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tana.jpg - I colored this in a Painter 5 demo -_- ugh, well it did turn out pretty good, the guy in the picture is my character Tana. He works for S.T.A.L the evil science company. o_o; he's just a guard, but there's something special about him. . . (and even I'm not quite sure what)

kittyluukey.jpg - KA-H-WAIiI!! o_o ain't it? ^^; Figures Luukey would be a black kitty. (colored in Color It)

kyari.jpg - Almost totally forgot to put this one up. o_o It's my cutsie, flower-loving, Slowpoke Pokemorph girl Kyari, drawn in the Painter demo, using my tablet.

meikoclr.jpg - Lil MeikoPikoSan as her morphed form, half human. She is eternally young, in this form and as a Pikachuuu. I dun really like the colors I picked. . . oh well. (colored in Color It)

ranikitten.jpg - I turned Ranieh into a kitten, and put him in a tree. ^-^ Eheh, he's calling on the aid of the ones he loves. Lucky for him Felice really likes cats. o-o

- hay look! Its an RPG sprite of me-ish Arilla! o-o; the glasses are supposed to be like my RL ones. Euh, I've obviously never done any tiny pics like this before @@; I based the size on a Chrono Trigger sprite pic I found once, of Queen Leene. (is that her name? I never got very far in the game so I dunno oo;)

anger.jpg - Come to think of it she doesn't actually bite. . . but she sure felt like it at this point in time. oo; Was very annoyed and in the worst mood already. *point* those are my summer grub clothes! Whee @_@ And the bandages on my right arm come from a bike accident. Ow. (Painter Classic doodle)

shrullet.jpg - O-o; uhmm, ye know the Fruitali? How they were at war with that other tribe? Well uh, the Fruitali's magic users are berries, like Blue Berry in my sketches gallery, and guess what, the other tribe's magic users are MAGIC MUSHROOMS! ^__^;;; Aka shrooms. And here is the first one! A shroom with a mullet!! Oo; thus the name Shrullet!! GYAHA! . . uh. . . none of us really take drugs. drugs are bad. just say, "nooue". oO; *coughcoughsnicker* (done completely in Adobe Photoshop) (DANG, this could really use a BG, pity I can't draw them >~< )

shrulletBG.jpg - WHEE!! O-o;; I tried it, and loook! How quaint ^--^ that's (almost) exactly what I had in my head! Ehehehee. Muushroom-tastic.

nightwoods.jpg - My other background picture. This time just a background. I started it same time as Shrullet's, but just COULDN'T get the reflection on the water to look right. (finally gave up and just finished the rest) The only difference in technique was that I used the smudge tool somewhat in this one (for the greenery) whereas I hadn't used it for the shroom BG pic.

abstractbluespace.jpg - Pretty blue-ness. o_o I just started scribbling and came up with this. It's abstract not in the way that it shows what I'm feeling, but in the way that I just drew whatever came to me.

fireflowerabstract.jpg - Aand another one, this time in reddish fire-y colors.

phorinclr.jpg - 'Bout time I CGed something new that wasn't for someone else. oo;; And I needed a good pic of Phorin anyway. (it comes from this big picture ^^ ) He's the main antagonist of Black Plaid, a vampire too.

arilla-glasseslg.jpg - The bigger picture of the self-portrait of me for our adoption center! oo;

arilla-charalg.jpg - And the bigger version of the character representation of me, also an adoption pic. ^^

luukeywince.jpg - oO Picture for hat! (

thedaywearson.jpg - Remake of something I did a while ago. I didn't use any fonts or effects or anything! Special, innit?!? x_o;

treescratches.jpg - Another remake. This scratched up old tree holds some special but not entirely pleasant memories for Lukar. Notice how among the random marks there's an accidental "F" . . for Felice. oo

jeanine.jpg - Member of the RATZ gang from the sci-fi fuuuture. o_O; She's supposed to look even younger than this, and she shoots people. But really she's nice. Yes. Uh, I drew this cause I needed a pic of her, since there aren't any others. x_x;

dressykieva.jpg - Kieva is actually rather pretty m'guess. . .

TDcoffee.jpg - *Rotfl* TD not a morning person. Thought this turned out so darn funny. (it's part of the comic I've actually managed to work on, woo)

leaves.jpg - Sort of a series I did of Photoshop sketches. . . I really like 'em. Especially Arilla's. Lieaf's doesn't match well though. . . I might redo sometime. x_x; (not likely) Hm, the first one was actually done as a gift for my friend Vul, cause she's so nice. And she likes Luukey. =9 (btw, the characters are Luukey, Ranieh, Astal, Arilla and Lieaf. In that order.)

shinyaio.jpg (plain version)
monacle&shorts.jpg - Chibi Aio dressup game! XD *rotfl* Okay it's not really a game, but Flame and I had fun with it. =3 She did the "ghetto Aio" one. *Lmgo*

aiodoodle.jpg - Goofyy Aio. ^^; CGed sketch.

kaeyadoodle.jpg - CGed sketch to match the Aio one. .! But a bit better than it. ^^

geekboy.jpg - Just a preview of a picture I hope to finish. =3 Cute geek-boy Par.

luukeyglassesclr.jpg - Luukeeyy (older) lookin kinda evil, wearing glasses (because I adore glasses. He doesn't usually wear them), and talking to his dad (well, there's rambled dialogue in the BG) who is trying to kill him, by poison. *points to red-glowing pendant* Poooiisoon. -_o;

TD&parclr.jpg - O--o; Glassess! (TD doesn't really wear glasses either, Par does) These look more like sunglasses anyway. . 6_6 and phew, boy, he doesn't look like a grandfather, either. (Par is TD's grandson)

trent.jpg - Yay. o-o;;; Trent COLORED. But she needs an outfit.

adoptionluukeylg.jpg - Larger version of Luukey piccy for the adoption page. ^_^ I also used it in a school project. *adores Luukey*

par&brazeclr.jpg - Sooo cuuuteeee. *spaz* o o; ehehe. Braze © Flame. =3

lefthand.jpg - No, it wasn't drawn left-handed. He's no good with the tablet. It's just symbolic crap, yes. And no one seems to grasp quite how wrong this picture is. . . not talking about the bloody looking BG either. . *chops off left hand*

felicebridge.jpg - Now happy sunshine and etcetc. . o_O; Because I can't draw a sunset. Oh well~ An inked+CGed picture because Flame asked me to draw Felice, and I liked the sketch. Felice © Flame.

inverse.jpg - Inverse Luukeh. I started on his face, then drew the neck, then thought it was turning out more as though his next was turned, so I made it into a back view, but ended up getting the angle quite wrong and that's why the head's turned unnaturally much. x_x Um. He's good-lookin though, and deserved another colored pic.

TDmagic.jpg - Bah! Old pic which I worked on for too long, thus cursing it to turn out badly. And be the wrong size for putting on a shirt, which was what I planned to do with it (with the help of cafepress). I wanted a hoodie. Alas, it shall not be. Boo hoo. If only I didn't suck.

icemoonlight.jpg - Luukey stands in a stream of moonlight. -o_o- I don't like it much, but needed to get it done with. The featureless effect is kinda neat though. . . I really wish I was better at natural atmosphere.

ser-charmedcolor.jpg - New character. Yes, laugh if you must. The eye makeup might be a bit much. *sniggle* But HE (yes he) is still cool.

shrullet&coclr.jpg - Kind of a LOT overdue. But anyway! Fruitali rock. =B Here's San, Shrullet, and Lemon in non-chibi form. (I started this way over a year ago. In fact, I think I inked it and everything that long ago. It must have been through both my hardrive crashes. But I didn't want to put it up until I finished the coloring!)

LAA.jpg - My three main characters! Whoo! I made this picture to go on my backpack, and I am now the happy owner of said backpack. (from cafepress) ^__^ I love disgruntled Luukey. (the LAA stands for Luukey, Astal, Arilla)

beatenrani.jpg - Messy sketch, messy color. . . pretty shiny hair and nasty bruisy. o o I felt like drawing someone fallen on the ground (messed up the right arm, sigh.) and since this beating really is part of Rani's history. . . well then. (his hands are all ouchie scarred on the palms)

weirdserclr.jpg - Serias again! This picture was downright horrible. But I cut off the worst parts, and edited some of the mess out, keeping it as the headshot I started drawing it for. Worked real hard on his hair, anyway. Almost makes up for the bad color job.

earhug.gif - Kyari and William! William being not my character. Cuddly Pikachu ears. @u_u@

prettyide.jpg - Iedwyn. . blue hair, gold eyes. . . so preettyy.

coyotemoon.jpg - The moon looks sorta neat done like that. . but otherwise, this picture is just about what one would expect to come out of a randomly-inspired late-night computer image. =3; And I'm still not good at animals, but oh well.

*luukeyiconlarge.jpg - Was for a userpic to use on his character LiveJournal.

*sometimeswecantsay.jpg - When it seems like it's not a good idea to say it, sometimes drawing it instead feels almost like getting it out. The result: pictures with an overabundance of the dramatics!

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