Welcome to the Single Adoption Center! Here you can adopt characters that stand alone, as seen below. ^_^ Great idea, innit? Now you can adopt all our beautiful charas. Check out the adoptees, find out your favorites, and click the links to adopt! ^__^ Have fun!

Name: Lime

Likes: Reading, casting magic, quiet, Lemon, and being the smartest of all the tribes.

Dislikes: Coconut, Almond (sort of), Tropicalis, Shrooms, distractions, loud noise, being teased for liking magic

Personality: Lime is quiet and studious, but she never hesitates to let someone know when they're not wanted. She usually keeps to her books and scriptures, enjoying anything that teaches magic, and in her spare time she reads her old and battered edition of Faust.

Added Note by Flame: Of course, she's a member of the Fruitali, so I s'pose if I put more Fruitali Adoptees up, you could have a collection? x x; She's green...bahaha.

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Name: Flaminko "Flame" Lightfire

Likes: Fire, shinies, things out of the ordinary, peaceable times, Aidan

Dislikes: Anything having to do with threats to her kingdom or children, backstabbers

Personality: Flame is a quirky little Serali queen, liking nothing more than to live a simple life but leading anything but. She tries to keep everyone happy, but her temper is something to be reckoned with when provoked.

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Name: Siyaa

Likes: Teasing Luukey, being evil, pissing people off, D'Tache

Dislikes: Goody-two-shoes, acting nice, not being able to piss someone off

Personality: An evil Umbreon-morph who will try to get on anyone's nerves, and loves to taunt people about their failing relationships (even though she's a hellgod's playtoy oO)

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Name: Arilla Raikari

Likes: Tawwy and Luukey, stars, purple, sparkly things, fuzzy stuff, sugary food, getting what she wants, teasing and humiliating other characters

Dislikes: Perverts (strange exception with Luukey), being bored, onions, being hunted down by characters mad at her for teasing and humilating them

Personality: Hyperactive and sugar-high, Arilla's pretty much always in a perky mood. If something gets her down she becomes really sulky, but usually is quick to spring back with renewed sproing-yness. She's also eviler and smarter than she looks. Really. Bweheheheee.

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Name: Arilla

Likes: Friends, drawing, making up characters, sugar

Dislikes: Stress, homework/school, nasty people

Personality: Usually Arilla acts happy and friendly, but she can be right depressed and mean if she's having a bad day. During school she's also around less, and more grumpy because it keeps her busy and makes her mad! Down with school! o_O During the summer you'll find her staying up all hours of the day or night (whatever floats her boat) and having a grand time manipulating her little characters to her whims.

Added note by Arilla: This version is the real mastermind! Bwahaha! o_o Like my outfit? It's all stuff I really own! :D

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Name: Lukar Drachire

Likes: Felice (won't admit to it), dark magic, necromancy, alcohol, evil

Dislikes: His dad (TD), being bothered/chased after, periwinkle

Personality: Luukey thinks he's so bad and aspires towards evilness, but he is very deluded. =D Hardly would he hurt a fly, though the occasional violent mood swing does come to him... Still, he's utterly lovable. Cute n silly boy.

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Name: Shay Lune

Likes: Voodoo, killing random things, being left alone, Taurean

Dislikes: Getting caught, people more insane than her, Syn, Jack (her father)

Personality: Shay is quite the melodramatic little kitty. She keeps to herself mostly, only coming out of her hiding to try and kill those who have wronged her (or who Syn has said have wronged her). When the hat comes off, though, she's the cutest, nicest little kitten you'll ever meet.

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