Welcome to the Group Adoption Center! Here you can adopt characters that stand in groups, as seen below. ^_^ Fun, innit?? Not much to look at now, but give us time!

Names: Amy and May (they're twins, Amy's on the bottom)

Like: Blowing things up, causing mischief, running amok.

Dislike: Rules, being confined, not being in the middle of things

Personalities: Amy and May are both rambunctious and cheeky, not to mention they have more energy than the sun o_O The cute lil things love to sabotage anything they can get their hands on, and enjoy explosives and big guns ^_^

Added Note by Flame: May is respective to her player, and doesn't belong to me. Amy and May are Pichu twins on the PokeMorph.com MUSH. And don't get after me about color o_O; I just felt like stuffing something in here.

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