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Arilla: Hellohello. Here be the section with random stuff you might possibly want to know about our site, what it is, and boring stuff like when it started. *ahem* So just read at your leisure, and if you have any important questions, ask away.

What kind of title is "The Nutshell" anyway?
I'm pretty sure that's one of the first things you might ask, "Why on earth did you call an anime art site The Nutshell?" Well tis a very good question. :) And the answer, a stroke of brilliance. (Ah ha!) You see, Flame and I wanted a name that would sum up us, and apply to a website. We couldn't very well call it Home of the Mistresses of Insanity, sooo we thought for a while. I was looking around the room when suddenly it struck me, right there on the desk infront of me was the shell from a pecan I had just eaten. And thus the name. ^_^ This isn't just any old anime site, its OUR anime site! And as I say, it's speh-chaal!! oO

What exactly is your site supposed to be about?
Well my dear person asking, take a few minutes to browse it and the answer would be obvious. But since your here wondering, I might as well give a quick reply. This site is mostly an anime art gallery/display page for the aspiring artists Flame and Arilla. We have a tutorial for passing our skills on to the beginner artist, a guest gallery for sharing our nice visitor's art, and as a side note just to keep the website interesting, we add fun and occasionally stupid stuff to amuse our faithful visitors. and us. *giggles* o_o

How was the site built?
Arilla designed and built most of the layout for this page (she takes all the blame @ @), although she doth credit alot of the ideas to Flame and certainly would never have had the ambition to do this on her own. (And Flame's gallery and tutorials are all her own HTML of course) It was built on a simple little iMac with no programs but AppleWorks (with a bit of help from geocities html editor for previewing) and Fetch. Plus Adobe Photoshop for the title images (Rilla made most of them, Flame made her gallery ones, and the Fun Page one). It is is best viewed with whatever the heck you want to use, because it isn't as much fun when you're grumpy from using the browser/resolution/screensize you don't like.

Who owns the site?
I highly doubt anyone visiting is actually wondering this, but to let you know, Flame and I own the material on the site, but the domain name belongs to my mom because I'm not old enough to have one *sweatdrop*

When did you start the site?
The day on the first update. January 31, 2001. Simple enough.

Any OTHER questions? Go back to that link at the top and click. ~ Thank ye.

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