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ceri.jpg - mmm, this is Ceria Aleihya, she's one of my Arian characters She's from the fuuuture. o_o don't know what an Arian is? Click herre! (told ya I'd explain sometime oO;)

jaiya_sm.jpg - A piccy of Jaiya, she's half panther/half human almost like a furry but different. I kinda like this one, the shading turned out nice

jeansktch.jpg - Jean from the fuuture. He's a hacker and a member of RATZ, the gang from the future. o o; wheee.

falgrin.jpg - uhmmm, o_o this chara is Fallous, he's a lil demon type creature from the fire relm who made friends with Kaizal, another of my characters. I made this piccy in Color It oo quite the feat. *bashes color it*

trevorsktch.jpg - Trevor is 'nother one of the RATZ. He's Brazilian, and a nice-guy most of the time. o-o

trevsktch2.jpg - this is what happens when Trevor pushes the round thing on his neck, armor! *da da* -_- I can't draw this kinda stuff.

arvi.jpg - > < finally a not-really-terrible sketch! I did it in photoshop with my tablet. . . Chibi Arvedui with his chibi kitty ears.

raiah.jpg - Raiah, important guy from ancient times, the only Arian Starborn with the star on his cheek instead of forhead. I'm not yet talented enough to make a final character design for a character important as him yet, so this is just a general idea.

ticked.jpg - whee, Arilla ticked off, with her hair cut short (luukey did that, grrr oo;) and it looks like she's been shopping with Trent judging by that wardrobe o O I drew it cause I was in a bad mood, and it turned out okiee as a pic. Not often you'd see Arilla grumpy like this though ^^

elementaras.jpg - A colored sketch of various elementaras, done with my glittery gel pens, in boring ol math class. ^-^ pity I often forget aspects of my own designs. *shakes head* >_o; at least the one with the dumb name looks good (Plantra -_-;)

storm.jpg - ^ ^ mwahaha! *huggle to death* oo; uh, this's Tawwy's human disguise (looks kinda like he shrunk his hair/turtleneck/cloak clasp(see the earring?) and un-pointied his ears oo;). No he's not human, ^^; he's part Arian, Elf, and Wizard. The name Storm is indeed very dumb as well, but he's named himself after his elementara form which is a Storme (@_@ he's kinda part that too). phew. This picture looks less messy than most because I drew it BIG with a regular (non-mech/clicky) pencil.

teiz.jpg - HAY LOOK! E has a name now! Yeey. (though I do realize it sounds too much like "traize" which is Astal's second name) This is a more detailed drawing of an SD-lookin guy which I had printed on a T-shirt. ^^ and my mom's mousepad. ( Now he has become somewhat of my artist character/art mascot dude. (Note: Shading like this with pen is not proper technique, nor does it work extremely well. oo;;;;)

chibidirei&luukey.jpg - Direi is Flame's chara, an he's really quiet, just like Chibi Luukey. And there must be a reason they're so quiet if they're capable of talking, right? Well for luukey it's as the writing says, he hides in silence, having no control over anything in his young life, except himself. oo; Poor Luukey.

direi&d'tache.jpg - Flame's charas Direi and D'tache (and lil Siyaa) amidst hyper scribblings. o_o and there Arilla comments on how she likes Direi better, becaush he's not evil. ^_^ oo; Although Flame has since given him an evil alter ego. Dangness. ^^;

inversefaces.jpg - A lil page of doodles of inverse luukey expressions. I was trying to draw him with more of a luukey personality (for some reason I keep drawing him looking all sad, like in the top pic on this). More info on inverse luukey is in my CG gallery beside the pic there.

lieafdaydreams.jpg - Lieaf! An elementara morph! oo; Uhh, in my story she and luukey end up together, and she wishes it could be that way in the dimension-where-plotlines-mingle (aka AIM messages) buut she lets Felice have him, because A.) Felice would kill her. B.) she wants luukey to be happy. C.) she knows she gets him in some alternate dimension. o-o;;;

llyon&chire.jpg - I jus doodled these two up one day, decided they looked alot like luukey and lieaf, then decided the first one will be named Llyon, nothing else known about him, except he exists at the same time as the other one, whose name is Chire J'naili, and who is an orphan, adopted by Lieaf and Luukey. oO;

luukey'sshirt.jpg - Gyaha, Luukey poses in his sexai periwinkle shirt! Ain't he a babe? *lol* @-@; Go to mai gifts/special pics gallery to see what came of this. oo; *snicker*

riané.jpg - I was in math class, very bored, and started practicing drawing curly hair, then one of the curls looked really nice, so I added a person to it and came up with this! Whee. Riané (pronounced Ree-an-aay) is the daugher of Arianne and Kerwin ^ ^; a long time in the future. Which, as it happens, is the same time Chire J'naili exists o o an see, he likes her! How cuute. Hehe, Luukey's kid and Tawwy's granddaughter, how will that work out? ^^ *evilgiggles* oo; oh, I was also obsessed with the triforce at the time of this. *shrug* Oo;

sadarilla.jpg - Arilla lookin sad. Just because I didn't have any pics of her like that. ^^; Er that's not why she's sad though.

cuteankawaii.jpg - Die of the cuteness! Die I say! o_O;; Whee, pen doodle.

kessiieee.jpg - Heehee, I don't have enough pictures of Keslo. She's Luukey and Felice's daughter from the fuuuture. >:)

nojooeeeee.jpg - More Keslo cuteness. Bwaa. She likes Flame's chara, Joe, the former ghost of the Happy Land Haunted House. o-o Actually, she's the one who got her dad to use his necromancy skills to put Joe back into his body. And there technically is ONE picture of Joe ^-^; but it's kinda small, and old, and such. o o; Oh, AND Joe was only a Dragonite morph once for a short time, when we turned all the charas that we could think of into half Pokemon people! Whee! *ahem*

aquarasparkly.jpg - Messymessy. @-@; A design idea for a water elementara. I already have one called a Tsumi (possible name change later oo;), but they're evil. Like Stormes. oo; See, Aquara is to Tsumi as Thundara is to Storme. ^^;;

depressiondoodles.jpg - I was feeling really depressed for a while, kinda having a cursed day/week. o-o; I draw depressing when I'm depressed, this one turned out kinda nice actually. (oooh! ooh! see Tawwy's shirt? That's what he wears UNDER the poofy turtleneck sweater. oo; Just pointing that out. And er, Arilla's wearing those gloves for no reason.)

teizdoodling.jpg - He's so lucky, never gets artists' depression. o_o; Ever notice how many artists let out bad, depressed or angry moods in their pictures? Well, I did. Anyway, here's Teiz, singing while he draws. Bet he draws alot better than his own artist. >_< What an ackward looking pose.

mangarilla.jpg - I've always wanted to be able to draw actual manga style instead of just anime, tried out drawing manga-style Arilla. hmm, tried. (I notice alot of people draw anime-ish comics and call them mangas O_o ish not really the same, is it?)

averageboy.jpg - Walter (also known as WartortleBoy!) is actually far from average~ *hugs him* =)

kiddies.jpg - A couple of unknown charas as kids. oo; Pietre is the boy, and the girl is an elementara-morph, Sasha. They get maawwied when they're grown up. ^^; Cooote.

family.jpg - Arilla and her two familes. ^_^; Older version of Astal in knitted sweater, glasses, and ponytail. . ? That was random. May finish off this picture later, dunno.

killerbutterflyboy.jpg - Haha, c'mon, he's evil, he's cute, and he summons butterflies, what's not to like? oo;

morti.jpg - Uah, a character I played once. . . Shapeshifter. . . there's alot more to it, but I totally won't talk about that. -_-;; Shtill, Morti is adoribbibl. ^_^ He/She/It is a kagaroo-type mouse.

poorkieva.jpg - She's had a rough time with love, life, and especially kids. o_o; (only picture so far of Kieva, co-worker with Tana, briefly married to Tarskal, mother to Lukar (and possibly Malith too, but we aren't sure how that works out, no we aren't.))

costumedoodles.jpg - Thinking of halloween and doodling in drama class. Yee for Kitty-Tawwy!

doubletawwy.jpg - There he is again! Young and grown-up Astal. *-* he so funny! XD (Just like luukey, he suddenly looks younger now that he's got an older double of himself)

enemies.jpg - They're so different, and yet similar in many ways, and maybe the only think they hate each other. . .

nain&reiyde.jpg - *points WAAYY up to Jaiya the panther-girl* Voila, more half felines, Nain the tiger, and Reiyde, snowleopard. They're all part of my OTHER story idea. ^^;

theyoungerbrothers.jpg - Har har. ^__^ Tawwy and Luukey both have brothers now, Ranieh and Malith.

arvipendoodle.jpg - Do I put too much crud in this gallery? oo;; Meah, Arvedui doodled in blue pens.

earlgrey.jpg - Looks like Arilla won't be drinking the rest of that pot of tea. . . XD And somebody's not quite the way they seem at first glance.

sadinthesnow.jpg - Luukeeeeyy. . . I spent a few hours on this "sketch" then thought I had lost it for good, but it was just left in my locker over the weekend. @_@

mewluukey.jpg - ^~^ I drew practically everybody else a luukey in cute pokemon outfit picture for their birthday. . . so I had to make one for myself too. o_O mwahaha. Just cause I wanted to see him as my fav pokemon. >=9

dragons.jpg - Practicing more dragon drawing. These three are based on fire, crystal and water. oo

grouppicdoodle.jpg - An interaction between the three main characters from two different stories.^_^; Also made to illustrate the way my style actually changes slightly as I draw certain characters. (For example: all the Black Plaid ones have "mess" hair and small eyes)

phorin.jpg - Blah-ish pic of design idea for the real bad guy of Black Plaid. o o; I wish I had had a pencil and eraser instead of a pen. Must draw better pic/design soon.

ryansketch.jpg - Driver's ed class is SOO boring XD; I started drawing the guy nearby cause I like his hair. o_O *weirdo giggles* We were watching a movie, which explains the "looking up" pose, and how he didn't catch me staring. ^^; (HE HAS A MULLET NOW! I AM SCARED! *Rotfl*)

wrongturnaii.jpg - Drawing an action pose, just for the sake of drawing an action pose. Aio takeded a wrong turn. . . and hooii, I really need to draw him more.

cerikeelover.jpg - I finally draw another picture of Ceri and she's collapsing or something. o_O;

luukey&tahp.jpg - Nother pet for Luukey! A horse, the design given to my by me buddy Shiz. ^_^ She's much better at drawing horses than I, but at least it's dynamic. . I guess. . . oh ya, and it's name is Tahpanhes, to go with Memphis, both of which were cities in ancient Egypt methinks. oo

kangarooboy.jpg - ^__^ Kangaroo boys just rock. His t-shirt is amusing. oO

morphietawwy.jpg - An inacurate doodle of Astal as his half-elementara self. ^^; It's cute at least.

reginaldsketches.jpg - Reginald is the latest Black Plaid vampire. . oo heh, Fitzgerald and Reginald. . . I love those names, they make me laugh. XD;

bedscarf.jpg - Bahah, I sleep in a scarf. o_o This is my room. Isn't it CLUTTERED?? ^^; *point* I have a Link action figure with sword chopping action! *points to the floor in the foreground, right beside the Epona horsie figure*

goranigo.jpg - Whooo~ Shirtless, ponytail-less Rani in an action-ready pose! o_O; Kick some butt for us you handsome thing you. *LOL*

luukeynhiscigarette.jpg - Naughty Luukey, he smokes on occasion. o_O But Felice will beat it out of him. Yes. >=)

madfelice.jpg - Angry older version of Felice. o_o She's cool. Bwahaha.

tawwy&rillawinter.jpg - They're so cute when I get around to drawing them together. ^_^ Astal and Arilla.

truth&mysteriesbythefire.jpg - A scene I wrote once, doodled later in French class. oo The characters are Ranieh and Arianna, and they're discussing the reason she just saved his life, as well as who she is.

darkceria.jpg - Ceri is capable of extremely powerful evil magic. o_O And she has to use it to turn back time, but she thinks she's a terrible person because of it. She's really good and innocent though, that's why she always reminds me of an angel. (the words in the clock are © whoever wrote that song that they're in. oO;; *lack of music knowledge strikes again*)

kaimorph.jpg - Kai-ra, a Flamme-morph. o_-

meikomorph.jpg - And Meiko, Thundara-morph. ^^;

psycholuukey.jpg - New Luukey! He's psycho. Thus the name. PL for short.

yummaypsycholuukey.jpg - And a better piccy of him. ^_- gyuu.

PLmagic.jpg - Annd more PsychoLuukey. o_o;; He sexsi.

psychoinverseluukey.jpg - The inverse version of PsychoLuukey. o_O The pic is a little bit. . screwed up. Of course PsychoInverseLuukey is a LOT screwed up. ^^; Evil white mage gone insane.

PILvsTD.jpg - *grins* o-o; I'm evil. TD isch gonna loooosee.

luukeyluukeychitchat.jpg - Older Luukey discusses his problems with his mostly unsympathetic younger self.

aioonfire(again).jpg - XD;; It's not always safe being Aio. . . This idea has been done before by Flame though. oo Tis with my attempt at Kaeya's new design though.

atra'hm'.jpg - 'Traaaa!! I like most of the pictures of him. He looks as though he's thinking of something. . . oO

blue&shrullet.jpg - I finally drew more Fruitali!! These two are the main magic rivals~ And they have one of those love-hate relationships XD One thing that makes the fruitali fun is that they're dysfunctional. . . Blue seems so nice and calm and quiet . . then BLAM! Bahaha.

ceztefirstdesign.jpg - This is a design idea for Atra's wife. oO really bad though. I did another one that was better but haven't finished it. . . She's supposed to be wicked-cool! Oo; Eah, but maybe in old age after having kids she gets less edgy. . .

kaeyacling.jpg - oo; Kaeya and Aio whom I ought to draw more. . ehehe, they make me laugh. Her arm looks odd though. x_x

luukeycello.jpg - Luukey plays cello? Why yes he does! I can't really draw a proper cello. . . but oh well.

Malith&TD - Malith has trouble lying to his master. . . oO; He's secretly a good boy though! . .for. . some. .reason. . . *blinks*

tarskaldihemn.jpg - I stole the pose, and the jacket (added neckscarffloofcollar thing) oo; You would laugh muchly if you saw the original picture. . . some funny singer man from the 70s or sommat. . . But the pose was so TD. . . and the lace sleeves. . and it turned out rather nice. . . even though it's him.

poorevilluukey.jpg - Evil Luukey!!! He's not even really evil. . . but TD has BLACKMAILED him into working for him again (he used to have to when he was a kid), and he's not happy with it at all. . but yeah. . .

thoughtfulTD.jpg - more TD, yes, shoot me. >_o But eerr. . he looks so peaceful. . o__o Strange. . . eee. . And there was a quote beside it about him pondering his life and how it's one big lie. He's trying to make me think he has feelings.

cerisketch.jpg - Still having some trouble deciding if I like this one. o-o; And I keep forgetting about it.

umbyluukeysketch.jpg - Sexy Umby Luukey a-la Team Rocket. . . Not finished. Oh well.

pandypanda.jpg - Drawings for possible animals to use in a fable needing to be written for english class. oO

charaheights.jpg - A doodle mostly made for my own benefit. . . because I draw the five center characters SO MUCH. =D;; Malith & chibi Luukey are there cause they're short.

father&sonpic.jpg - Rather weird, I know. TD does not mind shaming himself in public if it shames luukey more. |=p

luukeypenmessy.jpg - Luukey (normal this time. .! not older!) goes FLOP! o-o

pencilshadePL.jpg - His knife is covered in CRANBERRY JUICE, yeah, that's right. Shut up. o_o He thinks of Felice while making bloody messes, apparently.

RATZ.jpg - Blam. I hate group pictures. . . but here we have the whole entire RATZ gang with poorly drawn weapons. I'm always needing to draw these characters. . .

rianethoughtful.jpg - Riané! Girl with pretty hair! . . yeah, that's pretty much the extent of her character right now. o__o;;

sleepyumbyluukey.jpg - Awww. . . Umby Luukey being cute. And full Umbreon Luukey&Felice. o_- **Last of forgotten pictures**

fluffydirei.jpg - For Flame. ^_^ Reborn luven Direi. The idea came from her character descriptions which she got put up. <3 Direi. Yayy. oo

minetawwy.jpg - TAWWYYY!! =3 Who I DO still know how to draw.

nightmareTD.jpg - 9_9 I know, I know. More weirdness. But I was trying to make an outfit. I don't like it. Except maybe the snake on the front. . . (TD is trying to be cool o-o nyaaa)

felice'skitty.jpg - Once upon a time Luukey got Felice a pet kitty because she loves cats. It was a girl kitty, and never got a name.

PLdrop.jpg - PsychoLuukey does some fancy little teleportation magic, ends up in a tree, and jumps down behind EvilFelice, who he wants to talk to. I just like PL enough to put this up. <3 *ahem* Comics = not my thing. I suck. Yay.

worriedkes.jpg - I REALLYREALLY never draw her and need to more often. Poor thing.

evolsunflower.gif - I ask Flame what to draw, she says evil sunflower, I ask her what an evil sunflower looks like and she says it's like a sunflower, with an evil face. Ha-ha. o_@ *cackles*

jewelrybois.jpg - There's two l's in jewellry, isn't there? Argh. Well. . . it's these two brother's again~ This time Astal is in his human disguise as Storm, and Rani is back in his regular jacket.
New batch here. o_o;

bluuberri.jpg - I designed a berry fruitali. o o jush for the heck of it. (and because I was stuck waiting at school for two hours after my exam) Note the curls, o_O For a short while I had a serious fascination with drawing curly hair.

vampireguy.gif - I had a REALLY scary dream about a vampire somewhat like this chasing after me. oO; Now he is my character! HA! Suffer the wrath of my revenge ye undead bishonen. ><

malithvsluukey.jpg - Luukey Sr. gets beat up on by his younger brother. o_O; Younger Luukey would probably be a more even match. . .maybe. . . because he's not such a sissy. (not quite)

repair.jpg - Arianna speaks of time as an entity. . o o

jeanpockets.jpg - I got to doodling Jean in drama class. . the teacher came up behind me by surprise and said I must be thinking of writing about costume design for the project we were supposed to be doing. . oO; I almost said no (cause the drawing had nothing to do with class. .eheh), but then realized she was right. . Ah well, she said it was "pretty good actually".

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