Name: Braxton de Lune
Race/Specie: Bellonais
Skills: Hearing/seeing things others do not, sneaking around, being downright malicious and sadistic
Likes: Kalina, Shay (to an extent), reading, making up his own reality, romanticism
Dislikes: Forgetting where he has been or what he has done, the entire royal family, his father

Description: Braxton is every sort of evil one can come across. He is a sadistic murderer who loves to toy with his victims before he kills them, and even when they're dead, he toys with their dead bodies. Though he seems devoid of emotion, he is dangerously obsessed with the idea of romance and love, which explains why many of his victims are beautiful girls he seduces and later kills when he realizes they will never love him like he loves them (i.e. insanely). But one would never think him to be a murderer at first sight. He is tall and poised, with impeccable manners and a shy Bellonais air that charms everyone he meets instantly. He has the ability to melt the heart of any woman, which inevitably proves to be their downfall.

Background Info: Until Braxton was 14, he had a tenuous peace in his life, coddling his baby sister Shay, and weathering the abusive fights between his angelic mother and drunken father. But when he returned from collecting firewood one day to find Shay sobbing into a ragged doll, and his mother dead on the ground, his fragile emotions shattered, driving him to insanity. His first kill, the murder of his father, was a blur, passing in screams and blood. In the end, he stared hard at his frightened little sister, whose eyes were blank with shock. Nothing would be the same, he knew. As Shay picked up her doll and walked out the back door, Braxton felt his entire world fall to dust. His mind snapped shut, and a twisted light shone behind his eyes. His father was dead. What had his mother done to cause all this? His beautiful memories of her angelic smile were lost to a sickening emptiness. Why hadn't she loved him enough to stay alive? With his twisted logic, gaping wounds and barely any energy, Braxton walked out of the door and into the forest, aimlessly searching for anything that wasn't home.

After three days of walking, staying alive only by sheer determination to find another living soul, his salvation came in the form of a buxom Gesse girl named Katja. Her family nursed him back to health, and he stayed a full year on the farm, living in near-silence, speaking only when absolutely necessary. When he realized that Katja began to look at him as less of a friend and more as a romantic interest, he became intrigued, wondering over the female psyche, and what possessed them to fall in love with boys as sadistic as he now knew himself to be. He decided to make Katja not just care for him, but fall madly in love with him, a goal so easily accomplished he marveled at it. With his experiment over, Braxton saw no more need to stay on the farm. He was fully healed and now stronger than ever, due to the labor he'd indulged in for nearly a year. Most of all, the Bellonais was armed with the knowledge that females were creatures who fell easily in love with a handsome face and disarming smile. A twitch of his mouth was all that betrayed his warring emotions: he desperately craved the love he had felt for his beautiful mother, but he felt all other women were pale, insipid creatures next to her. In that moment, he decided to find the one who he could love as much as he had loved her. Braxton gave no word to Katja, took the clothes on his back, and left the farm for good, knowing only the growing obsession to find his perfect woman.

For the next ten years, he traveled through Bellonais, wooing women of all class and rank, sleeping with them and leaving them when they did not turn into his perfect woman. But his obsession became increasingly twisted and ugly; soon, he felt contempt and cold anger when he realized his women were all the same. His contempt turned to scorn, and the scorn was all that kept him calm when he choked his first girl to death. Her blank eyes gave him a measure of release, and it soon became his sole joy to fall in love with a woman, and then feel the sweet release of her death through his hands. He found it easy to cover his tracks, taking to killing only the low-class women, and knowing none would suspect the sweet, dashing stranger who always had a kind word for everyone. Then, before questions could be asked, he was gone, and none thought to put up that much of a fuss for the girls, as there were more chores to be done. But it still was clear to him that no matter how much he enjoyed this new pleasure, he had not found his perfect woman.

Fate would not take long to intervene. After murdering the daughter of a fisherman, he was ready to leave her house when he happened to glance at a flyer on the table. It announced the engagement of the Prince Taurean to a girl of no status, Shay de Lune. Calmly, Braxton left the house, and turned his path towards the palace. If Shay was still alive, he would find her. And he would kill her too for leaving him in his moment of greatest need.

A week later, when he finally set sight on the palace, it did not even occur to him to enter the front door and ask for his sister. After all, then there would be questions when she turned up dead, and he knew there would be an investigation into the murder of the princess-to-be. He instead walked the perimeter of the castle, wondering where a weak point was that he could sneak in and find. Of course, there were none. Closer to anger than he'd been since he was fourteen, Braxton started walking deeper into the forest that surrounded the castle. As far as he knew, no one was allowed in the Royal Woods, but he didn't give a damn at that moment. As he was nearly overcome by the futility of his sister's murder, he heard the voice of an angel. Or what he thought was an angel. Silently, he moved closer to the voice, only to discover a clearing upon which stood a small, breathtaking cathedral surrounded by a beautiful garden of flowers. And tending the garden was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She couldn't have been more than eighteen, but she was stunning. Braxton swore she was bathed in angelic light; he swore she was his perfect woman. He could not have known he was standing at the edge of the Serali Cathedral, built especially for the most divine daughter of Flame's, Kalina Black. But even if he had been armed with such knowledge, as he knew later, he would not have done things differently. His mind went completely blank, his eyes glazed over, and it wasn't until he heard the heartwrenching sound of one trying desperately not to cry that he realized that he stood in the center of the cathedral, amidst the bodies of the priests and acolytes he had killed to be alone with her. And at his feet was Kalina, beseeching him to stop. When she turned her impossibly blue eyes up to him, he made up his mind. He did not care about his sister, or being caught, or any of it. With a voice like a caress, he ordered Kalina to send her mother a missive telling her family, and the entire kindgom, that the Serali Cathedral was not to be disturbed until she said otherwise. Kalina, ever the pacifist, complied, hoping her time as a captive would not be long. But Braxton's slow, dangerously insane smile as he lifted her out of the blood and kissed her made it perfectly clear that it would be anything but, if he had anything to say about it.

Now, that's enough story, because the rest is giving up the end isn't it! I mean, rather, I don't want to tell anyone the end because....he dies and it makes me sad. ;_;

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