Would you look at that, someone's gone and adopted! So here begineth the LDAC clique type thing, as I promised. Below are the website addresses to all those who have adopted our humble Nutshell characters. ^_^ Thank you, benevolent adopters!

Arti's Homepage ~ Filled with Arti's art and the like. Arti adopted Morphic Flame and Siyaa on December 3rd, 2001.

Baad Jim's Homepage ~ One of my goodgood friend's pages. ^_^ He's got his art and stuff here too, and adopted Amy and May on December 8th, 2001.

FFVD ~ Vul's website! She adopted the squirrel-phobic Flame and the character Arilla on January 12th, 2002. First adoption of the new year! ^__^

Eon Shrine ~ Xara's website full o' eons, so fittingly, she adopted Siyaa on March 30th, 2002. ^_^

Pichu Park ~ Sierra's shrine devoted to Pichu! She adopted Amy and May on June 14, 2002.

Clow Cafe ~ And another joins the ranks! Sakura adopted Siyaa on Dec. 3, 2002. Check out her site! It's prettyful! ^_^

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