The Archives of Past Updates

Feb 14, 09 - Well! It is unlike me to be seasonal. . . or to update. But here we are, aren't we. *cough* Okay, I'm not really updating. I'm just putting adorable kid-version Kieva and TD in the sidebar. Oh! And I could mention that I'll be at Wondercon in San Francisco at the end of this month. Probably at the "Yugioh the Abridged Series" booth helping Kroze hawk t-shirts or something. Random as that may be. (Ah, ALSO: my nutshell email is full-up, so I haven't been recieving mail for the past. . few years. Er. I'm working to fix that, I swear. In the meantime, I have a hotmail backup which is "Arilla4" at, y'know, Feel free. I check it. . sometimes!)

May 23, 08 - Almost two years on the dot without an update? It doesn't feel like it's been that long. Regardless, here I am with a mainly superficial one: there is now (as you've undoubtedly seen) a splash page to the site.

May 26, 06 - Another long Arilla-pictures dry spell is broken at last. Er, there now are links to everything I uploaded in 2004! I plan to continue later with those from the skipped-update year (there certainly were some, even though they didn't show up here). For now, I've got a convention to attend! Anime North, 2006!!

Feb. 12, 06 - Actually updated this a few days ago, but Braxton's story is now in the character description section! Everyone can go look and read. c_C It's a lot longer than the rest cuz...well, I actually put effort into it. Maybe I'll go rewrite the rest (even if I only do it for me anyway).

Feb. 8, 06 - In a fit of boredom, I have updated the About Us section. I think I might go through revamping random sections of the site, because really, I have no life. x_X; And it's all I can do until I get my scanner hooked up again yes. Enjoy.

Feb. 2, 06 - Second update of the year! And I finally put everything that I accumulated in 2005 into my gallery, so you can all go enjoy it there. :3

Also, the guestbook is reborn at last so that you may now sign it at your leisure if you have the inclination to do so. Yay, real updating!

Jan. 31, 06 - Five years ago today, one lazy procrastinator with a some time off school was finally convinced by another to build a website... The partnership which forged these pages before you now, as well as much of what is to be found therein.

Happy 5th Birthday, Nutshell! (We still love you.)

Apr. 6, 04 - And my pictures are up! <3 Yay update.

Apr. 5, 04 - Um. Hi? =D; Yeah, I think I've atrophied. I knew it was coming. Anyway, I make a partial return today! By updating everyone's artwork but my own. For the new stuff: Go to the Guest gallery! Or to my gallery, and then the Special pictures section, wherein you will find the gift art I've been given over the last long while (at least, as much of it as I could find. I don't THINK there's more, but if I DID miss something someone gave me, please let me know). I, uh, haven't replied to an email or so, either, and for that I apologize, because I really was checking and reading all of them, I just didn't take the time to say anything. Also, sorry there's no update-picture off on the sidebar there. Cute sketchFlame gets to stay. XD
And if my friends from the "real world" are reading this. . Hello! . . I hope you don't get traumatized or anything, being here.

Mar. 17 2004 - The first update of the new year. Amazing. Yep, new pictures up, it's good, hope ya'll enjoy.

Dec. 30 2003 - Whoo hoo, last update before the New Year. :3 No, I didn't draw a New Year's picture, though I probably should have, but whatever. I uploaded everything I could find that I haven't put up here yet, and it's all been scanned with my brand new beaaautiful scanner. ^o^ It's so nice, you have no idea.

Nov. 23, 2003 - Sweet mother of God, I'm alive. Arilla is still on her trip (I think?) but I finally pried my FTP Explorer out of the cold dead hands of my eMachine. Yes, my cruddy little computer kicked the bucket, but I managed to salvage all my files and now I'm on a shweet custom computer. :D Hail me. Uh, what did I want to say again...oh yeah, I don't have a scanner anymore (that died with the eMachine) but I did manage to find a few pictures that I never uploaded, so do enjoy.

Oct 27, 03 - Aaand Rilla is heading out of town for the next month. o_O Well, it has been more than a month since the last update, but ah well. '-' Bai!

Aug 25, 03 - I probably said I would work harder when school was over, but see, there was the recovery period to take into account, and for four years of high school such as I've just endured, that's a very significant amount of time. ;b Plus all these crazy vacations popping up everywhere! Man, can't catch a break around here. . . . okay, that's not exactly true. But I'm updating now, aren't I? . . YES I am. Some new Guest Gallery art which arrived just a couple days ago is there now, and some old Arilla pictures which have been waiting in the dark are finally out for viewing. Oh fun! =D

Aug 6, 03 - Wow, what a wait for an update. Hey it rhymes. Anyway, the reason for the lack of updateness would be I have been lacking internet for a while, and even now I'm still on 56k AOL which doesn't really agree with FTP Explorer. But I managed to chuck some pictures out, so do enjoy. :)

June 19, 03 - I live! Sorta. :3 Right now my internet is provided by the power of free AOL trial CDs (1025 hours whoo!) But yeah, that's not gonna stop me from trying to upload stuff. ^o^ Shay has been added to the Adoption Center (under Fun Stuff) and I have a crazy backlog of pictures that I'll do my best to get up today.

May 25, 03 - I owe all you visitors an apology for the silence of late. Sorry, but there are reasons here. The latest word on Flame's internet is that it's gone. The bill is too much for her family right now. As for me, it's my last few weeks of high school, and I have a number of projects unfinished. @_@ Yet I finally took time to clear out a bit of my junk clogging up our server space! If you notice any of the links to my pictures not working, that would probably be why. And in their place, a few new pictures. Ay. Thanks for coming, and for your patience.

Apr 25, 03 - Um, d'oh. So lazy! But I finally have done the usual picture-clump adding again. I have -plans!- to get some photos viewable. Not that I'm that much of a photographer, but we'll see if there's anything nice among them. We'll see. Also, I must mention that part of this recent inactivity is related to Flame's internet being non-functional AGAIN. Death to technology's evils. 9_9;

March 19, 03 (again) - Flame has been busy. o_O Yesh. Um, all pages that were without a title banner now have them, and my gallery has been completely revamped. Some of the seperate galleries are missing, but I'll put them up soon enough. In the meantime, you can enjoy the chubby little Flame here, dressed for spring!
Hallo! Arilla here! I doth tag my update onto this one. (heh heh, how nice it is to have someone else doing so much work *waves to Flame*) =3 I put up my backlog of pictures. Oh, and I'm back from my trip. It was fun! Now I miss it.

March 19, 03 - Check it out, front page changeage. We decided that the holiday banners were a bit too obtrusive, so now we have an Image of the Moment! Which can be anything from holiday characters to bits of randomness. Just keep on eye on that space. Also, I've updated my Black and White gallery again, nothing huge, and I've been frolicking about the site spiffing up the pages. Minor things, but they make a difference (I think...). Also, a reminder, if you have questions about the site, or questions for us, please email us :3 It's under the Contact page. If you leave a note in the guest book, chances are we won't respond. That's for constructive commentary on the site, not personal requests. Thanks!

March 17, 03 - Hey folks. Sorry for the lack of updateness in a while. Arilla went to Europe and I got even lazier than normal. But here's my little Aidan as a leprechaun. Sorry it's pretty bad! I did it instead of math homework, but now I've realized math is important too. :3 Must be a good student.

Feb 19, 03 - Sorry, it's just a new, non-holiday-specific title banner. =B *hide* (I'll get to working someday. Meanwhile, if anyone thinks I should start up a photo-art section for me, say (or email, rather) 'aye'.) Oh! And no one seems to have noticed the new Adoption Center poll! (to remind you again, it's at the link called 'fun stuff') So far Aio has swept the votes (all 1 of them). =b *casts a vote*

Feb 14, 03 - Happy Valentine's, everyone. :3 Hope yours was as non-commital as mine!

Feb 5, 03 - *LAUGHS at the last update* XD Um, anyway! I updated my B&W section a few days ago, but I'm far too lazy to tell you all! Oh, and I made it so it's easier to see what's updated. Just scroll to the bottom and you'll catch it, I'm sure.

Jan 29, 03 - I know! You're all disappointed it's not Flame again, |:3 but I had to get back into this sometime. I return, and with pictures. That is all. For now.

Jan 19, 03 - Surprise, Rilla! XD I got my scanner back! Yes, big fat update in my B&W section, but my only problem is my scanner and FTP are both having issues. Scanner is scanning all awful, and FTP is screwing up. I had to restart three times to update. o_O You all better be proud! Er, oh, my birthday was last Tuesday (the 14th)! Yay for me, I'm 15! Flame gets her permit this Wednesday! Better stay off the roads. :3

Dec 31, 02 - Whee! ^_^ Last day of the year! Tomorrow is January! And you all know what that means, right?! It'll only be 14 days till my birthday!! *cheer**cough* Anyway! Scanner still gone, HOPING I get a scanner cable for my birthday perhaps, as it was overlooked for Christmas. x_o; Um, I updated the LDAC clique page (adopt more stuff!) and Happy New Year!

Dec 26, 02 - Eep, gotta go pack. o_O Merry Christmas! Yep, I return on New Years eve.

Dec 22, 02 - Alright, so we're there! =9 But I smell cheating! Ha. Oh well, IT'S NOT OVER YET! Not till the fat- . . well, not till Christmas actually. ^_~ THANKS FOR COMING!

Dec 21, 02 - Only four days left kiddies!! We're getting there, but still need some boosting! =3 Anyway, I added some random pics to my gallery so that I could actually make this an update. x_x Sorry for sleeping through yesterday.

Dec 11, 02 - Underlined text problem fixed Oo; I couldn't see it on my computer. Heh. And pictures put up. ^_^ (Note: Flame's FTP is back!)

Dec 10, 02 - That up there pretty much says it all. . Feel free to click the Tell-a-friend button in the top left, to email out the news. (I didn't put anything rude in the auto-send letter, I promise!) Now I take this time to once again thank all who've visited and taken so much as a little look around. Much love to you! May our very special Nutshell always hold a little piece of your heart lingering inside. =3 **mushy hugs**

Nov 22, 02 - The usual. Happy Friday. I need a life.

Nov 10, 02 - Finally put my latest (from the past few MONTHS, during which I haven't actually had much art time) pictures up, and some new guest art! *rubs head* Right now Flame's stuck without internet on her scanning&FTP computer, in case you were wondering. . Um. Oh, Yay! Our counter sure is getting up there. . . (must. .think of reasons to maintain joy. . . curse bad moods. . cuuurse theem)

Oct 17,02 - Aww, I feel lame for not updating. Sorry. Happy (late) Thanksgiving to all you Canadians. . And it was my birthday on the 15th. joy.

Sept 21, 02 - Check for updates on weekends, you might be in luck (then again, some rare evenings I update instead of doing homework). Today, I added one full character description, and finished the main body of two others (including Trevor, who's name has been changed to Tremaine. . "Trevor" kept making me think of the toad in Harry Potter, and the new name is just so very cool). Some new sketches too. . .

Aug 31, 02 - Couple Arilla pictures up, Flame is busyy, school starts soon, august ends today ;_; Sorry we didn't make the summer more productive. *weep*

Aug 23, 02 - Working on pictures, but can't seem to really finish any. .Soorry, can't really update much. I just wanted to mention though, that I am planning on almost completely emptying my galleries soon (beginning of September maybe) and restarting fresh. If you think this is a bad idea, speak now (my email is listed in the contact section) or forever hold your peace. Thank yooou.

Aug 14, 02 - There, the rest of my sketches done while on vacation are up. Lame as it is that I've only done sketches, there is some -fanart-. (Xelloss and Filia, shweee.)

Aug 13, 02 - Crapcrapcrap. . . Yes I am back, and I swear I'm trying to get stuff done, but I had to go on another trip (camping) and feel really euck right now. Couple new pictures up, more soon.

Aug. 4, 02 - Ahh, back to months that need abbreviations! Anyway, I updated my B&W, Colored and Chibi galleries, so go look! And sadly, Arilla has left the States ;-; But this means she'll be back online in no time! ^o^

July 19, 02 - Not really too much of an update, but I made a title banner. . I leave for my trip to Flame's house across the continent tomorrow! Fear us and our united powerrrs!

July 15, 02 - I've started updating my pictures as I make them again, so keep checking back if you wanna see my new art. 6_6 Whee.

July 8, 02 - Finaaally made a Luukey adoption. *cackles* I want one. You should too. ^^ (I hope you all remember how to get to the adoption center *prods* Fun page, Lilac dreams. .)

July 6, 02 - Ah, I got lazy, then things. . came up. =_= Put up my pictures.

July 2, 02 - Lookie there, more updates! I finally got (most) of my characters onto the character description page so go look at those! And big update in my colored and B&W galleries. Flame's got a new look! ^_^

June 28, 02 - Well, I finally finished school for the year ^_^; (last exam one June 24th), so now I'm free to do art and update! I didn't get an update up in time for Luukey's birthday ;_; (June 26th! ah, how I love my pet, Luukey.) But I still shall celebrate late by posting these three pages (one for each of those last three words, click on em), of Luukey doodles! Drawn one-a-day during part of english class. Also added a number of pictures to my gallery, and am working on cleaning out old crap pictures. Some of it, I still just can't let go of. o_O; Muu. **And a note!! If you came here lookin for tutorials, you shall have to beg us further to make some (email is in the contact section), because we are lazy unless given good reason to work harder. ^_^;; **
Still to come is MORE CONTENT and Flame's top secret . . . thing. =3 You may look forward to more frequent updates in the coming summer months, hopefully. And in late July Flame and I get to get together! XD Which should be great. Though, I guess productivity will decrease at that time. |=3 Ah, perhaps I will even update AGAIN right after I get back from camping this weekend (gone two days though).

June 21, 02 - I can't find Arilla! o_o I must keep missing her. So here I am, updating away. Finally added Lemon to the Fruitali page, and just some random B&W/colored pictures. Working on top secret things for The Nutshell as well. >D Watch for big things (coming slowly, knowing me.)

June 6, 02 - I kept forgetting to update. So now I put up the pictures I've been doing over the past few weeks, and some I forgot about during the hard drive crash chaos. Ah, sunrise nears, time for bed. o,,o *vampirefangs*

May 21, 02 - Eeks. . the 21st already? Well, I've FINALLY sorted out my computer problems (glad to have me back? No? ^^;;). Lost alot of stuff that wasn't backed up and am not happy with it, but s'how it goes. Er, unfortunately it's now reaching the last month of school and I'm busy, so I may make minor updates, but it's up to Flame for anything beyond that. *waves* Sorry, partner. Oo; ((I have updated my gallery though - much sketches))

May 10, 02 - Well, Arilla's net has taken longer to get up than I had hoped. o_o So here I am, updating away (sort of). Well then! There's some new pictures in my Black and White gallery, and I finished (completely done! AHAHAhem) the Medieval Alphabet page. ^_^; I took down a few pictures too for personal reasons, so don't expect them to be directly linked anymore. oo;

Apr. 13, 02 - Eek. Arilla's killed her hardrive (for the second time) and thus will not be updating until it's been fixed/replaced. Le groan. Flame has run into a pole and hurt her lip, and thus will not be eating properly until it gets better. Please be understanding and extra nice to us. We are suffering.

Apr. 5, 02 - I hath been workething on my character descriptions. Now added are Atra, and a completed version of Ceria and Aio. *Yawns* Hurrah for updates when I should be doing schoolwork.

Apr. 4, 02 - Bob and Mr. Worm comic is up! Go to the Fun Page! Or run screaming.

Mar. 23, 02 - I have translated the "" page into French! All hail me! *ROTFL* Permission to laugh granted. Especially if you're French and know how horrible my grammar is. ^_^;

Mar. 20, 02 - Ouch! Haven't been this bad for updates EVER. . . sorry about that. Reasons included Flame having to get internet service to her new house - took 4 weeks. And I'm still really trapped in homework and school. We've finally done some stuff though; Flame updated her gallery (and made it all pretty!~) and I've just added some pictures from the past month to mine. I spent all my march break actually working on pictures and no time putting them up, so yeah, more than sketchy stuff. woo. o_O;

Feb. 27, 02 - New guest art, yay! And new pictures by me too. I've been wasting lots of time on oekakis lately. x_o

Feb. 10, 02 - I finally have pictures to go with each and every one of my character descriptions! Be proud of me. o_o;

Jan. 31/Feb. 5, 02 - Happy Birthday NUTSHELL!! Hoo-rah~ Character descriptions page added, and lots of pictures.

Jan. 19, 02 - Exam week is nearly upon me, lucky flame who hasn't got them yet. . .Don't worry though, I'll update at least on the site's birthday! January 31th, remember. ^_^

Jan. 14/15, 02 - Zee 14th is Flame's birthday, but I am a little late with the update. . XP Oh well and so on, I celebrate by adding some of the pictures from my trip to Australia, which was EXCELLENT. o-O Hopefully more to come about that as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLAME! YEAH, YEAH!

Jan. 1, 02 - Flame: Arilla has gone on a trip, and I don't think she'll be updating much, so I just wanted to upload a few pictures and say Happy New Year to all those that had one. ^_^

Dec. 16, 01 - New pics. . .oo; Gotta finish a bunch of work before the holidays.

Dec. 12, 01 - @_- no sale. Bye bye it goes. - -; Now to find a new way of making money. . .

Dec. 9, 01 - I feel like I'm selling my soul to the devil or something; there's a heart-wrenchingly cheap commission up for grabs in the For Sale section. -_-;; And I think I will be taking those mushroom prints down soon, so if ANYONE is going to buy one at all, last chance. (they really aren't that bad, seriously, and it's illegal and disrespectful to try to print the JPG on the site, eh? Plus it'd be bad quality. . these aren't)

Dec. 8, 01 - Phew, I been working hard lately. x_x Well I finished the Me-Arilla adoption, so now you can have that one too, and Flame put up Amy and May in the group adoption center. Right now I'm about to start updating my gallery, so that should be done by tonight. oo Yay, our domain has been renewed for the year and we have more SPACE! (for all my craahhp pics!)

Dec. 4, 01 - Okay, you voted, you'd better adopt! oo; *sweatdrop* Siyaa and Arilla (character version for now) are up at zee adoption center (on the fun page). ^_^; I'll get Luukey up soon too. . .

Dec. 2, 01 - (a few hours after last update. . .) Flame is on a roll~ I'm just along for the ride. ^^ She made the HTML for the About Us page, so now its upp! And she's put up a new poll at the adoption center. ADOPT SOMTHING SPAMMIT! =p (go to the fun page)

Dec. 1, 01 - Tee-hee-hee! Flame finally made the title graphic ^_~ o_O She also started adding her alphabet picture book pics to her gallery! fun. And I put new pictures in each of my galleries except the oekaki one. Cause we all know I'm too lazy for oekakis! Yes! Exclamation marks!! I won fourth place for creativity at the MAG for making a bloody stupid puzzle out of my picture! YES! *dies*

Nov. 19, 01 - Okay, today I actually took the time to try to clean up my galleries a bit. Unfortunately, I could only bring myself to remove a few pictures. The rest all are connected with some relevant information about the character portrayed, are the only picture of that character, or I like enough to keep. Oh well, there's a new batch added. Some Flame stuff too. ^^;v

Nov. 9, 01 - My 'pologies again. It's been busy, if I'm not doing schoolwork, I'm practicing for singing lessons or drawing. Website stuff is limited to adding pictures to my gallery. o_x; Sorry we missed Halloween too. *stifles a yawn* It seems like not too many people care anyway. . . no one's signed the guestbook in over a month. . .

Oct. 30, 01 - Oops? Just been a liiittle too long since we've managed to update. >_o; Eheh, Flame finally put a couple new pictures up! Aye! I know, we've all been suffering depravation. =P Meanwhile my gallery continues to fill up with junk, so I've made a special section just for my best pictures.

Oct. 19, 01 - There, my gifts are up in my gallery, along with my latest pictures. ^^ Thanks again to you nice nice people who made my birthday wonderful. (If you're curious as to why there's no birthday gift picture from flame, it's because she sang me a song instead! ^_^ *clings to sound file* Mine.)

Oct. 15, 01 - Birthdaayy! Wao, I haven't had a birthday since I got to know Flame! Seems like ages! Hehe, I will try to put up my prettypretty picture gifts that I've gotten, but first I need to finish my urgly MAG entry which I've so sadly neglected. =P *waves* Thank you all who said Happy Birthday!

Oct. 11, 01 - School has been busybusy. We're trying to get some site stuff done, but slow it goes. Meanwhile, I'm still adding doodles to my gallery, ^^; and. . . tis not only my birthday coming up, but also just a few months to Nutshell's one year mark. Wooo.

Sept. 25, 01 - September 11th memorial announcement.

Sept. 6, 01 - Sorry for lack of updates, school is here. -__- Ah, new section to the site, "For Sale". The best way to show us support is to give us money for our work. o_O; (note: Flame's backk too ^^)

Aug. 23, 01 - Rilla busy buseh drawing, but she took the time to finish that banner up there to say thanks to you all. ^__^ *hugs* Eyy, participate a lil for me will ya? Guestbook, Email, Poll, Guest art, Fan art, Link to us, etc etc. It'd be such a big encouragement. ^~^; *goes back to puttering around drawing*

Aug. 19, 01 - Tis Flame's turn to go on a two-week vacation so I'm runnin this show on my own for a bit. o-o; You can probably expect art from me, but not many updates. The Adoption Center poll will run for at least a week longer than planned, due to lack of votes! >_o; (And lack of Flame. . . eee o_o)

Aug. 13, 01 - Oodles of new link banners. o_o We had to correct the horrible injustice of Flame's art not being on any! (don't forget to sign the guestbook! (in the Contact section) and adopt a chara or place a vote for a new adoptee! (Fun Stuff section))

Aug. 10, 01 - ^-^ Adoptions are up! Check the Fun Stuff page. (Still more to come). Aaalso, I'm finally getting to work on my part for the "about us" section. o o; its really neat!

Aug. 9, 01 - Ha ha! oO; I dun it. Finally got around to making the FUN PAGE!!! Most of the content is pending. RIGHT NOW Flame ish workin to get the adoptions section up, so stay tuuuned. Keep checking the galleries too, we're drawin machines! Lookat that!! O_o;; <-- *total freaky hyper psycho mood* (PS. Also new links in our links section. ^^; AND SIGN THE GUESTBOOK GUYS! pwease?)

July 30, 01 - We've now got three link banners to choose from instead of one! oO; (In the Links section) Also Flame and I have both been updating our galleries. She's in the process of remodeling. So far her Colored Pictures and Black and White sections are done (for now). You can keep watch on that while I attempt to make new pages. Arr, HTML is so boring.

July 28, 01 - New Eye tutorial by Flame. I'm working on Fun Page. mrff. @_@;

July 25, 01 - We have a guestbook now. (oooo~oouh) It's in the "contact" section, so all you people who don't want to use email can leave a message for us there. ^_^; We really dun get much feedback. . . ((d'oh, I forgot to upload this update until two days later))

July 20, 01 - Well Arilla has decided to become un-lazy and... *the world laughs like mad* No seriously! o_O; I'm gonna update my gallery more often. So as soon as I draw pics, I'll put em up. Today I added a few new ones, and a few that I forgot to include in the last update (those are double-starred **). That also means that I may or may not continue to include my gallery updates here. ^^; It depends.

July 17, 01 - Deewwd!! Finally finished my, BIG, FULL-GALLERY, UDAATE~!!! Trippaayy~! *ahemahem* o_o; sorry I happen to be finishing at 7:14 AM after being up all day and night. And I have a newfound love for funky words. ^_^ DoinK!

July 11, 01 - I'm ba-aack! >_< Took long enough too. Okiay, if you haven't noticed there were a few small updates going on without me, a new guest art piccy, er, one new pic in Flame's gallery, the two sites in the link section that were down are both semi-back up, an I think that is all for now. Next stop, the missing sections and the unfinished tutorials. o_o;;

June 27, 01 - yikes, well, I just found out that I'm gonna be leaving for vacation tomorrow instead of next week as I had thought. o_o that means my updating will have to wait a long while, HOWEVER Flame now has an FTP program, so she's been updating her gallery quite a bit. New stuff and a new look, go seeee! Er, and also a special thanks goes to our friend Foxfire Vulpix who drew us a banner to link to the guest art section from the gallery page. ^_^ I'll be back to update around July 11, so until then.

June 20, 01 - splodge. oo I love that word, uhn, new guest art. Mwee, there's alot of great stuff in there, thanks guys! ^^ Purty pictures, me like see oO;;;

June 17, 01 - its been too long! This is not an official update, but a NOTICE. o_o BIG SUMMER UPDATE coming up! Possibly next weekend even. oh and Happy Father's Day too. ^_^

May 24, 01 - my weekend gallery update. Nothing more than pictures, but I put that Mother's Day one up in my special pictures section as promised. ^-^

May 13, 01 - Happy Mother's Day! Big update in Flame's gallery, lots of pictures! Including a big, fancy, purty comic in honour of the occasion. ^^ go see at once! Heh, I'm a bit late with my own picture, soon as I color it I'll put it up along with the latest piccies that I haven't the time to add to the gallery.

May 4, 01 - another weekend, let the world rejoice! o o;; the first tutorial is up and the rest are coming, honest! There's a pretty new piccy by Vul in the guest gallery to replace her old piccies, and I also have some new pictures in my gallery, routine update material, nothing special. ^-^; well enjoy.

Apr. 24, 01 - FINALLY an update worth mentioning! @_@; I remade my gallery and added a whole section full of pictures (oekaki pictures). Now that that's done I can get the tutorial up, and maybe start on the fun stuffs, if you have any suggestions go ahead and email them.

Apr. 6, 01 - *squeak* sorry @_@; I was wrong. Didn't get much done here at all during the March break. *sigh* Well now we've got a link banner, and there's a few new images in my gallery. There's about five tutorials drawn up, but we've still got to write up the text. Soon though! Keep coming back! We love you! o_o; Email us! *ahem* okay I'm done.

Mar. 10, 01 - Just a couple new links and a picture in the guest gallery. Look forward to some actual STUFF on the site soon! Its my spring break starting today. ^-^

Mar. 3, 01 -More pictures! ^^ I forgot to update the other day to say that flame's gallery has had a slight renovation and a new B&W section. Yayy

Feb. 17, 01 - There's some new pictures in the galleries. Wow, 200 hits? Erm, just updating to say that I haven't quit on this or anything ^_^;

Feb. 11, 01 - Ack, getting behind schedule are we? Well the links are up but there aren't many. (cause we want you to stay here! *evil laughter* oo;)

Feb. 10, 01 - Finally have the guest gallery up. ^^ You can submit your own art to it, just read the info there.

Feb. 4, 01 - Well we got Flame's gallery up. o_O all her pics are nice and colored, unlike mine -_-; *giggles* the pagebuilding unfortunately slows down from here, I'm back to school tomorrow.

Feb. 3, 01 - Put up a counter, a sloppy version of my gallery :) and uploaded the pictures for Flame's. I was busy drawing today, so not much got done.

Feb. 2, 01 - Added the tutorial, site info, contact info, legal and "proudly .ca" sections.

Feb. 1, 01 - Lovely, the gallery and archives are up, but empty o_o; hahaha, isn't progress beautiful?

Jan. 31, 01 - Spent allll day building the site. And it is now up, but without working links ^-^;

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