Say hello to the page all about us! ^_^ This is where we get to go on and on about what we love and hate, and what are personal stats are and stuff. Yay, have fun?

Real Name: Roxanne M.
Birthday: January 14, 1988

About Me:

Uhh, I live in the delightful Pacific Northwest, so I am no stranger to really damp cold. Basically I could live in the ocean because it rains so much here, there wouldn't be a difference. Anyway, lesseeee, I have a brother and a sister, I am the coolest out of all of them, and I also have an adorable fluffy Persian kitty named Susie, and two bettas who may as well be gangsters because they are so badass. The blue one is Vitamin G and the orange one is Bambalacha. They live next to each other and attempt to kill each other on a daily basis. Err, what else? I like all sorts of music, and I love music suggestions, so if you think whatever you listen to rocks, please email me and I shall obtain through illegal means. My favorite types are jazz and anything involving instruments (big band music, acoustic guitar, you know how it goes). I think my favorite classical artist is Monet, since I spent a whole day at a museum pretty much sitting in the Monet exhibit attaining inner peace. My second favorite artist = Arilla. Everyone tell her to update more.

My favorite character of mine is Flame, or little miss Flaminko Black, just because she's been with me the longest, and I've put all the traits I really enjoy into her, as well as a lot of the flaws I enjoy (she's short like me, and too stubborn for her own good). My morbid favorite is Braxton though, even though I hardly ever talk about him or put up pictures of him. But he is French and crazy and probably has the richest backstory besides Flame. Plus he has a very snazzy fashion sense.

I think that's pretty much it. Oh, if you wonder about trades/requests/commissions or whatnot, well, I'm open to all, but I am exceedingly lazy and non-punctual, so ask at your own discretion, I suppose?

Welllll now you know the minds behind the madness (sortof) so go enjoy the madness some more!

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