~ A Comic Of Great Excitement ~

The Method To the Madness

Welcome! To my nightmare. o_O; Firstly, this page is all about CONTENT (note lack of page layout), and secondly, the content is for those with an open mind and a strange sense of humor! (note lack of normality/lack of good artistry) There may be times when you are reading this, that you just want to go, "Huh?? What the HECK is this?" and then I would like to suggest to you that you bear with me, and understand that this is a completely irrelevant comic born of TOTAL boredom and made to entertain a certain 9-year-old brother and his rather strange 10-year-old friend.

How it All Started

Spend five mostly rainy days on a houseboat on a lake in the Northern Ontario woodlands with nothing to entertain you besides your gameboy, a pad of paper and a couple pens/pencils and you'll figure it out pretty quick. Note: B - O - R - E - D - O - M. Also as mentioned above, I wanted to entertain the other guests of the houseboat, and was immensely hyper because my best friend (no no, R/L best friend, not Flame. =9 Then it would be more nuts! *Rotfl*) was there too. Whee. Thus, a comic about a stick figure with curly hair, and from my twisted mind, his companion a worm, MISTER Worm.

Having Fun Yet?

You should be. o_o; Muahaha.

Added Notes

Doogie How? © my friend (yes it is his name, and yes the question mark is part of it - that's how you pronounce it), "of Doom" is also trademarked us, Snorlax of the Pokemon people, the three-eyed fish © the Simpsons people, and Star Trek or whatever other references to such things I've thrown in there are also intellectual property of whomever. Generally it's all mine.

Behold! It begins!

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