Name: Sunday
Race/Specie: Dragonite-Morph
Skills: Hitting people, moving heavy objects, being motherly
Likes: Sundaes, Peach, happy things, the color peach
Dislikes: Abusive parents, Team Rocket, unhappy memories

Description: (copied from her desc. on PMM) Sunday is easy-going and good-natured, often walking around with a perpetual smile on her face. She is quite motherly to all young, ‘morphs, Pokemon, and human alike, bearing absolutely no hatred towards anyone, except for abusive and neglectful parents. Her eyes bear traces of pain that are almost completely extinguished by the twinkling, teasing sparkle they have to them. Sunday’s weakness is chocolate fudge sundaes, and will do almost anything to lay her claws on them, especially if the fudge is still hot. The Dragonite is non-threatening while she is happy, even though she’s a fairly tall ‘morph, and even when she is angry, her light pastel shades make her dark moods seem laughable. Woe to those who underestimate the dragon, though. No matter how much her light nature hides it, a wicked fighter lays under the layers of peach, waiting for a chance to strike.

Background Info: Hoo boy, if I explained it all, it'd be a doozy. Basically, her parents wanted a boy and got her, so they made her their slave and kicked her around. An undercover group of Rockets were on her home island and Red, the leader, took an interest in her and taught her to fight. Later, they married. When it was discovered he was A. married to a non-Rocket and possibly passing secrets to her, and B. trying to escape Team Rocket forever, the Team didn't look kindly on this, since Red was a rather prestigous member. They captured him, and then a month after Sunday had given birth to Peach, they captured her too. By then, Red was almost dead, and thought he couldn't undergo any more physical pain and feel it, so they made him watch while TR did all sorts of nasty and horrible things to poor Sunday. When Red was a sobbing nonsensical shell of a Charizard-Morph, they made Sunday beat him until he was dead ;_; Then as further punishment, they made her join the team as a hitman (or woman) of a lower status. A year later, she finally was allowed to visit her home again and found Peach in care of a Bulbasaur-Morph, and thriving. It was the only thing that saved Sunday's sanity, and became the loving mother she is today. Her hatred is buried deeply, and maybe if I'm really bored, it'll all pop to the surface one day.

Additional Note: Apparently I put much more thought into Sunday than I did anyone else ^_~ She's fun. I'm writing stories. Sue me.


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