Finished by hand

title.jpg - the next couple pictures are closeups from this title page I drew for my art class binder (grade 10), the blanked out spot is where my name was o o; I'm forbidden to tell the net my real name. Aaanyway, this is the overview of the whole page. It was done with pencil crayons, and my scanner sucks at scanning them, so that's why they all look so. . . roughly colored. oo?
ttlrose.jpg - closeup of the rose. eesh, drawing and coloring it seriously took me hours and hours. Probably the longest I ever spent on any picture before it, but that's not really saying much -_-
ttlstara&flyte.jpg - my two favorite elementaras! (elementaras © me) A Stara, an elementara of light, and a Flyte, wind/air. The Thundara in the sketch section and the Lune in the oekakis are both elementaras too by the way.

arianna.jpg - A finished pencil drawing of Arianna, in a bit of a different style from my usual, with a couple sketches beside it. Arianna is a mage who can use the dark magic of time travel (thus the clock pendant, which is based almost exactly on one I own). Her timeline is. . . a little odd, and her parents are a slightly mismatched couple that never should have been, so she goes back in time to fix it. It makes for lots of fun in the storyline. oO;

MI.jpg - Manuscript Illumination style drawing for art class. I don't particularly like the medieval drawings, but the calligraphy is kinda nice (I did it all by hand looking off of a computer printout of a font (kelt I think it was called)). Poem © Robert Frost *points to top right corner*

nighttime.jpg - A painting from when we were learning watercolor techniques in art class *points to the bottom of the page* This was the dry brush technique, where you use barely any water with the paint. Uh, *squint* its supposed to be grass and flowers under a dark sky, and I think those yellow spots are fireflies. *sweatdrop* The paintbrushes all sucked.

underwater.jpg - Whoo, more art class watercolor painting. This time it was practicing doing a color wash. I used the lil technique to do the water, the sky, and the sand, then added the fishes and plants. o_O my mom thought this was a great masterpiece. uh, riiight.

stamp.jpg - Chibi Luukey stamp. Carved out of linooleummm. . .

christmasflyte.jpg - Well this is. . . original. ^-^; In woodshop class I got kinda bored, and I had been practicing making christmas ornaments already, (maybe I'll scan them sometime) so I decided to design and cut out a wooden Flyte figurine thingie (with Santa hat). oo First is the drawing, then the front of the cutout, then the back. I'm too scared to paint it, but I keep the lil guy right here under my desk. @_@ whee.

griddrawingalt.jpg - For art class we had to copy a photo using a grid. I picked a black and white picture of a Lynx in the snow (I think its a Lynx) and after a very long time of work I ended up with this. On the second pic I used the "equalize" function in Color It, just cause I was playing around, and I figure that you can tell where the lines are better when it's like that, so I put that here too. (a note: I was supposed to erase the grid lines, but ended up not doing that. ooops.)

housepainting.jpg - Wow, lookie! I painted a full watercolor picture of a house in one class period! o-o; (that's supposed to be a birch tree by the door, it's not like you can paint white on white) Um, it was really hard cause they were sucky paints and paintbrushes, and we only had one jar of water for two people, because we had to go outside to paint. Also I've never tried this kind of painting before, like, painting a building really quickly. So, yay for me. @_@;

portfolioelementaras.jpg - VERY OLD. It's on the back of the portfolio which I made at the start of the semester for art class (2000), never got around to scanning till lately. Just a bunch of lil elementaras playing around. This is the overview and the rest are the closeups. (this was drawn in pencil, colored with pencil crayons)
portfolioflora.jpg - I may or may not decide to call the flower/grass looking Plantra elementaras "Floras". Oiy. Well Lieaf is one of these, for those of you who would know who Lieaf is.

portfoliocover.jpg - And now my newer portfolio thing! This one was done for the final project at the end, we decorated the outside and put some of our work samples from the semester inside. AVI 2Od was the course code, and that blur is where my name was. (This was done in pencil and watercolor.)

pokemonpictures.jpg - Okie so I didn't actually DRAW these, but photos are usually copyright to the photographer right?? ^^; Well I took these four pictures in Pokemon Snap (© Nintendo, etc.) and had them turned into stickers, now scanned them. *huggleness* Cute lil Pokemon.

rani&tana.jpg - *gringrin* Voila the part where Rani actually wins a fight. (that's ice spreading from his feet by the way.) This one's too good to go in the sketches section, but I might color it if I get all my other workie done. Ehehe, more under-drawn characters with a kinda BG. ^__^;; nannii, MUCH better than previous pictures of them two.

nicibearie.jpg - Pencil drawing of my lil teddy bear. . . the orange paper is my art portfolio this year. -_o;

autumntrees.jpg - Kinda doodling with my acrylics to get some practice. I can do toll painting but not really paintings on paper with them an I wanna paint the other side of the art portfolio. (watercolors won't show up very well on the orange) Gave to my daddy, just cause. ^^;

blackroses.jpg - Methinks it's kinda pretty. o_o Drawn with my new black Sharpie markers.

esiju.jpg - *point* Elf man! As first seen in this strange oekaki. . . kinda. . . actually, he doesn't look much the same, but I kinda meant him to. Oh well, the tattoo thingie has gotten better.

bunchacharacters.jpg - Art Title Page for this year, it's kinda big to load, but I didn't want to break it up into small pieces cause I'm lazy. oo; The characters are (left to right, top to bottom): Arianne, Malith, Teiz, Arvedui, (next row) Me, Arilla, (bottom row) Astal, Lukar, and Shrullet. Whee, took a whole lot of time to finish this one. (take a look at my last year's title page and you can SEE the improvement! oO;)

malithlil.jpg - I had this up as a separate picture, but it's actually on that last one. oo However it is the only colored pic of Malith so I'll leave the closeup here.

markerjean.jpg - ^_^ FIIINALLY drew Jean again. Ignore the mistakes on the left picture, and I actually quite like this one too. *hugs new markers* Ya, I sketched this one, then made a photocopy and colored it. Works rather nicely for quick pictures.

schoolhallway.jpg - Out of three drawings of different types of perspective, this was the only one that I got right. o_O; I drew the hall from memory, so I'm pleased with the way it turned out. (It's upstairs in our school)

frilledlizmorph.jpg - Morph of a frilled lizard (I saw one at the zoo, the colors are probably wrong here). I Drew this on the plane from L.A. to Toronto, long flight that. ^^; There was a nice little girl watching me as I worked and she said I was "a good drawer". . . I found that very heartening since the whole loonng day (or was it two?) before we had been travelling and having problems, she cheered me up, yes. oo And then I doodled a picture of some turtles on an island with "Goodbye Australia" on it and gave't to her. ^^;

kangarooboymarker.jpg - Kangaroo-morph boy with Billabong shirt and an aussie flag. @_@ Whee. I tried to sell it at Furbid but no one was willing to pay $7. -_o;

raikarimarker.jpg - Pretty Raikari! ^_^ She has phoenix wings. They're small though, because they aren't meant to help her fly, she can do that without them.

tawwyacrylic.jpg - Yays! Finally finished painting these. ^^; Ranieh and Astal.

parmarker.jpg - Par, wizard-boy, being rather in character and depressed. oo;

freakykaizal.jpg - She's scaaary. x_X Bahah. . Kaizal, HellFire, and some flames. I overused the colorless blender marker. (I KNOW her hair LOOKS like a bruised banana @_@ but it's just singed and sulphur-coated!)

TD&Feliceclrpencil.jpg - Trouble's a-brewin. . .

ardeth.jpg - *ROTFL* YEEE!! The better of two portraits. . m'love this character. . . >XD I must be the only one who thinks that movie is pure genius though. T_T (The Mummy) This piccy should be in sketches. . . but people are more likely to notice it here. Bahaha. |=3

PLwatercolor.jpg - PsychoLuukey in watercolor. Speaks for itself, dunnit? o_O I liiiikee.

kaeyawatercolor.jpg - Then Kaeya. Picked a bad color for the lollypop. ^^; ((I saw someone with red-stitched denim the next day. . .! Whee)) Ah, © Flame of course.

siyaawatercolor.jpg - And Siyaa, also Flame's. ^^

malithwatercolor.jpg - Malith! My favorite for painting technique. o_@ Right hand way too small. Oops.

kerwindawn.jpg - Sadly terrible scan. But I like it most for the poetry (not really a poem though) anyway. I guess. And if you call that a poem. Oo I painted it in one hour, 20 minutes. One math class. ^^;;; For talent show, though I would have liked to be able to present something more impressive. Oh! and it's Kerwin again, case you didn't notice. o__O Er, yeah, he goes through some tough times. . . but seems to manage to keep hope.

aiomarker.jpg - Finally, a good picture of Aio. ^_^; I really like the way his hair and face turned out. The color scheme still needs work though *shakes head* o_o; Can't pick colors for him.

artproject.jpg - My final project for art class. *sniffle* _ I got sick during the week we had to work on it, and the teacher didn't give me extra time, so it's all in pencil. o-o; Reason it looks like a weird setting is that I had to combine other art projects I did into the one.

californiaposter.jpg - Supposed to be and old-style advertising poster. XD; I did a travel ad. oO

firefairies.jpg - 'Member this one? @_@ The camera cut off the top? o_o Well now I have a DIGITAL camera, so as to prevent those kinds of occurances. XD Whee.

macbethillustration.jpg - For english class I illustrated the "turbulence in nature" on the night of king Duncan's murder. o_o Wheeeee but I suck with pen.

texturepicture.jpg - Supposed to be a bunch of textures, ended up as textures and patterns. Tis colorful. . . and random.

luukeyplushi&scarf.jpg - My LUUKEY PLUSHI! XD I almost worship it. Almost. ^__^ *clings to, and hugs luukey plushi* o_o Ah, yes, I also knitted the purple scarf. But that's of less intrest.

glueportrait.jpg - Unimpressive, almost ugly. . but made impressive by the fact that I drew it by dripping glue! Rubber cement, actually. 6_6 Which I then painted over (it STANK like eggs and worse), and then peeled off. It looks pretty neat in reality, actually. Alas, you shall have to just settle for a photo and a closeup. (the eyes and lips are very ugly, I admit.)

slowkingpencil.jpg - Lots of time went into this, and lots of quality was lost in scanning. @_o But you get the basic idea of my painstaking shading. In doing this picture I was attempting something out of my usual 'young-pretty-skinny' boys. . Kyari's dad, Slowking-morph, was muscular and now has grown old and weary. M'friend said he had a cute tail XD; Thus, the diddles on the side.

zshastayink.jpg - Eh, trying to do inking again. Not too pleased, as usual. I do suck so at detail. . . Also goes with this picture.

colorfulpapers.jpg - This year's art class junk has arrived! XD This is a photo of the paper I made from bits of other paper (I suppose you could call it recycling, as the paper WAS used). It was meant to be a dawn-sky theme with feathers as symbols, but it sorta didn't work out. In the end it reminds me of Easter eggs. Lumpy Easter eggs.

theevilfish.jpg - The masterpiece of my watercolor and dishsoap window-mural. :D Sponsored by Tim Hortons (meaning they offered the half of the art class that helped out a free lunch) in honor of camp day, for which Bob Izumi (apparently famous TV fisherman guy) was coming to visit this particular location where we painted the thing. There was actually a whole little perspective and reality-challenged lake scene which I designed (for the most part) and helped paint, but most of the rest wasn't as good, and didn't photograph as well.

valeinkpainting.jpg - An experiment in ink painting with (probably very cheap) chinese brush pens and liquid ink (the only kind I have). I'm actually really amazed it went so well on the first try, even though I practice doodled first and had the sketch (which was a copy of another image of mine) laid out lightly. The sepia-brown was added digitally. Knew I should have gone with a redder tone or green.

chrisdetail.jpg - Nyx and Christoph (name courtesy of Flame) were two characters I designed to write a story around for my writing class. I used this painting as a bonus in my final project in that class (to write and partially storyboard a script, and do a presentation) and as an art project. Whee, double purpose! But I HATE the colors I chose for Nyx. ;_; Oh, and by the way, it is all pasted together and lined up straight for real, but the photo warps it.

familywatercolor.jpg - For once a picture I actually like. Arilla's family, sketched and watercolor painted in layers. =3 With Ranieh to fill a corner. Unfortunately the paper just SUCKED, stupid cheap school giving us cheap art class supplies (the other painting supplies are my own, I could never do this with the school ones), and I did make a few mistakes since I was in a rush sometimes. Tawwy is too darn cheery, Rani's too pale and his hand's too small (whereas Arianne's is too big). . . though, the proportion errors are inevitable for me when I draw big (and this IS big, it was scanned in four pieces). But despite the problems the colors turned out pretty good, and the layout, so I'm happy!

bristolCA&R.jpg - Taking into consideration the circumstances I created this in, it's not too bad at all. o_@ I had one large piece of bristol board, very few ideas left, a brain scrambled by end of year work as well as catch-up work I'd been too creativity-blocked to do earlier (when you have a writing class and an art class, the well of creativity is quick to be run dry and slow to fill back up, and you have BIG problems if you are me) as well as the resultant lack of sleep, and only a few class periods plus two take-home days to finish. For all that, it's not that bad, but that said, it really has a LOT of problems. I think Rani turned out cute, which is great, but his hand is most messed up, and I like what I got out of all the time I spent/wasted on TD's hands there, but they're way too girly (typical anime, I guess) and his ring is too small. I loathe the color schemes I used for Cezte and Atra. Etc etc. I could whine forever. I'd rather just say "Wow, I was insane spending two all-nighters in a row on this." No really, I was. I only slept for a few hours after school before the second all-night art binge, and I drank two cans of coke and ate half a package of those Family Digestive cookies and I had my hat on too keep my hair away and I was- Oh, er, you don't want to hear the full story. u_u; Nor do you want to sketch all night and marker and watercolor all the next, trust me on this.

clayshrulletside.jpg - Shrullet! In sculpted 3D form! o_o It's pretty much my first ever sculpture thing (the first I remember, at least), and I did it just cause I wanted to try, and because the clay was /there/. Of course, it's non-hardening clay, so, it'll just get all gunky eventually, which is kinda sad. Oh well.

blobpika.jpg - Behold, slightly-deformed pikachu! One ear fell off. . then I realized I did them wrong anyway, so I fixed that one, and now the other one is just there, and wrong. But it's a pretty cute thing on a whole. I almost did Pichu, but I thought the yellow was better suited to Pikachu.

*menchiplush.jpg - OK, it shouldn't really count for my work, but I did make the tail and eyes myself. :D It's a plush toy version of the mutt-dog Menchi from Excel Saga. She was an accessory for my plainclothes-Excel cosplay at Anime North '04. The body was bought in the pet-toy section of Wal Mart--it came with a squeaker in it, which I moved to the tail, so she goes squeaky squeaky when you squeeze/step on her tail. (Many have abused this power... but that's another story)

*thaimbust3.jpg - I had leftovers of bake-to-harden sculpting clay stuff (also intended for costume-related use, but that part of the idea fell through), so I made this tiny thing on a whim. Quickly done portrait of the rat-pirate, complete with his large nose!

*linooneide.jpg - It's another inked picture which turned out pretty badly. Seems to be a bit of a habit of mine, as demonstrated if you scroll up to zshastayink.jpg. Iedwyn has never actually been a Pokemorph, but if he were then Linoone would probably be his species.

*TDhoodie2.jpg - Kitty and I got together and each made a shirt for ourselves with one of our characters painted on it; mine is this dark charcol-grey zip hoodie with pictures of TD drawn in red fabric paint. The photos came out pretty poor, but there's the gist of it. And here's the sketches where I planned the designs. (Thanks to Kitty for the paint!)

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