ?!

Reuben ~ From my Harry Potter fandom binge but horribly scaned. o_o Reuben gets the pleasure of being Draco's half-brother. >D Yesh, Draco is the bestest.

Shopping ~ Anastasia after a bout of shopping. Shopping and Ana result in much death. >D

Tied ~ *lol!* This is what results when you get bored in school. o_O I don't draw these two enough. Yes, I leave it up to Arilla. XD Bad, Flame, BAD.

Tilted ~ Blah, the picture looks tilted to me. o_o Um, Harm and Ana get ready to murder a shop full of store patrons so they can suit up to murder the recovering patients in the hospital. Ah, evilness is great.

Flamethrower Kaeya ~ Kaeya has a flamethrower strapped to her back! XD And a spiffy gun! Looks like she just shot something. O_o; Anyway, for those of you who wondered what happens when Kaeya goes bad-ass.

Stripey ~ A random picture of Flame, when I was trying to pick an outfit. This isn't the one I went with. o_o;

Griffinized Flame ~ I was bored, it was 5am, and so I drew Flame as a griffin XD

Tomboy ~ Flame looking far too tomboyish @_@ Also trying out outfits here. Didn't go with this one either. *siigh~* Must be the short hair that makes her so unlady-like. Oh wells, she's a warrior, not a belle.

Dragonet ~ >D And a dragon kit! How fun, I wuv little dragons, they're so cute. And this was my first attempt at them, so be proud of me! The dragon belongs to Flame, a present from a warring clan of dragons. Much fun.

Michelle and Me ~ A picture I forgot to upload a while back! o-o me and my friend Michelle looking like a couple of idiots, which we are.

Takker ~ Pretty Rattata-Morph belonging to the ever-cool and superspiffy artist, Laura! I must color this one.

Tavern Wench ~ Something I'm PROUD of! *GASP* Yes, Laura as a tavern wench ^__^ Lookit the foamy beer! Anyway, I know I'm going to color this! I promiseseded!

Aidan and Flame ~ Teaming up to GLARE something to death! o_o After this picture, I decided Aidan's design was just too hard to stick to, so I redesigned him again. XD He's mine, I can do whatever I want!

Tejh ~ I did it! I redrew Tejh and now he looks awesome >D

Tache ~ And I couldn't just draw one hellgod! Here's Tache, looking evol and stuffs. o_o Bwahaha, one of my friend's commented that Tache is sexy. >D His hair is cool, I think. But he's still a freak. O_o

Direi ~ And Mr. Please-Let-Me-Die, looking pitiable as ever! *borrows Arilla's non-toxic suit and hugs Direi* ^___^

Meow! ~ A little mewkitty I drew, just to prove to my sister I could draw other stuff than anime o_o Honestly. She demands so much from me ;D

Harem Harm ~ The first in a series I hope to continue ^^; A series of harem girls! XD *cough* I like the detail on their outfits! What?! c.c

Evil Robot ~ Okay I suck at mecha-like things or robot like things. o_o BUT! I had to draw this. Why? Because I had this dream, right? And in it, I was this giant evil robot from hell >D I was the embodiment of evil! Go me! Anywatsis, I got to spit fire and skewer people with my claws and smash things o.- But no one liked me, go figure. Oh well, they were just jealous of my helmet.

Cute Stitch ~ Not exactly your average cutesy Sneasel o.- Stitch again! And scarier than ever! This picture freaked out my 19-year-old brother ^o^ I need therapy, he says! *cough* I like the stitch that fell off.

Braze FireWind ~ After redesigning Flame and Aidan, it was only fair that I redesign her children. But Braze was the only main child, really, unless I go off into so many subplots that you would be mired in them and forget where my main plot went. What was my point again? Well, dear reader, there isn't one! Uh..just look at the picture, kay?

Nails ~ In all her glory ^_^ I LOVE this picture. It r0x0rz j00r b0x0rz *cannot believe she just typed that**dies in shame*

Nutshell ~ Teamwork! Huzzah! When Arilla came over, I had her add her bit to this lil picture ^^ I think it's cute.

Post Dog ~ Battie sits. Battie sits on a post. Therefore, Battie is a post dog. 9_9 Er, it's Battie! In all her zapdog brilliance o-o; With a background! Go me.

Maychu ~ Because I noticed I haven't drawn a decent picture of May EVER! O_o So it's May (c) James Dean, who is awesome, and I am bad for not drawing him a nice May earlier ^^;

Bounty Hunter Flame ~ Whoo o_O MORE DREAMS. In vivid detail! *gasp* Okok I was a bounty hunter and I had a gothic bracelet with a magic opal and I had two dogs that helped me hunt victims, and a vaccuum as a weapon and people were trying to get my bracelet *blathers on for hours* and then I threw coffee at them and escaped! Hurray! o.- Never try going into my brain, you might get hurt.

Soraya ~ With her bald eagle, Baldy! Bask in my creative brilliance :D Uh, I like this one MUCH more than the previous ^^; And I had to redraw her! She's a queen/princess/demon and stuff! Much more demony looking here, and it has Baldy. Yay! (Check out my previous attempt)

Sortimere ~ More old art! Another of Battie's character ^_^ Sortimere, the, uh...kangaroo-rat, I think it was? o_O Anyway, she's a black mage, so be satisfied with that.

Treed ~ Ehh, slight nudity I s'pose. o_o Nothing major. Anyway, it's Braze, older, and sleeping in a tree. Lots of my characters sit up in trees. I wonder if it's symbolic of something?

Zapdog ~ Battie's non-morphic form of zapdogginess. ^_- Gee, I draw a lot of her stuff *lol* Oh yes, and she's supposed to be black, but I was lazy with shading, so she looks white. Sorry. o_o;

Young Felice ~ One day I got bored and drew a page of younger Felice. This is a part of it. I reverted back to her old design for a while, cuz I was feeling nostalgic, or some other equally stupid excuse. c.c

Unrealistic Realism ~ Well, I attempted to draw a self-portrait, but it didn't work so well. o_O Um, yes, the bad thing about my scanner is it's scanning all...streaky. Oh well! ^_^

Peach ~ Whoo, finally a decent picture of that little Dratini! Standing in the park wearing a cute little apron. ^o^ Peach is (c) James Dean.

Gab ~ Gab of PMM. I apologize for the craptacularness of this picture :3 Trying out new styles no work for Flame. Anyway, Gab is (c) Melissa Spencer. Go check her art at www.monsterink.com. Go check it. GO!

Masa ~ Unfinished picture for my friend Andy. His character on the TempusMUD. ^_^ Fun. I like this one.

Sunday ~ A new reference picture for Sunday. I decided in her last picture, she didn't look remotely like what I had pictured. She's supposed to be buff! O_o Yeah, I need to redraw her again. x_x

Aidan (again) ~ The ever-elusive character design, finally arrived. o.- Aidan, in his final, final form. He's a lynx! Who knew! And yeah, Flame is in there for no reason.

Swordy ~ Felice has a sword! Whoo! Yeah, her outfit is based off one of the SM amazons, I don't remember which one. And the mirror isn't finished either. I plan to ink this at some point (ha ha like I finish anything).

Figuring ~ Taurean just can't seem to figure out his feelings for Shay. At all.

Chameleon Ways ~ Sometimes being a chameleon is hard work, and when it catches up to you... Well anyway, this chameleon chick might reappear, since she's the embodiment of my confusion. o.-

Happy Roxanne ~ A while back, I was privileged enough to go to the Anger Management Tour concert (with Eminem! >D) And it was fun, and I had fun. I drew this five minutes before I left. Yeah, I have scanning again, but my scanner must have crapped up in it's non-usage. c_c Excuse the crapness of the scan.

Rant ~ I found that beginning high school entails a lot of drama. So I safely get rid of my anger through angry pictures! This one was directed at a few people that wanted to tell me what a horrible loser I am. :3 And yes, Flame wears a black hoodie when she's angry. It just ended up recurring in a bunch of pictures, so that's her mad outfit. Or something.

Joe ~ The one and only picture of Joe, my OOC character. He's the only normal character I have. ^_^ In that he has no personality XD Well, here is him in a very unnormal picture. I feel like I was on crack or something when I drew this.

Non-Fluffle ~ A picture of Flame, with a new outfit, and I subtracted Fluffle for the day. But I realized what a horrible mistake this was! So, never fear, Fluffle is permanent.

Ownership ~ Syn is just reminding Shay that all her silly ideas of being her own person are really just silly ideas.

Inked Flame ~ Something I did in art class when she told us to make a two-minute sketch in permanent ink. Much fun!

Des ~ Finally, her new character design. x_x It's a bad picture AND a bad scan, which makes it look like total crap. But deal with it!

Um... ~ Okay, no more drugs for Flame. ;D No, seriously, I drew Xellos and Sneakers as rabid hamsters with chipped teeth because they're EVIL. And... I haven't a clue why Flame is a cheshire cat. Oh well. She has a sock!

Random Page ~ A page of totally unrelated stuff. Up top is Harmony's favorite knife, then there's an Umbreon in a weird style, and finally, Syn, floating around in white space. Yay.

Gothic ~ Well, this started as a picture of Shay, and then I figured, hey, why not make it kind of realistic. So I figured, hey, why not make Shay a human! So I did, and got this, and people say it looks more like me than Shay, but I don't see it. o_O I like her anklet.

Syn Alive ~ I was feeling bitter. ;P And so I incorporated my running joke of cutting people's hearts out with spoons. Yes, I'm weird. u_u But it made me feel better to draw this, so it was worth it.

Kiss ~ Shay and Taurean share a moment, apparently at some classy party, judging by Shay's clothes. ^_^ And I've come to the conclusion that Taurean never puts his ears back, the smug bastard.

Content Shay ~ Finally out from under Syn's grasp, Shay looks content. But AUGH! I'm not content! O_o This picture looks SO MUCH BETTER on paper. Damn you, scanner! Damn you!

Monster ~ Mmm, Shay when she is completely possessed by Syn. Ignore the bad poetry for the moment and just enjoy her fun, bloody teeth and empty eyes, and that little chain that swings around. Whee~!

Syn's Good Dream ~ So one of our art warm-ups in art class was "Draw a Good Dream." And I ventured outside the box for a while, and drew Syn's good dream. Return of the RoxanneBot! Gotta love the helmet.

Tache's Grin ~ I put this up only for sheer amusement. This picture never fails to make me laugh and wonder what the hell I was thinking.

Taur Sketches ~ A page of Taurean! I like the little chibi one near the top. Much fun.

I'm Through ~ Too much drama. I figured I had had enough, and I ended it. Shay felt the same way, and decided to end her drama as well.

Twinrova Flame ~ Flame, wearing that wicked outfit from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Twinrova is the boss in the Spirit Temple, I believe. Anyway, her outfit kicked. I made minor modifications, but it's basically the same. >D Love it.

Winged Braze ~ Another picture that got shot to hell because of my scanner. This is really gorgeous on paper. But no. c_c Anyway, Braze has wings, cuz I will it be so.

Christmas Puppy ~ Last upload for the time being. My tribute to Christmas, this cute little puppy.

Spot ~ Hehe. :D Sit, Spot! Stay! Good puppy. Now, go kill the nice people! Um, yes, rather random! But Spot is a good anger management puppy.

Naeko ~ Yay, new character! Naeko is part android part human, and part other things as well. She somehow ties into Flame's history. I'm not sure how yet. But, er, yeah!

Braze's Hair ~ Her crowning glory. ^_^ And of course, it's the only thing I like about this otherwise crappy picture.

Contemplation ~ Braxton contemplates the meaning of love. (Ohh, he's a Persian now!)

Bouncey ~ Look, I bounce!

Typical ~ Too bad I'm not this cute in reality. ^_^ If any of you haven't noticed, I'm moving all chibish stuff into B&W, but it's a gradual process. o.o Bear with me.

Mimes are Fun! ~ Yay! A commission that I'm selling for a whole $2! I like selling art. Buy my art! :D

Lily ~ I made a picture in color, but then I found out my scanner doesn't scan color, nor does it scan black and white very well. :3 So I renderized it in Photoshop and made this picture of a goth chick named Lily holding a...lily. How original!

Solaris ~ Studly Ninetales Solaris! :D Yay for him.

Valentine's ~ Happy Valentine's from Flame and The Nutshell.

Battie Pup ~ For Battie, cuz she's just all around cool, and it was so much fun to draw this! :D Man.

Hoplessly Romantic ~ Ahh, Flame and Aidan in the mandatory mushy couples picture. :> I luff them.

Revanche ~ A longlong time ago request from Revanche that I took my sweet time in finishing. C_c But here's what I ended up with, and I rather like it.

Math Doodle ~ More math doodles, this time I looooove what I ended with.

Leprechauns! ~ Tee hee. :> Aidan, being an Irish name an' all, got to be the St. Patrick's Day mascot at The Nutshell. Aww, look at his little shamrock!

Brett ~ Aaaaand a caricature of my cousin Brett, who is most awesome. Worship her, for one day she will eat you with a spoon!

Vincent 1 - For Kara
Vincent 2 - For Sonja
Vincent 3 - For Ruth ~ For my Ensemble 9625 buddies. :> I haven't forgotten you, Marissa, just give me a little bit to finish your picture!

By the Fire ~ A bounty huntress waiting for her quarry by his own fire. Yey. I suck at guns.

Braze ~ Braze in a robe, cuz I was wearing a robe all day and I thought it deserved a picture because it has served me well.

Hope ~ I luff you Sneaker! :D So I draw you Hope.

Cam ~ A candy raver guy that I drew cuz I decided I have drawn too many chicks lately and I need to reward myself. ;)

Boing ~ I dunno what's with the title and filename. :P Um, I drew this for my friend Drew, so I had to add guns to make it cool, though it didn't work too well.

Vacant Smile ~ I was just doing a profile study, and it turned into this incredibly dumb looking cheerleader chick (sorry to play into stereotypes ;P) My style has turned funkay.

Nails ~ Again I draw the pierced Jolteon for Fault, cuz he's cool and Nails is cool and this picture isn't quite physically possible but ya'll are just gonna have to deal. ;)

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