Special Occasion Pictures

lemondesign.jpg - ah didn't know where else to put this, an it is kinda a gift. I asked Flame if I could design the only male in her fruitali tribe, cause he was mai ideaa (I said she should make a male Lemon, so there could be a Lemon-Lime ^^;; Heh heh). Anyway she said okay, so I drew thissh. An we decided that this would be his formalwear outfit, cause he normally goes shirtless. oo; *giggle*

luukeybday.jpg - hehe, it isn't a GIFT, but it was drawn for a special occasion, Luukey's Birthday! o-O June 26. . and by total accident, the same day as my mom's birthday! D'OH! @_@; See I decided he should have the astro-sign Cancer, then I decided to make it the day with a six in it. Eheh, well tis a pic of Luukey (younger) plannin how to celebrate. ^^;

vulbday.jpg - Yay I finally colored it! Vul's birthday was in May, I drew/inked the picture then, and I promised her I'd color her pic sometime. Mweh heh heh. o_o Hoorah for the dodge and burn tools! I love them noww. Yes I do. (oh and that is Luukey in the Vulpix costume. ^~^)

heatherbday.jpg - Whaat? I thought everyone wants a puppy for their birthday! Oh, wait, I don't. . . o_O; oh well, I hope she likes it anyways. *waves to Heather* ^^; *snicker-giggle* (Duiain is © Heather ever since I gave him to her as a chara a while ago)

llchristmasclr.jpg - OW! OWW OW MY BRAINS. >_< Umm, this is, as you can see, a Christmas picture. As you may also be able to tell, I did not draw it. Flame drew the picture, and I colored it in Photoshop. It took me A VERY LONG TIME. Mostly because I started it waaay back, and then didn't work on it for a loonng time, and this style of coloring sucks sooo badly in the way of speed (and also it hurts your eyes). I used my mouse for the entire thing, since I started without my tablet. The reason for all the grey lines is that it was a pencil drawing. Oiy! And the characters. . . they're from an RP group Flame and I were part of until it kinda lost momentum. The orange-haired girl with the santa hat is Kaeya Vandaga, © Flame, the little berry-red-head waving and with her hand on the gift is Ceria Aleihyea © me. The boy with the sky blue shirt and the star on his forehead is Aio Pau-rae, also © me. The rest of the characters are © to various other people. ((note: the girl with the stick-on antlers is SUPPOSED to have white skin, I didn't forget to color it.)) *twitches violently* I need to sleep now.

moo.jpg - Jush, moo. ~_~ *grins* Cow as a gift to Calix. Ehehe, this is the only way I can draw livestock, plushi-style. o_o;

aurora.jpg - Erm, this one was my entry for a little contest. o o I won! (there were no other entries, D'oh. Oh well I get a picture now ^^! *much excitement*) (character © Topo-chan)

dinosaurclr.jpg - oooOoOoo, look I can color! I can color! Nyahaha, all the lineart is property of Henry/BZ who I colored it for. =p

picforflame.jpg - ^__^ yayie. This turned out preeetty, so I decided to post it up, even though many of you prolly won't understand the whole thing, and it doesn't look as nice as the on-paper version. Ah, the pink dots on the veil etc. are SPARKLEEES ^^ and since I used pencil crayon and watercolor, the scanner kinda ruined some of the coloring, so only Flame gets to see piccy in its full glory. (I mailed it over to her, yup yup) Neee, Felice (blue-haired girl) © Flaame, and Luukey and Arilla (the blonds oO ) are miinee. In case you haven't seen the pictures of them all over my other galleries to figure that out. ^^;;

ap5.jpg - Oiy, the cover looks okay (though seemingly totally unrelated to the story) but the rest of it looks messy and rushed. I meant to spend more time on it, but first I couldn't draw, then school started, then I got a ton of homework. I did manage to finish the cover page before all that, the sketching process of it took 3 hours, outlining 6, and coloring/editing another 7-8 at least. It was insane the amout of time I spent on it, but the actual comic didn't get as much effort because I was running late and only made the deadline with 8 minutes to spare. Aeh. Yes, and this was my entry for the September MAG. Don't be shy about entering next month if you're an artist, it's kinda fun and the prize is nifty. oo; Plus the creators of the characters always like getting more submissions. ^_^

wildflareon.jpg - My first real try at cel coloring. o_O It was a request and I wanted to color the sketch, so I just decided to use it as a test. huh. ^^;

janus.jpg - Wheee, for Topo's contest again. ^_^ I drew him grown up. Eh, he's the guardian of time, why not? oo; *claps* I like the way the "Time" writing turned out, that's not a font, its my writing! Actually, there's quite a few pictures with writing done by me around here. . .like the cover for that MAG comic, I wrote the part at the top. ^^

clefairyluukey.jpg - ^__^ She sent me a birthday picture, and I send one back. Our birthdays are only 5 days apart! I think I like this idea of dressing up Luukey as the cute fluffy Pokemon for birthdays =P . . . *reference to vulbday.jpg which was a birthday gift for Vul*

kawaiihugs.jpg - For Vuuull. ^^ wuvwuv. *hugs all around* I actually worked hard on the inking. . o_O whoopie. (couldn't put this up till it got to her in the mail, was a surpriisee ^^) *ROTFL* whoa weird, I just noticed that the picture above has the luukey and "love hugs" theme. Oo *cackle*

dreamcatcher.jpg - My entry for the MAG, again. (November) ^^; I turned it into a puzzle, which you may see there since I'm too lazy to put it up here.

espyluukey.jpg - Quick colored this, VERY late Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday Felice.^_~; Hehe, I like this cute pokemon outfit tradition.

inu&samuclr.jpg - Watercolor of Inuyasha of the series of the same name, and Rai's RP chara from the same universe, Samuke. ^^

tawwypeek.jpg - My gift pictures for the TAC Christmas gift exchange. ^-^ The first one is obviously a bunny, the second is an attempt at fanart of a character from a series called "Gravitation" I believe (I just looked it up because the person the pictures are for said they liked it, yes oO I know near nothing of it), and the last is part of an added gift I did for the REFFs, it's very badly done though, so I just took the cute part and put it up. XD Luukey and Tawwy are funny elves.

furriesbyme&vul.jpg - Vul and I drew a couple pictures together while we were together, this one is just some animal/people and a bird carrying a turtle with a mouse on it's foot. XD See if you can tell which of us drew which.

happypeaday.jpg - Flame's birthday has come again! It's been only over a year I've known her, amazing, yes! ^ ^ So I slaved over an oekaki just for the occasion. oO evil things oekakis are. (P.S. Inside joke: peas in a pod)

nelliwatercolor.jpg - Vul's morph chara Nelli, I drew, inked, and painted this while I was there with her. ^^; Yes, I did bring like a bag full of art stuff.

squirrelly.jpg - Our first birthday. =3 Late title banner. Mwehehehee.

travel5.jpg - FINALLY got these all scanned in and put up. ^_^; From Toronto to Sydney, my sketches along the way.

hairfloofs.jpg - >=9 Bahah! Hanni's chara Coltrane (formerly known as Mr. X *lol*) has fun-funny hair. Arilla cannot resist it.

KJ.jpg - The birthdays! The birthdays are repeating! x_o; Bwahaha. . . this was for my friend Vappy (or Kjata/Kjian) to make up for teasing him last year.

seaauroraBG.jpg - Colored this for Hanni (she drew it). It's one of her sea aurora creatures. ^^

silverussktch.jpg - Rai's very black, mercenary kitty-morph chara from his story. For his birthday. =P He made me draw it. (j/k)

blakeclr.jpg - Character from the same story! Blake. o o Veddy difficult to draw from description. Even though he gave me a very good description. . . ^-^; Mwah. *snugs his tails* oo

dwaineplushi.jpg - ^__^ I made a plushi for Vul, of her character Dwaine. Because he IS a plushi (well, voodoo doll, yes) And his hair was so easy to make. XD Hardest part of plushis, hair.

deliaBG.jpg - New character~ Drawn by Flame, colored by me! o o She ist Flame's character, yes.

vee&twin.jpg - Drawn for James, it's mostly just a doodle. ;_; Ah well! And the little Pichumorph could be either May or Amy of his & Flame's set of twins~ ^^; They look the same!

africadoggiegirlclr.jpg - Marker pic for Vul. The character is very much her design, the lame shirt is sort of mine. I tried to copy these african shirts that are in the closet upstairs . . but I was too lazy to go see what they looked like.

santatra.jpg - Bigger, alternate version of front-page Christmas thingie. ^_^ He got the job because of his lovely beard.

christmaskitty.jpg - Last yaer a bunny, this year, kitty. o_O Whee. All fluffeh.

onholiday.jpg - Yeah, I am like this right before we leave sometimes. Back now, by the way!

flamerelax.gif - Flame, just lookin comfy, done for her. =3

tejhsketch.jpg - *snerk!* Also for Flame, for her birthday. Horribly bad-manga-looking Tejh, shirtless. I'm sorrryyy, I suck. *cackles*

braxtonsketchy.jpg - Iiit's Braxton. He may be a cat, but those binoculars aren't for bird-watching. ;b (Braxton is not my character, he belongs to his Pokemorph MUSH player)

shaydark.jpg - Drawings for Flame, of Shay (her character). o_o I don't really like either of them. Drat. Oh well, maybe better next time! (note: shay's ears should be up under the hat.) (another note: M'friend called Vee helped outline the second one. yay for her help!)

satscribbles.jpg - Saturnalia cast peoples! I have a couple more pieces of unfinished fanart. o_o; It's such a good comic though, with very drawable characters, and a great artist. (Nine looks retarded in my rendition.)

puma.jpg - I have this tendency to draw characters OUT of their character. . like, smiling when they're serious, or wearing a dress when they're a hyper catgirl o_O Who I'm thinking, probably shouldn't be wearing a skirt evar. . but I hope the anime-girl (my code name for her) at school (who asked me to draw her) likes it anyway. She told me to draw it Slayer's style, but says I draw that way anyway, and that she thinks it's cute and can't manage it herself. So! I tried. O_o I dunno how much like Slayers my style ever looks, though. Except when I'm drawing, y'know, Slayer's characters. (which I've only done once) Yes. (it's her character, not mine.)

vulwheesktch.jpg - Birthday doodle. =3; I wish I had finished it, but alas, only a doodle. I get lamer and lazier every year!

coyotesktch.jpg - For Heather, at her request. ^^ I'm not too good at animals at all, but I tried.

hotchickforjaems.jpg - Something more decent (not INdecent, I swear!) for James, who's deserving for being such a genial bloke, and who likes Pokemon, especially the new AG. XD Spiffy. I really should change that title, but I'm too much of a lamer and at it I lauff. (no, it's NOT what it looks like! Just click the link, and you'll see. Although, if you don't know what a baby chicken is called/looks like or that this particular pokemon is of the fire type variety, you may not quite get it)

sandslashfault.jpg - Cute little sandslash, done for Fault (PMM creator-guy)! Because Gab said everyone should do stuff for his birthday.

birthdaycard.gif - A spechal card for the pikachu-morph guy's creator, on his(/their) biirthdaay~ =D . . okay, I was going to make the picture anyway, and I screwed up by making William's hair too long, but it's inked! That's special, right?

*raiheadshot.gif - A couple years ago I wanted to make a picture of the main character/avatar of each of my online friends (I think Christmas '03 was the occasion)... For all my grand plans, I only managed to complete four. But I hope these were at least a nice surprise! Note that they are other people's characters, so of course none of the designs are mine.

*jmeichichris.jpg - A "just because" sketch of three characters belonging to my friend, who I shall refer to as J-me (after his J-me mongoose pictured on the left). ^_^ Not very good pictures, unfortunately, but I had fun trying to vary the expressions of the three of them, and trying to remember their designs without looking them up.

*christmasgreeting.jpg - Uh, and here's Christmas of another year! :D; 2004. Behold an incredibly simple card, made to share with friends and family. Oh well, fun lettering isn't nothing.

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