Gifts To Me!

Umbreon-Lukar - By Foxfire~Vulpix
mah funny lil Luukey in his cute evil lil half-Pokemon form *hugs vul (and cuddly umby-luukey) to death* ^ ^ I love iit! Lookie, she even got the freckles and a freakily but fitting poem thing. thank-kee-youu!

Astal - By Arline
issa picture of Astal casting a spell or sommat. With neat glowy effects. o o *giggle* thankiee. Fanart is the coolest thing in the world! @@

Cosmopolitan Luukey - By FoxVul again (and me somewhat)
*completely cracks up* @_@! gyaaahaha. This is so full of inside jokes you prolly just think we're nutcases, but ohh maiiii, it is HILARIOUS to me o_o heh heh! Me 'n Vul put Luukey on the gay men Cosmo cover! I drew da piccy, and for his birthday she put it together. ^^ *snickers*

Chibi Tawwy - By Flame
^-^ She dahwew me tawwy! Hehe, my lil pacifist. And he's doin the finger tap thinng!! Waahahaha! > < I luv doin that. So cuuutee, thanku fwaammee. (Didn't know for sure if she was gonna put it in her own gallery or not, but it HAD to go up somewhewe at least ^^ )

Vul-morph - By Vul (again! hoi!)
SO PRETTY! *--* Wellll, since Vul and I are getting together this Christmas, her parents and mine have been exchanging information, and her parents sent mine a package, in which vul included this lovely lovely drawing (which looks even better in RL) aand on the envelope (which got slightly crinkled and dirty) she drew, this little angel vul-morph doodle, and Umby-Luukey! (complete wif cup of tea) Aaand, on the back of the picture was a pencil doodle, which I scanned and retraced (kinda badly ; _ ; ) because the marker showed through and made it hard to see. ^~^ I like it! *pounces vul* thanku thanku. . . now I must send my mail to you! o o;

Astal again - By Arline
For my birthday! More Astal XD In blue. (he looks like Arvedui kinda. . oo)

B-day card - By Calix/Edward
Birthday card! Birthday card! Just for me! Just for me! ^__^ hehe.

B-day comic - By Hanni B
Whoo!!! *Rotfl* This one cracks me up, PURRPLEE! XD And the Mew plushi is SO CUTE. AND, she knows her rainbow *points to the "happy birthday" at the bottom*, well done indeed. ^ ^ *thumbs up*

B-day Arilla - By Dariru
Whoooee! another gift! Given to me by a nice-guy from the MAG forum. ^_^ Ehehe, tis great.

B-day from Vul - By Vul
And from my periodic gift-giver Vul. ^~^ Chee. *giggles* Inside joke pic! but pretty anyway for you who don't gettit. =9

Arilla portrait - By Vee/Vanessa
Gyahaha, my friend in art class drew me a portrait and let me keep the paper. ^_^; I look a little grumpy, but that's okay cause I was at the time. o_O *ROTFL* for a very silly reason. ((They wouldn't let me TYPE!)) (Yes! I do have RL friends now! . . . for this semester when I can talk to them in class at least. . ^_^; )

Umby Luukey - By Hanni B
^__^ Umby luukeeeyyy~!! He so kawaii and fluffy and loveable. \o-o/ yay!

Gift exchange painting - by MoronMaster
I got this in the mail when I came home, my Christmas gift exchange pic from TAC. Isn't it gorgeous?! All in acrylics, wow! My many thanks to the artist. ^__^

Yekuul & Luukey New Years - by Vul
Vul gives me more nice pictures! o o SHRULLET! AND Luukey!! (+Yekuul, his reverse clone XD) *giggles* Thanku AGAIN Vul~

Arilla&Carrots - by Hanni
Rotfl!* More Hanni piccss. . . "carrots just plain tasty" XD *die* verrah awsome~

Arilla - by Shiz
It's meee and my favorite green vest and baggy jeans~ ^^ Shiz rocks!! bwa!

Arilla - by Vul
Random, lovely gift from Vul. =^^= Mmm. . .purplicious! (More Arilla/me fanart! and with star pants and mew plushi *_*)

Luukey - by James
A pencil drawing, by James, who is swell. ^_^ Bwahaha.

Kitty Luukey&Arilla - by Vul
=3 Soo cyuuuute.

Arilla - by Flame
A gift from Flame! Which she says is outdated, but I still like. ^_^ *adds to my collection here* oO

Chibi Luukey - by Hanni
FUNNY. ^_^ And adorable! *Lol* and too accurate.

SexyBunny Luukey - by Flame
I've been bugging her for sooo long to draw me Luukey pictures. ^_- *oozes gratitude* Love him dangnabbit! And enjoy his manly little chest. *ROTFL* ehehehe. (Psst, Flame: I ahm not keeping you from putting this in your own section too, if you were planning on it~)

Birthday Again - by Vul
My birthday present. XD Yes, my birthday is in October. I put it up so laate (it was given late, but not THIS late). @_@ She says it's not that good, but I tend to disagree. ^_^

Little Luukey - by Flame
Sooo cuuute. . o_o! Little Luukey in PJs (ooh, I bet it's a nightgown *SNICKER*), being scared of the dark. Or maybe just TD lurking in the dark. Erp, I'd be scared too. (but I lov it when flame draws for mee. *_o)

Arilla at School
Arilla Sketching - by Tony
It's mee, as I was attired on this particular day, and as drawn by someone with a DBZ-influenced style. Don't I look Super-Saiyan? XD Oh, and you must know, that is NOT a t-shirt over a shirt or a weird long-sleeved hawaiian styled shirt, it is a t-shirt and my set of freestanding SLEEVES. They're microfleece and so soft and COOL. But warm, yes. Oh, and the star is my keychain, not random ornamentation, though I am a fan of that on occasion.

Luukey and TD
Still a Dress("but I guess it's ok for now") - by Katy/Feilan/Anime-girl
Seriously, I need to figure out what to call her, but eeeee! She rocks (even more than otherwise, which is a fair lot) for drawing such awsome pictures of my evil boys, when all I ever gave her was that crummy picture of her catgirl, Puma (see above). =3 She even had a try at a redesign of his outfit (or rather, real-design, since the current outfit design is just CRAP that hardly is worth mention except for that without it Luukey would have no clothing to wea..r... wait. . . naked Luukey?! u_u whoo ho-*MURDERATED* Naw, I'm just kidding. We don't want to see that.), AND need I add, drew him with Charles! Oh, and there's TD too. ;b Yeah, yeah. Ah, but he's got some wrinkles on him! Good stuff, since I never can manage to make him look properly aged.

*Kyari in a Kimono - by Feilan again
Nice random fanart picture of orientally dressed-up Kyari the slowpoke-morph. =D The style would actually suit her so well! She even has black hair. And note the (afterthought, heehee) flowering branch in her hands. . she REALLY loves those flowers, Ky does. **Now in color!**

*Kyari with Japanese Hairstyle - by Feilan
This was done shortly after the last one. . but I didn't put it up here at the same time, and I kinda forget why. I think I might have wanted to color it myself, but never got around to it. Oh well. n_n; Japanese Kyari again! This time a headshot close-up. Heh, it's hard to tell her ears apart from the hair~

*Friends Always - by Vul
Awww. I've had this for a while, and seem not to have remembered to ever put it up here. Much to my shame! For it's sweet and beautiful and Vul is so great. =D

*Birthday Kyari - by J-Me
A random birthday gift picture of Kyari! That was so nice to get! ^_^ And isn't she cute. Also, the kimono came up again, for some reason which I'm not sure I know of (or at least, I forget).

*Birthday Arilla - by Hanni B
Hanni dropped in on my birthday to give me another wonderful picture! ;_; Aw! I love it so much >D Tawwy plushi and Mew! And tis neat how she drew Arilla's hair. And look! Even the bubbles are colored to look like they're reflecting the rest of the scene.

*Kyari & Ichi - by J-Me again
Two Pokemorph girls! :D Another picture by my newish friend the Mongoose-boyo. Ichi the Rattata is his character (and Kyari the Slowpoke is mine, as you probably know by now). It's just done in one of those cheap whiteboard drawing chats, but it's nice anyway!

*Luukey + Arilla!!! - by Vul
. . . . *ROTFL* . .Mmm, Luukey. This cracks me up so much, yet I also go "aww" and also realize how pathetic I am. XD but it rocks, whatever the case. PRETTY. And, you should go see Vul's Deviant Art account, because that's where her lovely art has been hanging out lately, along with a less-compressed version of this image, and another picture. . with Luukey in panties (if you can find it way back in her gallery archives). . . XD XD which I will not be uploading here. Just. . because. *dies*

*William & Kyari - by Feilan (and Arilla!)
How cuuuute huh? This was a portion of my Valentine's day picture (the rest of which is just silly and I won't bother showing off, sorry ;b Although, you may notice something silly about even this picture, if you look: the boy is the one in the girl's lap), which Feilan did most of the work on! She outlined and colored the sketch, and did oh-so-nice of a job, too. Heh heh. . Luvdisc off to the side, is one of the dorkiest Pokemon ever. (Oh, and please note, the Pikachu-morph on the left is not my character creation. He is William of PMM, and belongs to his player)

*Tom - by William's player guy, and Arilla
William sketched the 'frame' of a person, and I felt like outlining it into a solid lineart picture, so I did. . and then he colored it (with suggestions from me). n_n We named him Tom. And his hair is pretty pink! (. . yes, that was my idea) Anyway, I think he looks funky, and it was a fun thing to do.

*Lukar as a Pirate - by J-Me
Ar har har! Yay! I was bugging people to draw my Luukey dressed up like a Pirate, because I couldn't get him to look right. . and someone did draw him! So I was like, yay. XD Pirate! Isn't that neat.

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